Human Organs For Sale

By Vishwanath

Yup, you saw it right!!!

All this has happened in India very recently, so called the worlds largest Democratic country in the World.... Their have been many such cases so far.. But the loop holes in the law making makes it a easy get away for the law breakers... What should we do to such people who take away the organs from poor innocent people & sell it to the others to make money... Where is law & order? Below is the complete details of the case...

A kidney racket has been unearthed by the police in Gurgaon (IN Delhi, Capital of INDIA). A house in a posh locality had been converted into a hospital and a flourishing trade in sale of kidneys was running there. There were at least three doctors involved and the ‘donors’ used to be brought here by agents who worked in different cities in UP. The victims would be enticed with attractive offers and once the operation was done, they would be sent back with some monetary benefits while the kidneys would be sold to foreigners for huge sums of money. At a rough estimate, this setup had performed at least 500 such transactions..... While this might have shocked many, it is not new to this part of the world. A search on Google of ‘kidney rackets in India’ elicited plenty of information, some of which I am indicating here with links were the complete story can be had....

Illegal human organ trade thrives in Asia

Illegal human organ trade has risen considerably in Asia during the past decades. People from developed nations turn towards Asia because a large population here lives under the poverty line and people easily donate their organs for a small amount.

A kidney racket in West Bengal Volume 20 - Issue 15, July 19 - August 01, 2003

DESPITE a strict vigil by the government, an illegal trade in kidney exists in West Bengal. In a recent incident, the State police, with the help of an alert citizen, arrested an operative of the gang involved in the illegal trade of human organs at Sheoraphuli town in Hooghly district, 45 km from Kolkata. Preliminary investigations led to the alleged mastermind of the racket, Laltu Roy of Kolkata, who had links in Chennai. The racketeers lured, through newspaper advertisements, impoverished, desperate people into "donating" their kidneys for Rs.60,000 or even less. The going rate for a donor kidney is currently between Rs.1 lakh and Rs.1.5 lakhs.

Kidney racket busted in Gujarat 20th January 2007
According to police, the accused, Vinod Patel of Nadiad and his accomplice, Girish Soni, had been enticing gullible persons into donating their kidneys for huge amount of money, since 2002….. The city police's crime branch arrested the two on Thursday after being tipped off by one of the victims, Suresh Patel of Ahmedabad.

Tamil Nadu kidney racket may be catering to foreigners Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CHENNAI: The investigation into the kidney rackets in Tamil Nadu, which has of late been targeting tsunami victims of Chennai (DNA, Jan 15), has stumbled upon another probability of a large number of ‘donated’ kidneys being illegally transplanted in foreigners.

Kingpin in kidney racket arrested 3rd September 2007
BANGALORE: Finally, kidney racket kingpin Nagaraj alias Hotte Nagaraj (45) is in the police net. The Central Crime Branch (CCB) police on Saturday arrested Nagaraj, who was behind a kidney transplantation racket that was busted by the Nelamangala police on August 13.

Kidney racket: Punjab med college head sacked Friday, September 21, 2007

CHANDIGARH: The principal of Government Medical College, Amritsar, was suspended on Wednesday for allegedly removing the kidney of a child during a prostrate surgery in the institution's hospital.

International kidney racket busted, Chennai doc held Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mumbai/ Chennai, Oct 10: With the arrest of a Chennai-based nephrologist, the Mumbai Police claimed to have unearthed a kidney transplant racket that lured poor people from across India and at least three other countries to donate their kidneys on the promise of large sums of money.

These snippets cover different parts of the country and are of different dates – West Bengal August-2003, Gujarat 20/1/2007, Tamil Nadu 23/1/2007, Bangalore 3/9/2007, Chandigarh 21/9/2007 and Chennai 11/10/2007. Obviously, this racket is quite old and lucrative enough for those who are involved in running the show. The administration cannot pretend ignorance; it should step in to contain this menace with a firm hand.

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By Drdavehanks• 4 months 5 days ago.


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By Cornellian• 10 years 10 months ago.

And let's not forget the organ stealing of executed prisoners in China.

I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong -Garfield

By dragonfly212• 10 years 10 months ago.
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this is very sad fact. i guess the person that donate their organs really having financial problem and thats the only thing they can do. i watched the programs about this few months back and get me into tears. so sad sad life... what make it more sad was they are some people take advantage of the situation. lets say the kidney price in market around 10000 USD but the person who donate it only got 1000rupee. something like that.. very sad fact of life.

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

By stealth• 10 years 10 months ago.

why dont you forward this to Dr. Ramadoss?

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