Water sports/activities to try in Qatar

Water sports/activities to try in Qatar

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Wondering how to turn the weekend around with your loved ones? Due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea and year-round warm weather, Qatar is a great location for water sports. It’s a fun and thrilling activity along with its benefits of elevating your mood.

For all sea-lovers and explorers, here is a list of exciting water activities that can accommodate your upcoming weekend plans.

Water Sports Car 

 Take a look at Qatar's first and only water sports car that came into action this year. You'll have the impression of being in a fast car, but on water. Bring a friend along, as it only allows 2 people per ride, and one of you can drive. 

Where: Brooq Tourism, Box Park, Doha.
Timings: Everyday 9 am to 9pm
Instagram: brooqtourism
Contact: +974 50782907

Katara Beach Activities 

The 1.5 km long private beach in Katara is one of Qatar's most stunning natural beaches. Here visitors can choose between a laid-back beach experience and getting their adrenaline pumping by participating in a wide range of entertaining beach sports.   

Where: Katara Beach - Katara Cultural Village
Timings: Starts 3:30 pm until sunset (Swimming and watersports end at sunset)
Contact:  +974 50501048

Parasailing - QAR 50
Boat Ride (30 mins) - QAR 60

Water Skiing 
15 mins - QAR 40 
30 mins - QAR 75 

15 mins - QAR 40
30 mins - QAR 75

Knee Boarding
15 mins - QAR 40
30 mins - QAR 75

Jet Ski and Jet Boat 

It will benefit your heart if you ride a jet ski or boat, it doesn't matter if you are a pro or a newbie. No matter what speed you're going at, you'll always enjoy this activity and it will also improve your endurance. Go down to Box Park to enjoy these rides and the vibrant colorful park itself.

Where: Box Park, Doha
Timings: 8 am to 6 pm
Contact:  +974 55881446


Jet Ski
30 mins - QAR 250 
1 hour - QAR 450

SuperCharged Jet Ski 
30 mins - QAR 450 
1 hour - QAR 800

Jet Boat (Without Captain: 3 people)
30 mins - QAR 550
60 mins - QAR 1000

Jet Boat (With Captain)
Occupancy: 6 for 30 mins - QAR 800
Occupancy: 6 for 1 hour  - QAR 1500
Occupancy: 10 for 1 hour - QAR 2000

Banana Boat Ride and Donut Rides 

Riding a banana boat gives you a more enjoyable and exciting method to experience what the blue sea has to offer. In a Donut Ride, The rider must sit inside a flying balloon that resembles a donut and is being dragged while they may experience the speed and pleasure. 

Where: Abe's WaterSport at Sheraton Grand, Banana Island Resort, Box Park, Hilton Doha West Bay
Timings: Everyday, 9am to 5pm
Contact: +974 55881446

Instagram: DohaWaterSport


Occupancy: 4 for 30 mins
Banana Boat Ride by Jet Ski - QAR 250
Banana Boat Ride by Boat - QAR 550

Occupancy: 2 for 30 mins
Donut Ride by Jet Ski - QAR 250
Donut Ride by Jet Boat - QAR 550


Hydro Bike and Stand up paddle boarding

Hydrobike is a bicycle-like watercraft. They are very simple to ride, no matter the weather condition. They are safe for the environment and an excellent way to get in shape while enjoying the water. 

Price: 30 mins - QAR 100 

In the modern water sport of stand-up paddle boarding, users stand on boards that are floating in the water and use a paddle to move through the water.

Price: 30 mins - QAR 80

Where: Abe’s Watersport, (All branches except Box Park)
Timings: Everyday 8 am to 6 pm
Contact:  +974 55881446
Instagram: Doha Water Sport

Scuba diving

Those interested in diving can explore intriguing marine life in Qatar itself. There are scuba diving courses available for those wanting to learn and discover the distinctive species of marine life and abundant diversity of the vivid coral reefs under the sea.

Where: Abe’s Water Sport at Intercontinental Hotel at West Bay,
Poseidon Dive Center at Hilton Hotel, Diplomatic St.

Price: Qatar Water Sport (550QR), Poseidon Dive Center (360QR)

Contact: QWS +974 30111676 ; PDC +974 66084040

QWS - 10 am to 6 pm
PDC - 10 am to 1 pm & 4 pm to 9 pm

Are you excited to check out these water activities? Let us know!


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