By angel face

Does anyone know if there are bus stops near the Intercontinental and if those buses can take me to the City Centre Mall?

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By z_zied• 9 years 5 months ago.

Mowasalat website including bus routes


By qatar guest• 9 years 6 months ago.
qatar guest

You'll find the bus routes here: Qatar Bus Routes.

By Angelo• 11 years 8 months ago.

let me try one more time to load it here, if I am not successful, then I shall email it to you.

By angel face• 11 years 8 months ago.
angel face

Thanks. would you mind sending it to my email instead? megbernardo@hotmail.com

By Angelo• 11 years 8 months ago.

Mowasalat do not have a link to the route map. I have a PDF of the map from the newspaper but unable to load it to this site, don't know why. will try again later.

AJ the bus service is a few months only and they are still deciding the routes, please refer above.



By AJ• 11 years 8 months ago.

As someone moving to Doha soon the bus topic has been very useful. I have been following some of the topics in the past and was under the opinion from what I had read that buses were not really available. Is this something new?

By angel face• 11 years 8 months ago.
angel face

Thanks. can you give me the link of the route map? I'd really appreciate it. I'm not familiar with the roads, so a visual will be great.

By Angelo• 11 years 8 months ago.

As you can see this article came out in yesterdays gulf times (the local news paper) there is also a route map, do you need it? As the service is only a few months old the routes will change till they find a most economical route to get a higher number of passengers.

Also, the first 4 rows of seats in any public bus are for ladies, if they are occupied, inform the driver and you will have it.

Have a great day.


By angel face• 11 years 8 months ago.
angel face

Thanks for the update, I appreciate it.

By Angelo• 11 years 8 months ago.
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Mowasalat changes bus route timingsPublished: Monday, 21 August, 2006, 11:42 AM Doha Time

Mowasalat officials announcing the changes to the bus timings and the introduction of the new services at a press briefing at the company headquarters.

Staff Reporter

MOWASALAT, the public transport company, has changed the timings of its bus services with effect from August 27 and added a few more routes to its network while increasing the frequency of some of the routes.

After the changes come into force, most of Doha and Al Rayyan areas will be within 1km of a Karwa bus service, Mowasalat officials told a press conference yesterday.

New direct links have been created particularly to the Industrial Area, where the number of services increases from just one at present to five.

All services will have new timetables from next Sunday, Mowasalat mass transit director Anthony Tallant said.

Generally, each service will operate at least every 30 minutes, and the timetables are planned so that where services run along the same route, a bus is scheduled every 10 or 15 minutes.

The new schedule is as follows:

Service 10: Bus Station - Al Hilal, no change.

Service 11: Bus Station - Al Matar Al Qadeem, no change.

Service 12: Bus Station - Abu Hamour (and Medical Commission), no change. Service 22, Bus Station - Abu Hamour , no change.

Service 32: Bus Station - Industrial Area (south west). This service will follow its existing route as far as Al Sadd Stadium, and then continue via Al Waab Street (stopping at Khalifa Stadium, Villagio and Hyatt Plaza), Al Forousiya Street (for Doha Zoo), Fort Roundabout, Al Karajat Street (northern section) and Al Attiyah Souq. Its terminus will be at the extreme west-end of Street 38.

The poorly used section between Al Sadd Stadium and Doha College will no longer be served.

Service 33: Bus Station - Industrial Area (south). The terminus points of service 33 do not change. However, its route in the northern Industrial Area is changed to operate from Street 2 to Street 15 via Al Binaar Street (instead of Al Manajer Street) .

The basic frequency of Service 33 is reduced from every 10 minutes to every 30 minutes, but there are two new services covering a major part of this route.

Service 33A: Bus Station - Industrial Area (south east). This is a new service between Al Ghanim Bus Station and the eastern side of the Industrial Area.

Service 33A is the same as service 33 as far as Street 2, then it operates via Al Karajat Street (northern section), Al Attiyah Souq, returning to Al Karajat Street (Street 23). Using East Industrial Street to access the southern area, it once again joins Al Karajat Street, to terminate at the east-end of Street 47. The basic frequency of Service 33A will be every 30 minutes.

Service 33B: Bus Station - Industrial Area (north west). This is another new service between Al Ghanim Bus Station and the north western section of the Industrial Area. Service 33B is the same as service 33 as far as Fort Roundabout, then continues along Salwa Road. Entering the Industrial Area at West Industrial Street, it operates via Al Imran Street and Al Attiyah Souq before serving Street 24 and terminating on Street 26. The frequency of this service will be also 30 minutes.

The timetables of services 32, 33, 33A and 33B are designed to provide a bus at least every 8 minutes at Al Attiyah Souq, and every 10 minutes along Salwa Road, Mowasalat officials said.

Service 34: Bus Station - Al Aziziyah - Khalifa Stadium - Al Rayyan - Bus Station.

