By Stiffler

In another case of cyber crime that brings Orkut into focus, an engineer was arrested for posting on the website the name and telephone number of his neighbour.
A housewife from Bandra in Mumbai's western suburb is the latest victim to what she calls cyber evil.
Lisa Ferrera was shocked to see her phone number on Orkut, describing her as a commercial sex worker and the person who posted this profile was her neighbour Mohammed Ali.
''We had a dispute about a plot and this is what he did. I am mentally harassed,'' said Lisa.
After Lisa and her husband filed a complaint, Ali was arrested and is currently under police custody.
However, this is only the latest in a series of cyber crimes - small and major - that has kept the newly formed cyber cell of Mumbai police busy.

Just last month, a man in Mahim was arrested for posting his neighbour's profile on Orkut.
And in August 2007, young Adan Patrawala was kidnapped and killed by a man he befriended online. It was a high profile case that led the Mumbai police to speak with Google tighten their act.
But police say this form of new age crime, committed by white collared professionals, is not only steadily on the rise but also difficult to detect and stop

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By najd_san• 9 years 11 months ago.
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     its so sickening the way pople are turning to the internet to fight their battles.  i really feel internet sites like orkut should be dismantled.  more and more people are glued  to the net nowadays making out or whatever they do on these sites.  Instead of going out and making real friends and meet real people they prefer  interacting with somebodys aliases on the net. Sad what the world is coming to. we will soon face a generation of introverts. 

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