Good Life Market: Qatar’s first and only health food store

By Asmaa B.

Opened less than two weeks ago, Good Life Market is everything a health-conscious consumer would look for. It provides its customers with clean and healthy products, including organic and fresh items. Their products range from cruelty-free shampoo to organic cucumbers.


After her experience in becoming health-conscious, Muneera AlKubaisi, a passionate foodie, wanted to give back to the community. With the help of John Shanlian, she put together Good Life Market. Their vision is to operate a trust-worthy store where customers can shop at ease without questioning the products they’re buying.

Before Good Life Market opened in The Pearl, consumers who followed specific diets and had specific requirements would have to go to multiple stores to buy all their grocery items. The idea behind this store is to gather healthy and clean products under one roof, allowing consumers to limit their grocery trips to a single store.


Good Life Market also wants to make available lines of products that consumers in Qatar haven’t yet been exposed to. The store is looking into toiletries as well, including organic skincare, bath and body products. For those of you who have pets, healthy and organic pet food is also in the plan.

What – also – stands out about Good Life Market is the attention it gives to its consumers. It tries to incorporate the feedback it’s getting as well as the requests made by its customers.

The store has a seating area, where people can grab a fresh already-made healthy meal (by Alpha Healthy) and fresh beverages (by RAW). The area will also hold seminars and get-togethers, with the aim of creating a community feel. Good Life Market is looking into making its own meals in the future as well, providing its customers with daily fresh meals.


The store’s green initiative does not stop at providing customers with clean food, it encourages them to incorporate a green lifestyle as well. The store offers used cardboard boxes for customers to pack their groceries in, and provides recyclable cutlery in the eating area.


The store is open from 5 am to 10 pm, so make sure to check it out!


For more information, check their Instagram page @goodlifemarket_qa and Muneera AlKubaisi’s page @muneeraalkubaisi.

The store is located by the Porto Arabia Drive in the Pearl

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By godonybrook• 3 months 3 days ago.

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By PunchLiner• 6 months 11 hours ago.

OP should indicate typical pricing of stuff sold here.

This will help readers to discern the affordability of the 'health' products.

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