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Karwa bus fares ‘subsidised’

By dxlxndr

The bus fare of QR2 paid by the passengers who travel by the Karwa buses is actually costing QR8. The company subsidies the balance amount of QR6 and provides the best possible means of public transport in the entire Middle East  region, said  the  vice-chairman  and general  manager of Mowasalat company, Jassim Saif al-Sulaiti in an interview to a local Arabic daily.
According to al-Sulaiti, about 90,000 persons travel by Karwa buses everyday. We began our operations with a strength of 1,200 staff and the number has gradually increased to 6,800.
We are studying the feasibility of increasing the number of vehicles in our fleet of taxis. A firm specializing in such feasibility studies has been entrusted with this task. One should understand that increasing the number of vehicles is possible only if it is economically viable. 
We understand the frustration experienced by the public waiting for taxis. This is a universal phenomenon and it cannot be solved by the numerical increase in vehicles.
The public are advised not to avail unauthorized vehicles being used as taxis.
He said shaded bus stands will be in place within a few weeks.
Karwa buses are manufactured by a factory in China with exclusive features and Karwa is an exclusive brand name. The engines for these buses are made in Germany and the body is built in China.

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By ivan21• 10 years 3 months ago.

I suggest that they improve the ventilation in these buses......I hope you get the reason why I don't ride these buses. Thanks.

By jasminejasmine• 10 years 3 months ago.

Dukhan to Doha takes 1 hour 20 mins to Hamad in the car, takes 1 hour 30 mins on the bus but then most of the route is straight. I admit I have never tried to use the bus to cross town and appreciate that it may be less straightforward than my trip. Speaking of which, just off to catch the bus, JJ

By anonymous• 10 years 3 months ago.

But 4 hours to travel a route I could do by car in 90minutes (not going over the speed limit ) and that too in peak hour.


By Car

Al Khor to Qatar University 45 minute.

Qatar University to Muntaza (at peak hours) 45 minutes. 

By jasminejasmine• 10 years 3 months ago.

Agreed about petrol being expensive in the UK. My work is not near the Hamad and I also have to cross the dreadful Rayyan Road thus risking being run over and always get shouted at by drivers passing by. I would still use this service if they charged me qr20. I know that pedestrian crossings is a much discussed topic here but I would like to say that I would walk more often if I wasn't terrified of crossing. Sometimes I get a Taxi just to take me to the other side of the road. I'm glad you agree about the drivers, they are so nice. I guess the point I was trying to make more than anything was that women should be able to travel safely, especially if the bus stops were made safer.

By tallg• 10 years 3 months ago.

Don't get started on the cost of petrol being the determining factor in the cost of public transport again jackmohan!!! ;-)

But I agree the bus routes need expanding before they're truly useful. Great if the stops are near your start and end points, but useless otherwise. Or some other form of public transport needs to be introduced (like the much talked about tram/monorail).


By anonymous• 10 years 3 months ago.

jasminejasmine ...Karwa.


In UK the cost was = QR45 because the cost of Petrol is almost 10 times. If petrol is 10 times costly in UK then the service is cheaper as according to karwa the cost here is subsidised a 4th. (So acording to Karwa the cost to Dukhan  should be QR20).


Here you get a seat because the bus is not usually crowded at the Busstation. There are a couple of seats for women. If you were to get in a jampacked bus (try 102X to Al Khor) you too would get pressed up against unless you are seated. 


The Drivers are kind agreed. 


You use the bus because the bus station/stop is near your house and so also it is near your office.


Try comming from Dukhan to CityCentre (or Industrial Area or some other destination which requires a change of bus) and time your self. Once I travelled from Al Khor to Munthaza Signal in 4Hours.(and the bus was not takes that much time if you were to change buses and travel in some other direction). 


By jasminejasmine• 10 years 3 months ago.

I salute Karwa. They are efficient and offer good value for money. I am a western female and I use the bus all the time and travel all the way to Dukhan, day and night according to my work and have been doing this for about a year with no problem. The drivers are really kind and always make sure they can see me. I have just been to the UK and took a bus for 2 miles, the driver was rude, the bus was dirty and I had to stand with someone pressed up against me. The bus was running late and the cost was the equivilent to 45 qr one way.  The only safety issue I have here is the men trying to hassle me when I am waiting at the Hamad at night. They should have a proper bus shelter, clearly lit with cctv and regular security patrols. The drivers will not let you be afraid, they are too protective. I understand that the bus is not for lots of people and that's fine, I am just saying that it is not all bad.

By dragonfly212• 10 years 3 months ago.

i dont take karwa bus, too afraid to get inside and have no reason to be in it. thanks for the taxi and limo.


Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

By anonymous• 10 years 3 months ago.

What subsidy....all BS..


If the cost of travel of one person inside Doha is QR 8, and a bus carry approx. 70 people....QR8x70 = QR560. .


If Karwa means to say ONE Trip from Bus Station To say CityCentre and Back = QR560 they should shut down immediately and hand it over to some other experienced Bus Operators. 


Karwa should have one more Bus Station near Hamad Hospital where all busses could converge so as people dont have to go all the way to the BusStation to change buses. Also it would be good for people comming & going  from the Hospital who do not have service of a Car/Driver.

By syamsat• 10 years 3 months ago.


If they don't provide the subsidized fares to the daily workers,(who will get 650 QR per month), will not save any money in this country and Qatar may not be a lucrative place for them, which will slow down the Qatar's aggressive infrastructure growth plans.


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