Gympanzee: What I remember

By bhtaylor29

I am the father of a boy that was supposd to be at the Gympanzee nursery on this tragic day, but we kept him home that day ecause of a slight knee injury he had the previous day. My son Christian, had a friend at the school that he called Habibi. His real name was Azuz (at least that was what it sounded like. Azuz was about 3 years old but exceptionaly friendly and bright. But I dont see anything mentioning him or his two brothers. I thought he was Half Arabic and half European. Can anyone please tell me if Azuz and his brothers are still alive? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I also wanted to add a more personal touch to this tragedy.
Here is what I remember from dropping my son off there everyday.
I remember the main teacher Ms. Charles, who was from south Africa, was really a beautiful person. I could tell that she really loved her job. I always took a few minutes to ask her how my son was going and she always had a smile on her face and nothing but nice things to say. She was truly an angel.
I didnt know the three filipina ladies that well because they were always with the children.
I remember a Japanese man bringing his son in to school for the first time about a 1-2 months ago. His son looked like he was about maybe 2 years old and seemed quiet but excited to be in school.
I remember a lady who appeared to be french, who used to arrive right after me, who had a son there.
I remember meeting the lady who lost triplets one time. She was walking in the door as I was leaving and she seemed very friendly and said hello.
I remember another lady who what looked like hospital scrubs, dropping off a child. I dont remember if the child was a boy or girl.
I remember seeing the triplets for the first time and immediately remember how cute I thought they were.
And I really remember Azuz, because everytime I came in with my son, he would yell "Christian is here! Christian!"
My son would call him Hababi. I have only learned as of a few days ago what that meant. I thought it was just a name my son made up. I didnt know that it was a term of endearment.

By anonymous• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

RIP for all of them..

By anonymous• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

I m sleepless for so many days..I just wonder..

the last moments of the kids teachers and everybody else who is no more..

I m sleepless for those mothers who got up that day morning to sleep that night after lossing the kids..

I m so restless...I told myself that i will not read this topic thread but I m restless and I started reading it..

I m greiving I m sad I want to cry aloud and I just want to tell everybody that as a human being we all are together in this sorrow and we all are restless about the huge damage...

I will be sleepless for so many coming days or month..I just want to tell all Qlers that pls everyday pray for the eternal peace for the all who suffered their lives..

Be sleepless and keep praying for their souls... :(

By Motorious• 10 years 3 weeks ago.

Very sad, i have also kids and I know how difficult is the situation going to bed at night without doing their usual way of hugging and kissing their angels. To the parents, I hope God will give you strength and wisdom as you struggle on this situation. Our prayers and thoughts is with you.

By jiyanouf• 10 years 1 month ago.

Masha Allah...Feeling proud of Qatar Living..

May God rest all those souls forever in peace.

God bless you all.

By stealth• 10 years 1 month ago.

Kids innocence..…

By Xena• 10 years 1 month ago.

It will be good for the two boys to see each other and maybe help each other in their own way to come to terms with this.

By ghazalz• 10 years 1 month ago.

Azoz mom, It's really nice to hear from your side.

By noorlina• 10 years 1 month ago.

I pray that no child would ever get hurt

By nomerci• 10 years 1 month ago.

Nihal, you might want to set up a play date for Azoz and Christian, they will be so happy to see each other again.

It will help them with what they have to deal with .

By kalimaaaat• 10 years 1 month ago.

I would like to give my heartfelt condolences to all those effect by this terrible tragedy, a feeling beyond words. I used to send my son Azoz to gympanzee, but he was sick that day and thank god for that hundred times he was given another lifetime. My son is going through difficult time hearing from all around that he lost his friends and teachers. he is not even 4 years yet and have to go through this is a nightmare.

I feel heartbroken and cry all day long. i knew the teachers as my own family, and the kids were all part of my everyday life. I feel devastated what the parents and families are going through and i wish i could do anything to ease their pain.

Christians soooooo happy to hear christian is safe...i know him personally and ofcourse through my son azoz. thank you so much to care enough to ask about him....i want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who asked about azoz, some i knew others i dont but its a comforting feeling knowing that people stick together. with that said im still grieving thankful for my son yes, but my pain and heart break does not go away......anyone has any advice on how to make it easy on my son?

