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Gulf Times today

By anonymous

Civic body to build more public toilets:

A very good idea for Qatar but who will maintain these public toilets and keep them clean.

The Corniche in Al Khor has public toilets but don't ask in what state they are - they don't have running water to wash hands or to flush the toilets even at least last time I was there - good always to have wet wipes in your handbag.

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By knoxcollege• 10 years 4 months ago.
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Yesterday after doing some jogging on the corniche, I needed to use the toilet. It was kinda cold last night. So I get in my car parked in the car park infront of the Emiri Diwan, the one on the corniche. A guy gets out of a car parked next to mine and jumps over the fence and goes towards the sea and relieves himself. Luckily for him yesterday it was very low tide.

Coming back to myself I decide to go to the washrooms in the Bidda Park as they are the nearest and guess what there is no water in the men's side. I am really pissed. I decide to check the women's washroom but before doing that I make sure that there is no ninja nearby or ever far away. I go in the women's washroom in the Bidda Park thinking if anyone asks me I will tell him/her I dont know arabic and I am new in town and I missed the sign. Guess what the womens washroom has plenty of water.

Now that is some serious discrimination.

By lamea• 10 years 4 months ago.

with three kids i find it very difficult to find toilets let alone clean ones and the municipality must review this problem. i wouldnt mind paying a riyal for entry as long as it guarantees clean toilets.

By KellysHeroes• 10 years 4 months ago.

Municipal services might not be good sometimes. For this reason, there is a complaints section in each municipality where you can report whatever problems you are facing as a resident.


By dragonfly212• 10 years 4 months ago.

as i said, back to the 30's before the black gold was discover by teh camel. we dig the whole, do the business and cover up. easy and simple. hahaha LOL...

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

By anonymous• 10 years 4 months ago.

No not at all but what is the point in a toilet if you can't clean after you better to make a hole in the ground and cover that lol

By dragonfly212• 10 years 4 months ago.

canary are you forget you are in the dessert dear??? of course no running water. we are back to the 30's

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

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