Disappointment in public Transport network.

By malin27

This has happened to me many times. Mostly every time you get into a Karwa Taxi, Driver ask you about the drop down location, Then he goes saying about estimated price like a private illegal taxi driver.Then when i ask to switch on for Metered price he always has a excuse either meter is out of order or he has not achieved his target or this place is far or he says my price is same as the meter.

This is a big stress to get into a Karwa taxi. even you agree to a assumed price without the meter for the nearest location if it's little further by any chance because of the doubt. They fuzz, make faces in fact raise the voice ask for 5-10 riyals more and rip you off.
So many times I have been helpless and furious with these people because of no disciplined.

I have been in DUBAI for past 5 years never been unhappy with Taxi Drivers. They switched on the meter without no hesitation as soon as you say the location to travel.They are very friendly and has no hurry to leave you behind because there not Target minded.

Qatar is the Richest Country in the world, looking forward for 2022 World cup. If the Public Transportation Sector as a Vital Function of a Nation is maintained in a such a way it is a Disgrace and shows how disorganized as a Nation.

Hope Qatar Government open there eyes with corruption Happens in Karwa Taxi Division and maintained a disciplined Public Transportation service.

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By 2020 Olympics• 6 years 3 days ago.
2020 Olympics

Get a car and a driver. Problem solved. Or walk.

By myself123• 6 years 5 days ago.

I don't think all the drivers are the same. Plus these poor drivers are trying hard to earn a basic living, although it is taken the wrong way.

The question is WHY?

These poor guys need to pay less daily rent so they can make a living and support theri families. Its those at the top who are creaming it from the sweat and blood of the poor.

Guess which wealthy woman owns Karwa? "Prepare to be amazed?" More like be ashamed!!

By fubar• 6 years 1 week ago.

If it's true, as mentioned above, that Karwa drivers have to earn 45 Qar per hour, I don't see why they are stealing from their customers. The minimum fare is 10 riyals, so why do they need to treat their passengers like fools and rob them?

By GodFather.• 6 years 1 week ago.

Expect amazing!

By ramil26• 6 years 1 week ago.

i stopped taking karwa. they are useless,

By Missteacher• 6 years 1 week ago.

Karwas suck!!!!!

By anonymous• 6 years 1 week ago.

QATAR as a nation , i hope it makes the transporation division fair enough other wise it won't be me it will be the whole world making negative comments on the government for there useless transportation network.

By Mandilulur• 6 years 1 week ago.

Well, yes, the management causes stress in the employee. It doesn't cause dishonesty.


By Nobita• 6 years 1 week ago.

Well said, Ruditheexplorer.

By Ruditheexplorer• 6 years 1 week ago.
Rating: 5/5

Taxi Driver have to pay QR265 upon clocked-in then only the can get a taxi to drive. 11hours drive within. Need to chase for the target QR500 at least, the balance will be pocketed to taxi driver(QR235). System of fail and put them in stress and slavery. Unluckily, bad and greedy management creates stress to the workers(the taxi driver). Somehow, Its not good to represent Doha. Anywy, i dnt blame taxi drivers, I blame it on management system. Review the system. Stress Management session for driver by HR. Peace!

By boy-next-door• 6 years 1 week ago.

@thwh0186 All those things are the opposite. :)

Most of them are bunch of crooks. They have their own ways of trying to rip off passengers all the time. What I hate most is when they refuse you and tell you the following:

a) there's heavy traffic on your way

b) sorry there arent many passengers in that area to pick up on my way back

c) I'm almost done with my shift

And then when you agree to give extra money these reasons instantly vanish into thin air.

By anonymous• 6 years 1 week ago.

Expect Amazing. Karwa drivers are told to live th world cup dream. They are just practising for 2022.

By ayaan_khan2006• 6 years 1 week ago.

Lolzzz... n you can see how karwa drivers behave in traffic... the most ugliest driving by karwa drivers only... very rash and very bad...

By Master Mind• 6 years 1 week ago.
Rating: 2/5
Master Mind


By anonymous• 6 years 1 week ago.
Rating: 5/5

karwa is the best!! you dont need to wait long outside the desert heat just to find a karwa taxi, it's very easy to locate a karwa, every where there is karwa, very convenient also,, Every time I call a karwa to pick me up they're always available and arrive on time,,

Dubai is a lonely and sad place you cant do anything there, Qatar in the other hand is a happy place, you can do anything you want, Qatar is 100% beautiful than Dubai,,

Qatar is 30yrs advance than dubai

By humanresources.doha• 6 years 1 week ago.

all we need is this.. thanks that a company has a vision of the future of public transportation security here in qatar...


By johnj• 6 years 1 week ago.

No use of complaint. Karwa is the worst service I have seen.

By dilanqs• 6 years 1 week ago.

I also have the same experience. Call Karwa and make a complaint.

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