By Brave_heart_2010• 10 years 1 month ago.

I really hope Azuz is alright and your sone to meet him,...

By nivram• 10 years 1 month ago.

Its was touching story at all that God bless your life & your son. He never take your son for a porpuse.God had porpuse in your life as well as to your son.

By the way regarding Azuz, just to drop at HMC maybe they have information regarding that wonderful boy.

By porcupine• 10 years 1 month ago.


Thanks for the posts on QL about this incident. It made me cry and am also happy to note that Azuz or Aziz is safe and alive.

I'm sure you and little Christian are ever so anxious to meet little Habibi and give him a big hug.

We are all praying and crying together as a family for all those precious lives that were suddenly snatched away.

May God rest all those souls forever in peace.

God bless you all.

By bhtaylor29• 10 years 1 month ago.

You say you were there also at Gympanzee. So you had children there also, or you were with Azuz?

I thought Azuz had brothers, but I may have misunderstood Ms. Charles.

By bhtaylor29• 10 years 1 month ago.

Please do post it here. I am incredibly overjoyed that Azuz is safe.

By Khanan• 10 years 1 month ago.

is still there and its not subsiding.seems it is increasing day by day...

By Miss Mimi• 10 years 1 month ago.
Miss Mimi

Omigod this thread is making me cry!

By cherukkan• 10 years 1 month ago.

A touching note which made me cry.

By fefee• 10 years 1 month ago.

i just read a post on another forum from azoz mom, azoz is save. i will copy and past this link to her and she might respond to this thread personally if she can.

God Bless!!!

By anonymous• 10 years 1 month ago.

yes sir i know Azoz's family nd he has no brother. I know ur son also. The story which u mentioned above that time i was there with Azoz. I m also from Gympanzee and I m glad that christian is safe.

By MarcoNandoz-01• 10 years 1 month ago.

): This post made my eyes teary

By bhtaylor29• 10 years 1 month ago.

So you know this family?? Me and my wife are glad to hear they are okay. We were starting to feel like our son was the only one to survive from his class.

By Soraya_• 10 years 1 month ago.

As i hear your story, my heart fills with emotions, i cant help to cry and pray for those children who passed.

By robinhoodinlove• 10 years 1 month ago.

Feel so bad for the parents of those little angels... Hope god will give them power to overcome the situation even it is so hard.

No words to say about the accident,,,Just tears....

By asterix---• 10 years 1 month ago.

Just saw the FB page of Gympanzee, Such Cute Kids the way they were playing, painting, their Smiles are out of this World.... :(

By FathimaH• 10 years 1 month ago.

So so painful... still can't believe it all happend and that too in a space of just a few hours. So much devastation..Allahu Must3aan!

By anonymous• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

One of the missing child's name is Mengling from china. She was 3 years old and the other child's name is Evana from Egypt. she was 1 year and few months May their souls R.I.P Ameen

By anonymous• 10 years 1 month ago.

Sir by the grace of Allah Azuz is one of the luckiest boy who did not come that day he is fine Alhumdullilah

By qatarisun• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

this is from Doha News:

"We're missing the names of two children in this list of fire victims. Please help us if you can:


Hana Sharabati, 3 years old

Omar Emraan, 18 months old, South Africa

Isabel Vela, 7 years old, Spain

Almudena, 7, Camilo, 5, and Alfonso, 2 years old, Travesedo (siblings), Spain

Lillie, Jackson and Willsher Weekes (triplets), 2 years old, New Zealand

Zeinah Aouani, 2 years old, United States

Yousef, 3 years old, France, Egypt"

Aziz is not there... (Azzuz is a diminutive name for Aziz, quite common in arabic)

By gtim• 10 years 1 month ago.

i said im not gonna read thread about this tragic coz i cry, but can't help it. And this one really really break my heart thinking of those cute and innocent children...who suffered and died.I can't imagine the struggles they make just to survive but was not able to make it.

By drsam• 10 years 1 month ago.

tragic event. yes there is 2 other egyptian toddlers among the deceased too.


By anj_joy• 10 years 1 month ago.

What a great tribute ..You showed us how happy the children were in their school..I just hope that your son's Habibi is safe with his family.. and thank God your son is safe..

By bhtaylor29• 10 years 1 month ago.

