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By MANAT2010

please help, what are current requirements for applying visa for wife.
thank you very much.

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By Mary-vani• 4 years 3 weeks ago.
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Current Process in Family Visa:

1. Salary Letter from Employer -salary overall to be minimum 12000 QAR

2. Copy of Your passport and Work VISA Page

3. Copy of your Education Certificate (ATTESTED )

4. Wife's Passport Copy

5. Marriage Certificate (ATTESTED )

6. Child(s) Birth Certificate(s) (ATTESTED )

7) rent agreement duly attested by muncipility (muncipilty shall require another set of documents like copy of title, copy of owner QID, lay out, etc. for stamping)

8, 6 Months bank statement

For above the attestations you need to send your original documents to your home country for attestation.For attestation & translation purpose please contact Sheen Services Wll, they provided great service for me, i think they are the best in the market for attestation

By tundejabar• 4 years 2 months ago.

Check this link. The information on it is straight forward.

By tundejabar• 4 years 2 months ago.

By Roneyjoseph• 4 years 3 months ago.

anybody can tell me the list of educational certificate for family visa, i try to bring my family here, i want to know about education certificate details, i have diploma in fire and safety NIFE certificate attested with me, with that certificate i can apply family visa, other all documents what mention on previous comments with me, please help me to know the list category of educational certificate required for family visa

By Good Fellow• 4 years 7 months ago.
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Good Fellow

@snakyy21, yes actually you are right because the other comments did not consider the query as "Family visit visa" which in fact has some differences from "Family visa or what is known as husband sponsorship visa". Most of the comments posted above are applicable for "family Visa" and not necessarily adaptable to Visit visa.

By sameerindia786• 4 years 9 months ago.


By arman1arzoo• 4 years 9 months ago.

What is minimum salary requirement for Visit visa

By snakyy21• 4 years 9 months ago.
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Actually the list above is excessive (even though it might be the one published on their website). Usually they just want:

1. Application Form (preferably in Arabic)

2. Salary Certificate from your company

3. Qatari ID (bring copy too)

4. Your passport and your wife's passport copies

5. Marriage Certificate

You also need to pay the fee.

By kidangen3003• 4 years 9 months ago.
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Your visa profession should not be under labour category.

Monthly salary should be 5000 QR

Required documents are,

1. Filled application form.

2. NOC mentioning your salary from your company.

3. Your labour contract copy

4. Company's computer ID copy

5. Rental agreement copy.

6. Your qatar ID copy.

7. Marriage certificate attested from your embassy in Qatar and Qatar ministry of foregin affairs.

8. Your passport copy.

9. Wife's passport copy.

Submit your application. better to go any small immigration office - Abuhamour, Ummsalal etc

By arman1arzoo• 4 years 9 months ago.
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For visit visa Profession should be higher than labour in your RP, NOC from Employer, Salary certificate (5K+, I heard that it has been revised to 8K+ but not sure)

Tenancy Contract, Passport copies, Marriage certificate Attested both from your home country and in Qatar (HRD, MEA, Qatar Embassy and in Qatar MOFA, Photos, Degree Certificate Optional

Please check about minimum salary required and let me also know about it.

By RADIUS• 4 years 9 months ago.

no changes, try google in the search area pane above right.

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