Service 43: Bus Station - Al Rayyan - Khalifa Stadium - Al Aziziyah - Bus Station.

The routes of services 34 and 43 are unchanged, except in the Al Aziziyah and Khalifa Stadium area. Both services will operate from just east of Hyatt Plaza in a clockwise loop using the new roads around Khalifa Stadium, also stopping at Villagio and Aspire.

Service 43 will enter Al Aziziyah via Omar Bin Zaid Street; the stop in Umm Al Kharj Street will no longer be served.

The basic frequency of services 34 and 43 is every 30 minutes.

Service 42: Bus Station - New Al Rayyan.

Service 45: Bus Station - Al Gharaffa village.

Two new services, following the same route for much of their journey are also planned.

From the Bus Station, both services operate via Hamad Hospital and Al Rayyan Road to Al Rayyan Al Qadeem.

Service 42 then continues to New Rayyan (serving Al Jasisiyah Street on the way), while service 45 turns north via Qatar Foundation to Al Gharaffa village.

Each service will operate hourly, providing a 30-minute service between the Bus Station and from Al Rayyan Al Qadeem.

The timetables of services 34, 42, 43, 45 and 104 are designed to provide a bus every 15 minutes between the Bus Station and New Rayyan, and every 10 minutes between the Bus Station and Hamad Hospital.

Service 49: Bus Station - Al Sadd - Al Mansoura - Airport - Bus Station.

Service 94: Bus Station - Airport - Al Mansoura - Al Sadd - Bus Station.

There is no change in the routes or frequency of these services. However, the last departure from the Bus Station will be earlier - at about 10pm.

Service 55: Bus Station - Bin Omran - Madinat Khalifa. This service will be diverted from Al Istiqlal Street into Ahmed Bin Ali Street (towards Madinat Khalifa) or Al Rayyan Road (towards the Bus Station). In Bin Omran, it will be operated via Al Afeef Street. The basic frequency of Service 55 will be every 30 minutes.

Service 57: Bus Station - Kulaib - Madinat Khalifa - Al Gharaffa - Al Rayyan - Industrial Area (south east). This new service links Doha’s northern and western suburbs directly to the Industrial Area.

From Ahmed bin Ali Street it will operate via Fareej Kulaib, Madinat Khalifa (south), passing close to the Police Traffic Department, Al Gharaffa (serving the Immigration Department), Qatar Foundation, Al Rayyan Al Qadeem, New Al Rayyan, Muaither, Al Sedaira and Al Murra (west) to Fort Roundabout.

In the Industrial Area, it will operate via Karajat Street (northern section), Al Attiyah Souq, Al Kassarat Street and terminate at the east end of Street 47. Frequency is every 30 minutes.

On completion of road works, Service 57 will also operate via The Landmark shopping mall.

The new timetables of services 34, 43 and 57 make it possible to have a bus every 15 minutes between New Al Rayyan and Al Sedaira. The timetables of services 55 and 57 provide a bus every 15 minutes between the Bus Station and Madinat Khalifa.

Service 76,Bus Station - C C D Shopping Mall, no change.

Service 101: Doha - Umm Salal Mohammed - North Road - Al Shamal.

Service 101X: Doha - North Road - Al Shamal.

The timetable is changed to provide 10 trips a day to and from Al Shamal, three of which operate via Al Ghuwairiyah and Al Zubara. Most journeys operate as service 101X (not via Umm Salal Mohamed), reducing the journey time by about 20 minutes.

Service 102: Doha - Umm Salal Mohamed - Al Khor - Al Thakhira.

Service 102 will provide the local service between Doha, Umm Salal Mohamed and Al Khor. It will be diverted in northern Al Gharaffa to serve the stadium. At Umm Suwaiyah, six journeys a day will divert via the Teyseer labour camp. North of Al Khor, Service 102 will not serve Al Khor Industrial Area, continuing directly to Al Thakhira.

Service 102 will operate every 40 minutes to Umm Salal Mohamed, continuing every 40 to 80 minutes to Al Khor and Al Thakhira.

Service 102X: Doha - Al Khor - Al Khor Industrial Area and Al Khor Community. This service will be improved to operate hourly. North of Al Khor it will operate via the Industrial Area and North Hospital to terminate at the northern gate of Al Khor Community.

Additional 102 and 102X journeys will operate on Fridays.

Service 104: Doha - Al Shahaniya - Dukhan, no change.

Service 109: Doha - Al Wakra - Mesaieed, no change.

Mowasalat deputy general manager Waleed Raslan Alabdullah, marketing manager Ahmed al-Ansari and assistant director of Taxi and Limousine Business Unit, Ali bin Ali M Abdullah also participated in the briefing.

By angel face• 11 years 8 months ago.
angel face

how much would the bus fare be? and will those buses also take me to The Landmark?

By Angelo• 11 years 8 months ago.


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