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VIDEO: Baladna is an amazing Arabian foodie experience

By QL Team

Recently, Qatar Living travelled out to Baladna Farms to enjoy the fresh food, the farm, and the majlises. 

The Al Khor farm houses thousands of sheep and goats; yet, you would never know it once you arrive. 

As you pull into the grounds, there is a restaurant, two masjids and two majlises for men and women.   There is not the slightest hint of smell from the sheep which are less than one hundred meters away. 

You can bring the family along to meet the little creatures and watch some of the baby lambs at play. 

Moving onto the restaurant, one can see that there is indoor and outdoor seating.  The outdoor seating area in the evening is magnificent because there is no noise and it's a low traffic area with nothing close by.   It offers a quiet ambience under the moon and stars. 

The interior of the restaurant showcases it's Arabian heritage, offering dairy products that are made onsite fresh daily.   They also offer famous must-try Arabian dishes such Sweet Cheese Rolls and Maqdous (eggplant stuffed with nuts and garlic). 

The restaurant also has a mini-grocery section, offering jams (which are 85% fruit!), fresh dairy products, and a fabulous butchery.  The meat looks SO clean.  Thus one can pick up some groceries, enjoy a fabulous fresh Syrian meal, and wind down with a Karak in the majlis.  Definitely give the Karak a try here, it's NOT oversweet and its garnished with saffron leaves. 

The food on offer is light, healthy, and fresh.   The staff mentioned they do not use any perservatives, olive oil is a basic ingredient in many of the dishes, and meat and dairy products are fresh from their farm.   Even all the sheep are Awassi sheep, which are the highest quality in the entire Middle East. 

It was a delight from start to finsih and certainly makes for a nice day or evening out with friends or the family. 

Do note - price points are good here!  One can find plenty of dishes on offer for 25QR.

Baladna Farm location

Will you be visiting Baladna? They have branches in The Pearl, Mall of Qatar and Al Khor. For more info call 40358833.

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By PunchLiner• 1 year 3 months ago.

been there... probably good for a one time visit.

Spent about 30 mins in Baladna.

Then off we went to Al Khor Park and that made the long trip worthwhile.

By nazliambreen• 1 year 4 months ago.

is the entry free and open for public?

By ridhwanb• 1 year 4 months ago.

Its better to provide with Location map wherever in QL is a mentioned about places in Qatar. Thank you!!!

By mohdnoor• 1 year 4 months ago.

Just search baladna farms on Google Maps. To give you an idea, youve to take exit 44 on Al Shamal Road (Doha Expressway)

By kashifwyne• 1 year 6 months ago.

location and GPS co-ordinates please!

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