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Olympic Comm to announce 2020 finalists today

By shabina921

Five cities, including Doha, are waiting with bated breath today to hear what the International Olympic Committee is calling “the most difficult decision we have ever had to take with regard to a shortlist.”

Analysts are predicting that Baku and Doha are most likely to get cut as the IOC narrows down the list of five cities contending to be hosts of the 2020 Olympics.

Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid are expected to escape the firing line, reports state...

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Fingers crossed!

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By drsam• 6 years 2 days ago.

the salt lake incident... wasn't mitt romney (the republican running for president) the head of the utah olympic bidding side?

By anonymous• 6 years 3 days ago.

I am a little surprised and yes if I was allowed to gamble I would have lost my money. The IOC must have really cleaned up their act since the Salt Lake City incident.

By Raven1968• 6 years 3 days ago.

I guess you lost your money then mozaismyhero. If the comp is weak and Doha was outed at the first vote then Doha's bid must have been worse than WEAK.

By wargame1• 6 years 3 days ago.

Sorry all..

By drsam• 6 years 4 days ago.

my money on instambul

By anonymous• 6 years 4 days ago.
Rating: 2/5

My money (and lots of Qatar's money) is on Doha winning. The competition is weak.

By martian_keanu• 6 years 4 days ago.

blue how come?

By blue_rose• 6 years 4 days ago.

i hope doha will not get 2020.

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