He also had 2 brothers that went there. Unfortunately that does sound like him. I would like the father to know that my son seemed to have a great affection for his son, even though they only knew each other for a short time they seemed to get along immediately. After only a few days there, when we would arrive at the school, my son would run down the hallway yelling Azuz! It seemed like he had an immediate friend in this other boy.

The last time I saw this boy, I was dropping my son off. Aziz was sitting at the front desk with one of the teachers. My son was getting his shoes off to go into he play area. Aziz had the cordless phone in his hand and was using it to call his house but hung up before it would ring. He was so proud that he knew his home number. So he is proudly telling me his phone number and laughing, and then gives the phone to me. He says "do you know YOUR phone number?". I had to laugh because I didnt! I told him "No I dont know my number, because I forgot it" as I was sort of chuckling, and he just sort of laughed (at me or with me, I was never sure ) and put the phone back". But I thought, such a smart little boy and he was just SO friendly. He also had dimples so he had a very infectious smile.

So today my son grabbed his shoes this morning and kept saying he wanted to go see Habibi (Aziz). But it was in a strange way because my wife told me that he seemed sad. My son has no idea what happened but it seems like he senses something. If anyone knows the father please pass this information to him, that my son called his son habibi had great affection for him.

By drsam• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

the re was a 3 year old half arabic half european among the deceased. donno if he is the same kid ur looking for. he's half egyptian half french


By i-fact• 10 years 1 month ago.




By drshwetha• 10 years 1 month ago.

My deep condolence to the famillies.

We really cant erase this incident from our mind for ages from now. Kid, little toddlers are god sent gift to us, now the angels have gone back to god. They will be taken care sent back again to you my dear one's, Let their soul rest in piece.

By sheji sanam• 10 years 1 month ago.
sheji sanam

By SamanthaJean• 10 years 1 month ago.

Im happy for your son.. your post really break my heart. God bless those little angels, Ms.Charles and other 3 teachers. May their soul rest in peace.. :(

By Mandilulur• 10 years 1 month ago.

A moving tribute, thank you.


By mercurie• 10 years 1 month ago.

bht, I am happy that your son is safe..i too drop prefer to drop my kids myself to their school, and even though I dont know many of the kids by face,or their parents, there are some people whom we meet every day and say hello to..

I can imagine how you feel, when recollecting those faces whom you meet every day, and not being sure whether they are okay or not..

surprising that you did not know the meaning of habibi...

By bhtaylor29• 10 years 1 month ago.

I have been informed that my son's friends name is


Does anyone have any information regarding this boy and his family?

Thank you

By hapy• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 3/5

I hope Azuz is fine and happy to know your child is safe. Extremely tragic event. I hope this loss is not forgotten and real changes are made in safety standards across Doha. We should start it from our own houses.

By GodFather.• 10 years 1 month ago.

Remember having dinner with the mother of the triplets a few years ago in a friends house, and how happy she was on the birth of the three babies after trying for so many years.

Phone that friend yesterday to offer my condolences to the poor lady who lost every thing she had :(

By anonymous• 10 years 1 month ago.

Don't, asterix.

By ghazalz• 10 years 1 month ago.

bhtaylor, I'm really happy for your child and my all prayers for Azuz!

Thanks for sharing your memories with us!

By asterix---• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 5/5

I am sure Those Little Angles would be Playing in Heavens as of Now....

Indeed a Tragic Incident which has changed the Lives of Everyone, People are Soo Depressed and is Evident from their Reactions, be it at Work, Home, In our Compound etc etc...

I Do have a Picture of South African Teacher Who Lost her life in the Tragic Incident, But Not Sure if it is Appropriate to Post a Picture of Departed Soul...

By Mumtaaz_jewelry• 10 years 1 month ago.

That was horrible, very sorry for the families....u r lucky that your son is safe

By toxic8• 10 years 1 month ago.

I feel the same way. I feel devastated for those that have suffered the loss, and i am really grateful to God for the safety and health of my own children who also used the nursery.

By hms• 10 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 2/5

kids and angles, it will take ages to erase this incident, really unfortunate.

By anonymous• 10 years 1 month ago.


By dota• 10 years 1 month ago.

these wonderful children... little angels... will be remembered forever....

By Miss Mimi• 10 years 1 month ago.
Miss Mimi


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