By indianstar

HELLO there all you good people of qatarliving


lately i have heard a lot about parents moving their children away from DMIS, specially the higher classes.  will you parents of dmis students on qatarliving enlighten me on this subject about any stories you may have heard.  i have two of my kids studing there and am opting to move them to other school.  over 40 students have moved out from there this year and i am hearing that more are to follow as soon as the term is over.


will you please shed some light on me. it seems that the school is not keeping up to the standards of quality education as promised, despite the hefty fees they charge


thank you dear

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By scorpio79• 9 months 1 day ago.

Any updates?

By Lemonstar• 2 years 4 months ago.
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^guys look the above comment is so obvious that it's from a dmis teacher.....all the students in dmis and all the parents in Qatar knows that dmis is the worst school in Qatar ....their fees is not worth it ....all the other school charge less and have many facilities....tbh dmis teachers hate dmis and most are planning to leave because of the management, the management has many Arabs and does not understand the teachers need but rather put strict rules on then and expects them to follow or else they get fined ...and Arabs show so much attitude to teachers and students they give a consideration of rich Indian parents students are studying in DMIS....pleased don't put your child in dmis ... All the students who are in dmis now is actually stuck there because of the SCE rule of not having more than 30students cuz of that rule they can't go to other school and the admission is full every where else

Thank you

By Qatar Jan• 3 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 3/5
Qatar Jan

DMIS is very good & professional Indian school. I have one kid in class 4 and very satisfied with committed approach & dedicated attention of teachers. Regular feedbacks about kid are coming from school. Student portal is also very upto to mark & professional. I don't teach my son much at home but his results & knowledge is funtastic. Overall very satisfied results in terms of academics & overall development. I am planning to put my second kid also in the school.

MES is large but for me appeared to be like an Indian Sarkari School. No discipline in students and even teachers are also not that good, may be my bad luck I met only those students & teachers.

By simplyjac• 7 years 4 months ago.

This is an open forum to share our views , opinion , concerns and achievements regarding the well being of our children studying at DMIS . Postings are currently not moderated and it is requested to be individually responsible and fair while posting messages . Kindly consider this as a positive approach to contribute further in improving the system . This is solely run by the parents for their children, and school authorities have no involvement as of now .

Parents whose children are studying in DMIS and intrested in being part of this group may kindly send an email to


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By reach• 7 years 9 months ago.

Let opinions flow...

By Formatted Soul• 7 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5
Formatted Soul

Jack.... DMIS got very good infrastructure...purpose built...big class rooms with ample light and AC... but in academic side they are not so good and not at all organized..

By s_isale• 7 years 11 months ago.
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there are only 3 non-posh Indian schools in Doha. The rest are all posh and they take only posh pupils, not your below averaged Joe

By anonymous• 7 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

There is only ONE good Indian School - MES...the rest are portacabin want to call them them if you want to.

MES is the only one with "proper infrastructure".

The only reason DPS was ranked high was because they charge high fees and only parents with higher income could afford to send the kids there.....over a period of time it became a "Posh school"....

By anonymous• 7 years 12 months ago.

im a student in dmis frm class 10

i love the skool the teaching methords are better they make students not only mig up the book likeother skools they make students to learn it understand use it not only that in mes, ideal ,brila the disipline is too poor all students are like sisters and brothers like a family

they teach out of sylabus activities like speaking on stage every day the assembly is conducyed by a group all get aa turn to face the crownd gain knowledge not by mugging the book u become a great person and a citizen but by becoming a gud citizen a diciplined person my name is kevin form class 10 a

By violets• 8 years 10 months ago.

I am really sorry to say I have been totally diappointed with school. My daughter is in grade2. Firstly I find that teachers are not at all dedicated.Secondly The new principal has very poor management skills.

The teachers do not prepare for their classes. They end up confusing children in the class. The basic math concepts are taught in a wrong way.

The text books have plenty of mistakes and hence the standard is very poor. They are too fast with the syllabus. The teachers expect parents to become techers after schol hours at home. We are told that we too have to work with the children and do not expect teacher to perform any miracles.

But last year my daughter was was in grade1 and her teacher was fabulous. I think she is the only teacher in grade 1 and 2 who knows what is teaching. I really never had to teach anything to my child. While other parents of the same grade would struggle for tests, I with my daughter would enjoy our weekends. This year I realised it was the magic of the teacher and not smartness of my daughter. All those parents whose children are in grade1 and in the same teachers's class must consider themselves lucky this year but be aware you will not be getting the same care and attention next year i.e in grade2.

To conclude, in DMIS if your child gets a good teacher cosider him /her blessed. In general inspite of all the hype in my opinion as a school DMIS is pathetic. The earlier you get your ward out of it the better it would be for him.

