British Council English for the Workplace Symposium

By Cammy

The British Council Qatar is hosting the first English for the Workplace symposium in Qatar.  This event will provide a platform for you to meet with other representatives from the corporate and educational sector in Qatar to determine the training requirements of your current employees and/or students.  From an educational viewpoint, you will be able to hear exactly what it is that the various industries require and how you could integrate this into curriculum design.


It is our pleasure to have Anne Lomperis, who is being sponsored by the British Council and the American Embassy, joining us who is an independent consultant who has specialised in workplace English since 1982 and spearheaded a 9-year initiative to develop international standards in workplace language training for 2003 publication.  She has experience in a wide range of industry sectors and has worked in Central and South America, the Middle East, Russia/Siberia, and Asia.  She currently addresses language planning and policy in the labour force in developing, EFL countries.


Time:  10:00 - 14:00

Date:  Saturday 8th March or Sunday 9th March 2008 (you need only attend one day)

Location:  The British Council, Al Sadd

Cost:  Free


For further information, please contact Caroline Cameron on


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