Lusail Stadium Design Revealed

By QLReporter

With Qatar National Day just around the corner it seemed a fitting tribute and perfect time to reveal the design of the stadium that is located in Lusail - the home of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani Al Thani, the founder of modern Qatar.


Clearly inspired by Arabic and Islamic culture, it is fitting that the venue set to host the opening and closing games of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, highlights Qatari culture in particular. Its inspiration is drawn from fanar lanterns and beautiful intricate bowls that have been created across the region for centuries. The exquisite detailed design also acknowledges and celebrates the region’s ancient tradition of craftsmanship.


When fans and visitors approach the stadium at night, the advanced lighting system used will enhance the light and openings of the design, giving the effect of twinkling lights, similar to the glow of a fanar lantern. The exquisite golden ‘bowl’ has a detailed design which will remind people of the decorative bowls found across the Arab world and in museums and art galleries – day or night, it will surely stand out when Qatar welcomes the world in 2022, and beyond.


It’s not just the glittering gold exterior of Lusail Stadium that makes this striking and unique, but also the state-of-the-art material that will be used on the roof. It will allow enough light to nurture and nourish a world-class football pitch while still providing shade to reduce consumption of the stadium’s air conditioning.


After the World Cup, Lusail Stadium is set to be transformed into a community space including schools, shops, cafés, sports facilities and health clinics. To make way for this unique community hub, all 80,000 of the stadium’s seats will be removed and donated to sporting projects to locations around the world. Lusail Stadium’s legacy will indeed be local and global.

With such a unique and outstanding design, and the detailed craftsmanship involved, the venue will surely go on to become one of the country’s stunning landmarks, as well as an iconic piece of our World Cup legacy. The unveiling of the stadium is yet another incredible milestone, and as a country, we took another step closer to hosting the biggest sporting event in the world!


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