500 & 100 Qatari Riyal Denominations

By Angelo

Have people noticed that the above mentioned denomination notes have changed appearance.

Per my knowledge, the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) normally float a flyer and print in the media about such changes.

Are there forged current notes in the market and that is why they are changing the appearance of the notes or are we being scammed by someone??

Any body any ideas?

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By dont_smoke• 11 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

yes, i've noticed, you can even try paying your credit card using that new 500 or 100 bills in ATM machines like standard charter bank. ATM does not want to accept.

never trust a cold lips

By andrew11121• 11 years 3 months ago.

as you say, contain a number of hard to forge security devices, such as holograms etc. Do you really think forgers would go to all the trouble of producing better quality notes than those issued by the Central Bank?

By anonymous• 11 years 3 months ago.
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you will find notices in almost all the banks, central bank changed 500 & 100 QR notes due to safety reasons as there were duplicates in the market.

By iwael• 11 years 3 months ago.

It was clearly announced in Arabic and English newspapers, this is normal excercise and I believe nothing wrong with that.

The issue is, the new notes are very weak at the transparent section, can't imagine how long this would last.

Anyways, give a ton of it and I can keep them tide, clean and safe ;)

By silversurfer• 11 years 3 months ago.

e.g. Gulf Times, 23rd Sept.

By Angelo• 11 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

is on receipt of a couple of 500 & 100 riyal notes, some of the regular five hundred or 100 notes have a silver thread, and the new one has a clear plastic strip with holagram of the Qatari logo and the denomination.

By Angelo• 11 years 3 months ago.

and yesterday. a 500 note is not a small denomination to get duped off.

By novita77• 11 years 3 months ago.

no ... havent notice it ...

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