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Catholic church in Doha

By anonymous

Just wondering how many of the QL members attend mass in the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, i was checking the website but seems not to be actualized, any of you is going ? Where is the location and the timings ?  Thank you in advance. :)

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By cmlow• 6 years 3 months ago.

does anyone know is there any catholic church around the Aspire area?

By ChupaRustom• 10 years 3 months ago.

we no longer have mass in the american school.

The new church will start from 15th march i have heard lits of high ranking church officials and press will be there thats why i has been delayed  its behing the medical comisioner in abu hamour road excuse the spelling

By jauntie• 10 years 3 months ago.

14 March?   I can't remember if it was in the general forum or the religious topics one :(

By Osh• 10 years 3 months ago.
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Hi Sandra

Hope the following will be useful I know its a bit late in the day...these are the timings for the English masses at the parish centre.

Daily mass 05:45 am

Friday - 04:30 pm

Saturday - 09:00 am / 05:00pm / 06:15 pm

Sunday - 05:00pm / 06:15pm / 07:30 pm

By anonymous• 11 years 4 months ago.

Thank you so much

By pwb78• 11 years 4 months ago.
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I'm terrible with directions around here. It's next to the Saad Stadium and there's a lot of construction right now but if you are on Waab coming from Villagio and you pass the gas station with the Baskin Robbins and the SixT car rental take the service road right after that and then take your 2nd right into a small neighborhood area that leads straight to Saad Club. Go past (in between) the soccer field/track and the arena to the next road on your right. The school is down in there but like I said you may have to weave around a bit due to construction.

Also, buy a church calendar if they still have some because it has all the mass times and phone numbers :)

By anonymous• 11 years 4 months ago.

Thank you ... Yes, the website didn't mention mass in spanish but in english is ok, where is the American School ?

By pwb78• 11 years 4 months ago.

Doesn't look like they have a spanish mass

By pwb78• 11 years 4 months ago.
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Here's the english mass times for Friday (which is the "Sunday" mass here):

Parish Center - quite small and gets crowded fast -


American School - in the school gym , lots of room

7:00 am and 7:00 pm

They also have daily mass at the parish center

By nadag• 11 years 4 months ago.
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hello, the catholic church is near the mariott hotel, when coming from the airport road to the mariott r/a take ur right then u'll find the church also on ur right, its has a sand parking..u can call this number for details on the timing of the mass in ur language 442 5566

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