Ethiopia accuses Qatar of terrorist funding

By realsomeone

"This decision has been taken after long observation of Qatar’s activities in the Horn of Africa," said a statement issued by the Ethiopian Foreign ministry.

In addition, the ministry charged that Qatar had left no stone unturned to cause harm to Ethiopia’s national security and that all those who were prepared to cause instability in Ethiopia and undermine its security were encouraged by Qatar.

"Ethiopia has displayed considerable patience towards Qatar’s attempts to destabilize our sub-region and, in particular, its hostile behavior towards Ethiopia.


"Qatar has now, however, become a major source of instability in the Horn of Africa and more widely," the ministry said.


According to the statement, Qatar’s ostensibly maverick political alliances might be regarded as innocuous but they were not. "Its image is misleading. Qatar’s activities have far reaching consequences for the whole of Africa.


Indeed, the African Union needs to look into the implication of this situation for Africa-Arab cooperation," said the statement.


Citing Qatar’s strong ties with Eritrea, the ministry asserted that the monarchy provided direct and indirect assistance to terrorist organizations in Somalia and other areas.

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By realsomeone• 10 years 10 months ago.

well that maybe one reason among manyy, the two countries where enemies for 500 years.


it was 14 century when Ahmed Gurey killed the Abbysania Emperor so its a long story.,


___________________________________________________ Donate to Displaced Somali People.

By Oryx• 10 years 10 months ago.

Is it because they want to control Somalia so they can have access to the coast?

since they lost eritrea they have no port.



By realsomeone• 10 years 10 months ago.

I believe Qatar does not support the power struggle in Somalia but they support the displaced people who needs the humantarian assistant.


that is what Ethiopia calls terror.


 the real sponsor of the power struggle was Ethiopia which created all the factions except the Islamic Courts and they dont wanted someone who has the interest of the somali people.



Donate to Displaced Somali People.

By Oryx• 10 years 10 months ago.

But how can Qatar or any country support a country that is so unstable with such fragmented power structure?


I am not speaking in favour of Ethiopia or Eritrea by the way....


By realsomeone• 10 years 10 months ago.

Sorry to both of you for reposting your thread... well i believe its Ethiopia itself which is distablising the horn of africa, massacring the innocent people in Somalia.


I think if Qatar supported the Somali people this cannot be called terrorism, i believe and always believed the real terror is from the United States which is sponsoring the terror of ethiopia. 


it was only yesterday when Ethiopian army massacred 20 people in mosque in Somalia.


thanks for missing me formatted soul, i will make complete come back when Qatari removes my realsom1 account from the ban.


thank you Qatar for supporting somalia. 


Donate to Displaced Somali People.

By Oryx• 10 years 10 months ago.

Sorry Tallg -

BTW I love this namsy pamsy euphamism: 'misinformation'


Please - why does Qatar want to destabalise the Horn of Africa? What would it gain?

By tallg• 10 years 10 months ago.

I started it yesterday Oryx. Better late than never ;-)

The link in my thread presents a slightly more aggressive take on things. Definitely worth a read.

By Oryx• 10 years 10 months ago.

Duplicate thread.... I already started it!

Better late than never Realsom

By dragonfly212• 10 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

wow u back realsomeone...

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

By mdyousuf• 10 years 10 months ago.

In International politics there are no permanent friends or foes! You never know when balance of interests shift.

By Formatted Soul• 10 years 10 months ago.
Formatted Soul

oh you are back..we missed you..

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