Doha Airport Premium Terminal

By scorpio79

Hi .

I have not seen anybody mention about the Doha Airport Premium Terminal till now.. Has anybody in here been through this terminal? Are there any added services in the terminal that could need a early check in?

Heard that most of the services like sauna, jacuzzi are for first class passengers only. Is there anything for business class passengers?

Cheers and Good morning..

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By scorpio79• 10 years 9 months ago.

guess the appealing factors would be the quick check in / check out time and the ushers at the terminal entrance.

Did not hear anything being said about the duty free and price at the restaurants.. is it high-end?

By doc• 10 years 9 months ago.

The difference from business to first in the Qatar Airways Premium Terminal is that first offers massage chairs, a spa which has a sauna and massage rooms + a bedroom. The range of drinks and food is the same between the two however. You pay extra for massages in the first lounge.

Yet more exclusive is the VIP lounge in the airport. This is the building between the Premium terminal and the normal terminal. It is very nice inside but the key thing it offers is convenience as you only need to turn up just before departure and are taken to the plane in a waiting BMW 7 series :)

By anonymous• 10 years 9 months ago.

Sorry paul,

I Just went on wrong way this time.....

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By Paul R• 10 years 9 months ago.
Paul R

Humour is wasted on you.

By anonymous• 10 years 9 months ago.


Where do the laboures will go...Everybody cannot travel in your Business Class...these poor people should arrange the tickets from their own pockets...

Finally we should salute their hard work under the hot...

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By Paul R• 10 years 9 months ago.
Paul R

There's an economy terminal ?

I flew the other day and for the first time I wondered what is on your right when you get on the plane. I was amazed when I looked. Rows and rows of people ! I just thought it was the galley for us up front !!!!

By wallflower• 10 years 9 months ago.


First class lounge consists of - SPA / Jacuzzi/ Massage / Business Centre/ Restaurant/ Games Facility/ Nursery / Cloak room (where you

can leave your baggage)

Business class lounge consists of - Games facility / Nursery/ Cloak room/ Business centre and a restaurant.

Hope this is helpful.


By Nemesis• 10 years 9 months ago.

i have used the terminal a couple of times as a business class passenger. It is a bit nicer but nothing that special for business class. Easy, fast check-in, lounge is nicer than old lounge, food better, etc. Nothing there that would make me go to the airport earlier.

Dunno about first class

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