By simplyjac• 9 years 2 weeks ago.
Rating: 3/5

This is an open forum to share our views , opinion , concerns and achievements regarding the well being of our children studying at DMIS . Postings are currently not moderated and it is requested to be individually responsible and fair while posting messages . Kindly consider this as a positive approach to contribute further in improving the system . This is solely run by the parents for their children, and school authorities have no involvement as of now .

Parents whose children are studying in DMIS and intrested in being part of this group may kindly send an email to

By sachu iqbal• 9 years 7 months ago.
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sachu iqbal


By cooldood• 9 years 7 months ago.

my daughter is studying in BPS and have found it to be quite satisfactory. she was in the gems group(millenium school; sister setup of doha modern) in dubai till date and despite the sky high fees the results were not at all promising. Heard that it is the same here in Doha also.BPS faculty is quite ok and am happy with my daughters progress. But ofcourse noone can dispute the fact that the syllabi followed by ALL GULF CBSC schools are two years behind compared to INdia.

By skpillai• 9 years 7 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

The earlier you move your kids out of DMIS, the better their future!

It is nothing but a business for the sponsors. ( agree all schools here are business only for the management, no social commitment)The buses for even KG students are having no A/c putting children under heat stress, no answer to complaints.

Bus number 11 is hell for small kids with leaking A/c, slippery floor and no cooling.

I thought this school will be much better but disappointed the way it works.

By fromplanetearth• 9 years 7 months ago.

hello there

DMIS transport is really becoming a pain.My kid comes back from the school after a delay of 4 hours.I have attempted to contact the administration regarding this. awaiting reply!. they should do something about this immediately.

standard- I should say, good - I have witnessed kids beeing given individual care.worth mentioning about the prompt and clear feedback from teachers.

MES,though long standing institution in this field,fails in English language,kids' Malayalum vocabulary improves more than English!

By ilansound• 9 years 7 months ago.


Did you heard about DMIS transportation problem since School reopen. I am facing serious problem. How about other parents?

By inqatar• 9 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

I think that DMIS is a good school with a good concept. The teachers are honest and encouraging. They give feedback promptly and regularly. The sports coach, especially the swimming instructor is very dedicated. The principal and his wife, the supervisor is always willing to listen to your problems. The best part is that everyone remembers you. The problem is mostly with parents who have moved their children from other schools in Qatar - the complaints are primarily about the fees. I love the fact that the teachers speak fluent English and care about the students. The classrooms are clean and spacious. I am not sure about the higher classes. If there is an issue with retaining teachers, I think the school should fix it asap so that parents will not have to move their children to other schools.At the end of the day, what I have seen is that if you have a bright child, any school will do. I studied in a class which had 60 students and I stood first in class. If your child needs that extra attention, then the school is important - you need a school which is willing to work with you and your child.

By xtreamx• 10 years 1 week ago.

the students r bullies!!!!

By RS• 10 years 4 weeks ago.
Rating: 3/5

in MES is the Best and i regret that people make comments without verifying the facts.

By stealth• 10 years 4 weeks ago.

Does CBSE have two standards?  Thats the first time I've heard it?

And who said the English in MES is bad?

People simply give opinions based on hearsay.

By najd_san• 10 years 4 weeks ago.
Rating: 4/5

Heard a lot about the school. i have a child there too in lower classes though. planning on putting my second in DPS as soon as their school comes up. the only thing good about DMIS is the school building!!!! curriculum wise they are not upto MES or DPS standards.

By qatexpat• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

I have a few friends who admitted their children in DMIS last year. They are giving a very positive view of the school. They shifted from MES, so maybe, they find its better, I don't know. I have also heard that BPS is good. On the basis of the recommendations from a few friends, I have enrolled my son in BPS. He will start from April. So, maybe a few months down the road, I can give an educated opinion about BPS. I also heard very bad reports about Delhi Public School. I have a friend who shifted his kids from MES to DPS and is deeply regretting it. He says he will shift them back to MES this year.

By anonymous• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 5/5

Almost all schools r same level here. Parents have to take proper care of their children. I heard low level CBSC sylebus is being followed here. Most of the teachers are recruited locally without professional qualification. Teachers who r qualified mostly by correspondance course or without experience. Some teachers can speak good english & consider themselves as very good teacher. Every school has some good qualified & experience teachers, whom the school authority refer always to attract the student. Lots of politics going on between the teaching staff. Try to get information that how many student geting chance in good Engg / management / Medical colleges like  IIT / IIM etc. which will clear the idea about education level.

To me home is the best school & parents are the best teacher here in Qatar. School will provide some support / guidance only & students can compare themselves with others to develop some competetive mentality. 

By anonymous• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5


By RS• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 5/5

I am of the opinion that there are only 2 good Indian CBSE schools here in Doha. Its MES or else Delhi Public School.


This is Bcos MES ranks first in producing CBSE Results in the classes above 6th and till the Public exam. All the teachers there are dedicated to produce results.You get the quality output there.


Now DPS is also good and picking up but costlier than MES as far as the fees are concerned. 


Please do not think of any other Indian School.

Best of Luck. 






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