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CORINER/CONOR's dalyed delivery

By elle_perth

Hello there fellas!!Happy New Year even if mine is quite a bit sad and disappointing. Wishing you all good health and happy life. I didn't come by today for nothing..despite the possibility of getting insults from you people...especially those humans who thinks of themselves as great and perfect...those who seemingly want their kind to look like one to others...I had no where else to let pass of my disappointment of something at the same time getting through my message to others who might need to know about what i have to say...this is the only channel I have in mind…
I am a proud Filipino, been working very hard here in Qatar for my family. A year ago I just transferred to another company. For some reason, I have to move my vacation a little bit longer. The usual was after 12 months of service. This time, it got dragged to a year a half. My vacation was set this December 2009. Since, i'm not use to not seeing them yearly, adding couple of months on my waiting time is crucial. I was so excited anyway. Before that, I decided to send a package through sea cargo - just so I can save a little.Much cheaper though with a promise to deliver within 45/or not later than maximum days of 60. Ah, of course, there ain't chocolates in it - just pieces of clothing and other stuff for my nieces and nephews, siblings and cousins, friends, and my parents of course. But oh man, believe me how much joy it will give them on Christmas day or even New Years Eve. I sent them through Coriner/Conor Courier Service on October 17th ,2009. Count it off - more or less December 17th is the 60th day. I left for my vacation on December 7th and arrived 8th of December. I let pass of the days to consider the maximum days -I've waited. December 18th , I started contacting the cargo handler in our area but unfortunately, nothing came...I gave a couple days. Consecutively, on the from 20th I called the local handler - still no news. On December 20th , finally I spoke to one of their Manila Staff named Lot. I was told that my cargoes is on the way and that I can expect them on the December 26th . Nothing came. I was so furious knowing I’ve wasted so much money for long distance calls. I wanted to prick the eyeball of that girl for giving me false info. I called repeatedly even sometimes Manila Conor/Coriner staff put off their mobile phones . I persisted and successfully in touched with Mel “the supervisor as what the Lot girl says” (– gee, who cares with your title –eat it up or tuck around your belt). Again this time, Mel told me a different story covering the staff who committed to deliver the cargoes on December 26th (citing the 6 days of shipment time allotment). She said, their shipment ToGo failed to load the cargoes on the 18th of December. She added, that it wasn’t their own control anymore and that it was loaded sometime on 25th does will l arrived on the 29th -30th. I was hopeless but I wanted to believe her as she sounds convincing . Though Christmas day was over, I’m still looking forward to distribute the gifts on New year’s Eve – That is today. But to my great dismay that Mel and Lot has one thing in common – INCOMPETENT and without a doubt no INTEGRITY at all. The local handlers in our area, confirmed there ain’t no cargoes under my sister’s name to whom I’ve addressed. The local handler also confirmed that she received calls from other angry expatriates tracking their too delayed cargoes. I was so disappointed as I believe them to deliver the cargoes on time. So frustrated of missing the opportunity to make my family happier on Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, I get back at them and this time that Mel avoided to answer her phone. The Lot girl, was not able to get away as the local handler call her while I’m listening telling her to answer my call. She did, I shouted at her returning the favor of the trouble they gave me - she was defensive and later admitted their poor service and poor coordination at the expense of missing to deliver the cargoes sent by expatriates on Christmas Day or at least on New Year’s Day. She was apologetic on the phone and on her text messages too which I’ve plainly replied “Incompetent people, you’re not even consistent on your lame excuses, I will definitely not use your service in the future”. To all my kababayan, If you still wish to use Coriner/Conor Service, at least give much allowance on the delivery date noting their poor service. To other non Filipino beautiful people out there – as you know sometimes people’s incompetence is what makes a company looks bad. I just felt a need to bash the service in general to call the attention of the concerned staff, in order for them to improve their service to earn costumer ‘s trust.
My flight back to Qatar will be on the 10th of January 2010, I will be luckier if I will receive them before my departure.

Once again, Happy New Year to all!!!

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By Jetty• 3 years 5 months ago.


By dHey by DhEy• 7 years 9 months ago.
dHey by DhEy

OMG.. im going to send my stuff today at Conor..

hmmm..wat should i expect!!

hope it will be deliver untill dec..!!

By angiedomingo• 7 years 10 months ago.

I have worst case of sending my son package thru North greenland, believe it, I sent it May 22 but until today, they did not receive, take note,it's by AIR! I have been thinking what would be the best thing to do.

By anonymous• 8 years 4 months ago.
anonymous North Greenland Cargo Services its cheaper.


By elle_perth• 8 years 4 months ago.

I was just wondering how this people could be so lousy enough to drive clients crazy. Can anyone tell if there's a gov't agency in Qatar who handles complains against fraud business like Conor/Coriner?

By elle_perth• 8 years 4 months ago.

it's terrible. I wish many folks will hear our stories so they will be spared from CORINER/CONOr's dirty business.

By speedmarks• 8 years 4 months ago.

I had that kind of experience with them before but on a different situation. I send 3 big boxes of my personal stuff last September thru air cargo which I paid with a hefty sum of money. They committed that the packages will be received within 7 to 10 days since it is to be shipped by air cargo. Unfortunately, it took them almost 3 months before my personal stuff was handed to my family in the Philippines. I only found out later that my boxes which I paid more than 2,000 QR via air cargo was actually sent via sea cargo which should cost me only 600 QR. Where did the extra 1,400 QR go?


Speaking of swindlers in Qatar, nothing beats Conor and Coriner express staff... Get Sky forwarders, they run an honest business.

By elle_perth• 8 years 4 months ago.

Hi tess, Happy New Year, why i haven't heard about it before...tsk..tsk... I could have been spared...

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