Here's How Qatar Is Investing $85 Billion...

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Business Insider has compiled a list of big international purchases that Qatar is making. While nothing on their list is particularly new, I did find it strange that they chose the ugliest Porsche (the Panamera) photographed at the most horrible angle to illustrate Qatari investments in luxury brands. Yes, the car Jeremy Clarkson said is "as ugly as an inside-out monkey. It’s dreadful."

Anyhow, Business Insider writes of Qatar that

Its preeminent economic status is largely due to the fact that it also has the third largest gas reserves and is the leading liquid natural gas exporter in the world, according to the New York Review of Books. The result is that today, one-tenth of the Qatari populace (29,000 people) are millionaires.

Deft Qatari investments must not be understated, however. The country's sovereign wealth fund — the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) — is the 12th largest in the world with $85 billion in assets. Through holding and property subsidiaries, Qatar has gobbled up billions of dollars in real estate, retail, sporting, financial, and cultural investments. This year, according to Bloomberg, the QIA intends to spend $30 billion.

You can see the entire list here.

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