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Agrawal family visits Varanasi to get a new idol of prabhu Ram, unfortunately parvati falls into a river and is about to drown when a man saves her life, who is non other than Om. He doesn't recognise her, as he has lost his memory and is now known as Rishabh, husband to Rishika Rai Choudhury.

Parvati is happy to see that her OM is alive, but soon gets to know that he has a family and is married to her best friend Rishika. She decides to stay away from him. But destiny had other plans… OM and Parvati keep meeting each other by coincidences and OM realises that he shares a strong bond with Parvati.

Rishika who loves rishabh a lot, is always under a fear that OM may recollect his memory and hence gives him tablets to ensure that he never recollects his past. Parvati gets to know about this and is worried about OM, as these tablets can have a negative effect on his health. She decides to get Om back to Agarwal house and challenges Rishika that she will remind OM about his past life.

When Parvati is caught in a fire, she refuses to come out and says that she believes that Om shall recollect his memory if he sees her life in danger. And her belief comes true, as Om recollects his past and returns to his Parvati and the family. Finally once again, Agrawal Parivar gets completed by having their son back into the house.


Maithili: Maithili is the Bahu of Agrawal house. She was married to Pranay, Parvati's grandson. But Pranay's violent behavior towards her has forced to stand against him and send him to jail. Maithili is in love with Adi now but because of her marriage with Pranay she can't be with Adi.

Adi: Adi is Suyesh Mehra's grandson and son of Shikhar and Mayuri. He has got loads of attitude but at the same time he is also a very loving and doting son and a grandson. Adi loves Maithili, Pranay's wife, but due to certain circumstances he ends up marrying Garima, Rishika and OM's daughter.

Chaya: Chaya is the daughter of Agrawal house. She is married to Vikram but these she is back in Agrawal house. Her prima-facie agenda appears to demean Parvati in each and everything she does but in reality she has a hidden agenda which know one knows about.

Parvati: Parvati is an ideal woman. A caring Bhabhi and a loving grandmother. Parvati struggled hard to get OM's memory back and finally she got successful. Now, once again she has managed to get the happiness back in Agrawal house by getting OM back.

Chotu: Chotu is Gayatri's son and the actual grandson of Parvati. Some unknown event from his past has made him loose his mental balance. Due to this he now behaves like a 7 year old child. Chotu gets married to Gauri by mistake but Gauri takes this as her fate and carries on with the marriage.

Gauri: Gauri is Chotu's wife. She gets married to Chotu by mistake but she takes this as her fate and carries on with the marriage. She has also pledged to help Chotu get his memory back and till now has been decently successful in her endeavor.

Pranay: Pranay is son of Shruti and Sameer. An ideal and doting son who respects his parents and is a loving and caring elder brother. Every one in the family likes him. Pranay gets married to Maithili. He turns negative when he comes to know that Shruti is actually not his mother but that he is the son of Sonu and Varun. He feels that his entire identity has been wiped out and he blames Shruti, Sonu and Parvati. He also leaves Maithili, his wife, and gets closer to Malishka in order to hurt Shruti.

Pragati: Pragati is Gun and Krishna's daughter. She is very timid and studious. A very sweet and a lovable daughter. Pragati is very close to Parvati and takes her as her ideal. She aspired to be a lawyer and was encouraged by Parvati or Janki Devi. Parvati gets Pragati married to her love Ankit.

Suyash Mehra: Suyash was accused by Parvati of being Om's killer. He loves Parvati. He is a positive man and the driving force behind Parvati's come back as Janki Devi. He had sent Narayani Devi to help Parvati take her revenge.

Rajeshwari: Suyesh Mehra's first wife. She is a very good friend of Trishna and also her partner in crime. She is also responsible for Krishna's death.

Shruti: Om and Parvati's daughter. She was against Parvati and used to hate her as she believed her to be the killer of her father, Om. But later she realized her mistake and joined hands with Parvati and together they had plotted to put Trishna behind the bars.

Episode #1509: Chotu gets hysterical seeing Shivangi's body lying on the floor in front o him. But soon he realizes that all the family members are there and again starts to act like a mad person. But this is noticed by Parvati. She starts to suspect that Chotu is not mad.

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By gypsy gal• 10 years 2 months ago.
gypsy gal

No one is interested to know this crap.

By anonymous• 10 years 2 months ago.

is quiet a phenomenon isn't it?

I don't watch it now, but I was forced to for a short while when my wife was following it

Man! the twists and turns are crazy

and one could say it redefined sattelite TV in India

By eternity• 10 years 2 months ago.

r u retarded?

By anonymous• 10 years 2 months ago.

quite agree with you here.

By dreamz• 10 years 2 months ago.

Its not khani ghar ghar ki..."ITS PARASHANI US GHAR KI"..!!

By dweller• 10 years 2 months ago.

worthless post

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