Flying fatwa for airlines

By anonymous

The time for breaking the fast when one is airborne should be on the basis of the actual time of sunset and not in accordance with the time at the landing destination, Qatar’s prominent Islamic scholar Dr Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has said in a fatwa he issued yesterday.
As reported in the local Arabic press, the fatwa was issued in the context of the announcement made by the captain of the Qatar Airways flight from Cairo to Doha on which Sheikh Qaradawi was a passenger on the first day of Ramadan.
The captain had announced that it was time for breaking the fast while it was still broad daylight and much time left for sunset.
“I asked my co-passengers in the first class cabin: Can you pray Maghrib when there is so much of daylight. They said ‘No’. Similarly breaking of fast should be on actual sunset and not on the basis of the time for sunset either at the port of embarkation or the port of disembarkation,” said Sheikh Qaradawi.
Sheikh Qaradawi has appealed to all airlines that they should instruct their pilots to abide by the principle of actual time of sunset when one is airborne.

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By verisimilitude• 9 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

this breaking fast during a flight thing is to be taken very carefully...

I've been once on a very long flight where the sun never set on us (long haul travelling Westward)... imagine boarding just before sunset and if you were fasting...

If in doubt, just don't fast or pray... Islam has accommodated the travel exception exactly for those situations...

By anonymous• 9 years 2 months ago.

somewhat amusing... :-)




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

By heero_yuy2• 9 years 2 months ago.

Who would have ever guess he'll be making a different set of instructions to religious practice on just about the departure and arrival measures of a Muslim in an airplane?

"Everything in this book may be wrong." Illusions: The Adventures of The Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

By verisimilitude• 9 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

I will be boarding a Qatar Airways flight at 7pm from Dubai insha'allah in two weeks time

I boarded the same flight last year... same time on the FIRST day of Ramadhan

Why I am brining this up is... as I was boarding the plane... it was my first fast of Ramadhan and I was not sure what my iftar would be like... but lo and behold... as we boarded, the cabin crew were handing out iftar packets... cos sunset was exactly during the time of take off... and by giving out these iftaar packets while boarding... they made sure every passenger had a hearty iftaar inspite of the fact that it was almost right after takeoff when it would not have been enuff time for cabin crew to distribute the iftaar packets...

Masha'allah I was very appreciative of this gesture

and this to happen on the first day of Ramadhan is very thoughtful considering how Ramadhan can start on any of two days...

But needless to say, my personal moment of fuzzy warmth was disrupted by a fellow passenger who sat right next to me and started munching before the designated iftaar time :-|...

It didn't bother me... I am Indian so I am used to this but... REALLY?

By britexpat• 9 years 2 months ago.

Muslim Arab astronauts don't have to fast if going into space..

By Sugar Qtr• 9 years 2 months ago.
Sugar Qtr

AbuSaif is correct. Jazak Allah Khair!

~*Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret*~

By anonymous• 9 years 2 months ago.

fasts in Shawal

Ramadan fatwas

By anonymous• 9 years 2 months ago.

That's why Arabs can't be astronauts, Stone Cold.

By Stone Cold• 9 years 2 months ago.
Stone Cold

Theres no fasting in space, and that sums it all.

By AbuSaif• 9 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

To utilize the provision is also a reward of obedience sister. ofcourse the best is not to suffer and make other suffer. Again it is upto the individual.

Most of the things we do are more of obedience.

No offense, just sharing a thought..Take Care

Allah knows the Best.

By Sontana• 9 years 2 months ago.

because I get sick on planes but for those who don't find it a hardship, then may they get the reward for it.

By umm-salayum• 9 years 2 months ago.

simple don't fast while traveling, Allah doesn't want to over burden you

By GodFather.• 9 years 2 months ago.

Simple rule. There is no requirement to fast when one is travelling. End of story. Every thing else is confusing.



By AbuSaif• 9 years 2 months ago.

Please read my comments above, they answer all.


By vinodnair01• 9 years 2 months ago.

what about a flight from qatar to US Which starts here at after noon

By fubar• 9 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

It's all well and good for the rich guys flying in First Class like Sheikh Yusuf to decide that it's time to break their fast, and the cabin crew will bring a meal on demand.

But it's a bit unreasonable for the cabin crew to provide a meal services twice - once regularly as scheduled, and then a second time for fasting passengers.

By GodFather.• 9 years 2 months ago.

Good point Abu Saif. Why do people make a simple religion so complicated.



By anonymous• 9 years 2 months ago.

thanks abusaif!!

By AbuSaif• 9 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

It is not recommended and preferred to fast when one is travelling...(clear guidelines from Hadidhs to my knowledge, will appreciate the authentic guidance if other wise)

So this fatwa perhaps shall be valid only for those who preferred to by pass the provision/allowance for not to fast during travelling.

So Johnpur, not even muslims are required to fast during travelling.

Take it Easy...

By ka78• 9 years 2 months ago.

This Qardawi guy doesnt make sense actually...what is the 'actual time of sunset' ??

By anonymous• 9 years 2 months ago.

do christians need to fast also during the flight with Qatar airways?

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