QL visits a restaurant that houses $2m worth of Art

By QL Team

QL found a hidden gem yesterday!  We checked out the insanely cool Anima Lounge on The Pearl.  The food is uber high quality and the menu was designed by a nutritionist, whom we met!


This place has mega atmosphere, to the chic sitting area by the sea, to the white fresh interiors speckled with spectacular art. 

Some of their pieces range up to $1 million dollars in price.

All of their pieces have character.  Not being the biggest art enthusiast on the planet, art needs to be fantastic to capture my attention.  And here, it certainly did!


They had art from local, regional, and international artists. 

Now, the best part... well depending on who are you - the food!

It was SO good. Like high quality, flavourful good. Each dish was delicious.  Time, thought, and passion went into this place.  

They use kale, gluten free products, and tons of Quinoa.  They make sure their dishes pack both flavor and nutrition. 

Personal favorites where the Quinoa salad with Feta cheese and this amazing green ice cream dessert.  The salmon was also great, not the rubbery fishy-smelling stuff you can often find in restaurants in Doha. Oh and the quinoa falafel - was one of the best "falafels" we had in Qatar. 

This place is an experience, you must check it out at least once.  

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By abdullah farhaan• 1 year 7 months ago.
abdullah farhaan

Need to chk the price list first on zomato!!!

By Rizks• 1 year 7 months ago.

Drooling Mode !

By muad-db• 1 year 7 months ago.

Everything looks so tasty .. Will try at the weekend

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