Carrefour manipulating prices

By KellysHeroes

Noticed that Carrefour - Villagio branch - is manipulating the selling prices of some items. At least the item I have checked compared to the prices of same items at City Center branch.
The difference between both branches is 20% for the items I have noticed (Villagio is more). When we raised the issue with the supervisor incharge, he admitted that and justified it due to the higher cost at Villagio and that they do not have a warehouse there where as at City Center they do have.
The funny thing is that for some items that are kept inside those big baskets, they have the price hanging from the ceiling less than the one attached to the bottom of the basket. Top is (10) and bottom is (12).
Wonder if this is considered cheating and recommend you be careful when shopping.

By nomad_08• 14 years 7 months ago.

the shopkeepers at the fish section of city center carrefour are rude and arrogant. they need to be coached on how to deal with customers properly.

By hurricane007• 14 years 7 months ago.

don't ever buy anything from carrefour without checking the price.. i was fooled when i brought few things and when i reached to the counter they were double the price! tragic! worst of all, carrefour staff(supervisor level) doesn't know what to say/ what to do!!!

By Scarlett• 14 years 7 months ago.

if you are kind to the sales people (and I always try...) they just about keel over from shock, then regain themselves and you get the biggest smile back! Don't you know its horrible to stand and work all day long and never have anything nice said to you?

By dlanororazal• 14 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

carrefour villagio have made hefty errors! one time i saw my favorite QR.24 "Lindt" chocolate priced at QR.6.50! So I bought the whole shelf (selfish me!) & got myself a years supply of it, really!

Then I bought the same chocolate at Dasman priced at QR.24.75. I scanned both receipts & emailed it to Carrefours GM & told him to manage his inventory staff more closely due to these kind of errors. I hope that'll shake their world at athe warehouse... wherever it is...

By chubby• 14 years 7 months ago.

I have noticed the customer service at Carrefour is pretty bad .. i guess they are under the assumption that if not u then someone else will be shoppin there anyways .. so why bother .. i have noticed at times especially in the electronics side the guys just group up and chat at times and i wanted to pick up a 5.1 channel sound system from there and asked them to play something for me on the system and the guy was like this isnt my section someone else will come .. wait! .. i just walked outta there .. if they cant bother i really dont want to buy it from there either!! btw Family food centre staff are really helpful .. no matter what theyre doin they do come to assist you immediately .. very nice ..

life goes on ..

By thatguy• 14 years 7 months ago.

i must agree with nicolidus on this...

the carrafour just doesnt care...

they just dont have a real standard nor do the employees seem to know crap out anything in the store


just hanging out and watching dvd's with helen keller... kind of a quite night.

By nicolidus• 14 years 7 months ago.

After being in retail for the past 10 years in the UK, I can't help but notice that the store standards, service and pricing in Carrefour compared with any of the big super/hypermarkets in the UK (Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys) are absolutely shocking. Staff knowledge is poor, and I am shocked that none of them seem to ever smile?

They know that we will all shop there out of necessity and convenience and until sales go down we are stuck with this pathetic service.

Ah well, at least when we do get good service somewhere we can notice it more!

By fishermanalex• 14 years 7 months ago.

thx for the advice

keep eyes opend fox

By anonymous• 14 years 7 months ago.

or Family Food Center

By anonymous• 14 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

From my experience, I've found Lulu to be more professional, I would be surprised if you had these kind of pricing problems at Lulu.

Service however is poor at both Lulu and Carrerfour and that is to be expected cos they are both Hypermarkets.

But the service at Family Food Center (FFC) is excellent. I always wonder how they keep their staff so motivated. They have lots of people on the floor so if you need help to find stuff, you don't have to hunt them down or anything...

Once I arranged a picnic and decided to buy all my stuff from FFC. I gave the loooong list to an attendant who got all the stuff, loaded all the stuff on to the vehicle and I didn't even have to wait in queue to pay, the attendant prepared the bill and took the payment.

After the picnic, I had to return a lot of the stuff, cos we hadn't used it and they gave me my cash back!!

By KellysHeroes• 14 years 7 months ago.

At least to did the proper corrective action. Carrefour staff are so rude to consider customers complains.

Once I was in Villagio branch (think it was during Ramadan) and noticed a glass of Vimto syrup broken and the syrup spilled on the floor. Seems that a kid touched the bottle and have it broken. His father was talking to the security officer there and was telling him "ok I will pay the cost of the broken bottle". The stupid security officer did not bother keeping the customers away from the broken glass. Was just concerned to have the "criminal" (customer) pay for his mistake.

By KellysHeroes• 14 years 7 months ago.

I have already decided not to go to Villagio branch and would consider going to City Center if I have to buy something from Carrefour. I hate dealing with cheaters.

By Xena• 14 years 7 months ago.

at Mega Mart too.... the item was actually marked 7.50Qr, but when I got to the check out.. it went through as 12Qr.... I queried it and was given 5 riyals back....

The manager said that the packer must have marked them incorrectly....

By KellysHeroes• 14 years 7 months ago.

They would consider it as an old batch with difference cost

By KellysHeroes• 14 years 7 months ago.

Electronics prices change from day to day. So you cannot take that as an example

By jauntie• 14 years 7 months ago.

A couple of months ago in Marks & Spencer I found a pair of jeans I really liked and was walking to the counter to pay for them when I saw an identical pair, in a different colour, QR20 cheaper with a SALE ticket on them.

I queried this with about 3 different assistants - none of them could tell my why these identical articles were priced differently!

Really weird ...

By anonymous• 14 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

You Don't Have to worry About the price Difference between the Carrefour's its all business and they doing business. actually i shop computer items all the time and follow the prices! but lately i found out city center carrefour price are 20% higher than villagio Carrefour! Example:- I bought 160 WD portable hard disk for - 390Qr at villagio Carrefour when the price in city center branch was 530Qr month ago!

any way dont matter! I always shop for fun in computer Items! So I go were ever i found the best and the chip! thank Allah I have a car.

By dragonfly212• 14 years 7 months ago.

is true kelly, one day i was shopping some clothes for my relative in my home country, they look really different then the one I see so far, and the price is right as it said on the sign hanging on top of the clothes area "QR45" so i thought, "hey this is good clothes with very descent price" so I take 5 piece. At the cashier I hv to pay more then what it said on the Sign. now they charged me QR69/pc and straight away I called the manager in duty and make complained. all he said was, "oh maybe some people put it there which actually belong to another section" and I said "Wha???????" how come all the clothes stack nicely in that section under the sign "QR45"??? so after long arguement. I cancelled my buying. They are such a riped off.

By Oryx• 14 years 7 months ago.

Carrefour are terrible for

a) no price on goods

b) price on shelf different to price at checkout...

Keep a close eye on what you buy!

By chaudary• 14 years 7 months ago.

You are right dude. Last month I found the same diffrence in the prices. I was looking for trimmer machine and in both carrefour the price diffrence was QR 20. But the salesman of both said its same price in other. I told them but they were not accepting this.

I wonder how come they are cheating people here.

By ChupaRustom• 14 years 7 months ago.

nothing new this goes on in almost all the hyper market and when you buy a trolley full of goods rest be assured you will not know if you have been cheated many times the dispplay price and check in price is different

By smoke• 14 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

strange i found some items cheaper in villagio as compared to the other city center...and what wear house are they talking about? the food? coz i've seen their wear house in villagio i think its only for the other goods. Oh well.

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