QL's top 7 picks of the week - 7th January, 2018

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Every Sunday, the Qatar Living content team will share their personal recommendations for everything from apps to films and brunches this week in Qatar. As a multinational group, there's a diversity of choices and preference that we hope will cater to everybody.

Jorge GrandaHead of Content

1. Dining at Doha Festival City

For this week, my pick is some of the new outlets at Doha Festival City, primarily for the wide range of dining options at this mall.

Some of the new outlets include the popular Italian concept 800 DEGREES NEAPOLITAN PIZZERIA and Aimee’s Café, that serves a selection of mouth-watering light bites such as Fried Shrimp Tacos as well as the heartier dishes, including Braised Short Rib and Macaroni Cheese.

I also recommend trying Café Coco that is a whimsical Café, restaurant, and patisserie, offering world-class innovative artisan cuisine.

If you like burgers, then Five Guys is for you. If you are into eating Italian food, shopping and learn about high-quality Italian food and culture, then Eataly will not disappoint you. Doha Festival City is home to the largest Monoprix Hypermarket outlet worldwide, therefore you will find there any product you wish for.

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Mohamed NoorManaging Editor

2. Karting at Losail Circuit

You probably didn't know that Losail Circuit opened up their karting track for the winter (hence the recommendation). I have tried karting in Qatar at other places, but Losail by far offers the best adrenaline rush. The karts themselves are equipped with a 400cc engine so they are not really for beginners, but you may drive it slow (if you want).

I highly recommend you all try karting at Losail with your friends over the weekend and see who sets the best lap time. Let the loser buy dinner for the crew.

Price: QAR 125 per session (mask and helmet included)

Stay tuned for the next episode of QL Adventures as the QL team takes on the karting challenge at Losail Circuit!


Shaun MyburgDigital & Content Strategist

3. The Toys That Made Us (now on Netflix)

This four part series takes a look at some of the most iconic toy lines that collectors, such as myself, are still obsessed with today. There are currently just four episodes: Star Wars, GI JOE, Barbie and He Man and The Masters of The Universe. Each episode goes into fascinating detail about how each toy line got started, and why they remain as popular today as they were at the height of their sales. It's a nostalgic look for anyone who grew up in the 80s, but is highly recommended for anyone who collects pop culture. Bring on more episodes!


Jordan dela CruzVideo Producer

4. Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (1993)

 Written and illustrated by alternative comics legend Daniel Clowes, Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron is a noirish, surreal story about a man who goes in search of his ex-wife after he sees her in an “art film”. We follow our main character as he spirals down an unsettling urban wasteland: meeting bathroom-stall oracles, mutant waitresses, apocalypse cults, angry men with hairplugs, and dogs with secret messages tattooed on their skin. Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron is a dense, Freudian epic with a paranoid plot that burns into your brain - a nightmare told with absolute clarity.

 Read it if you liked David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986).


Waddah AdamVideo Producer

5. HQ Trivia

Trivia games and mobile apps are two of my favorite time wasting hobbies, and it just so happens the new game HQ Trivia gives you a chance to win real money while doing so.

In the game, you interact with a live host who asks you 12 general knowledge questions. Its immediate elimination if you get an answer wrong, and whoever makes it to the end gets a cut of the prize money.

So far I’ve only made it to the end once, the prize was $2000 split between 367 winners giving us 5 dollars each. Which means I won 5 dollars. I know it’s not much, but hey! It’s not the worst 15 minutes I've spent.

I definitely recommend you give this app a try.

Camille TindoganDigital Graphic Designer

6. Black Mirror

The fourth season of black mirror is out! For those who are fans already, I know you’re probably psyched, and for those not yet in the loop, you can expect an hour long episode tailspin of stories with each episode having its own different flavour and story.

It’s a pretty cool series, with many of the episodes revolving around the theme of sci-fi and how technology is taking hold of society. Some possible and impossible technologies are featured, that make you think about the progression of technology and how the promise of a brighter future using these technologies can have exceptionally negative or positive outcomes depending on the habits and choices of the people who use them.

Mariam MahsudCreative Content Producer

7. The Patience Stone (2012)

 In a war-torn city, a woman (Golshifteh Farahani) confesses her dreams, desires and secrets to her comatose husband, and in doing so relieves her suffering and sets herself free.

The Patience Stone is a French-Afghan war drama directed by Atiq Rahimi, based on his 2008 novel of the same title.

For those of you that don't mind subtitles, are curious about Afghanistan, and just appreciate a good story, this is a lovely, complete and thoughtful film. 


Let us know in the comments below if you liked our picks for this week. Have a great week ahead and do try some of our recommendations.


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