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QRC Series drag racing event from today

By r7

THE first round of the Qatar Race Club (QRC) Series drag racing event will be held at the QRC drag racing track in Industrial Area from today.
As many as nine events, Pro Mod, Pro Bike, Super Street Bike, Street Bike, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Super Street 8c, Super Street 6c and 750 Index in the cars and bikes sections will be held during the two-day event.
Teams from Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will be seen in action in the event which is also the fourth round of the Arabian Drag Racing League.
While Qatar's Al Anabi Racing team which dominated the opening two rounds will start as favourites in the cars competition, teams from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are expected to perform well in the bikes section. The third round of the league was cancelled.
The event also features teams like Popey Racing (Bahrain), Q8 and STS (Kuwait) and Top Speed. UAE's Fazza team is however yet to arrive for the event.
Von Smith in a Chevrolet 57 along with Howard Moon will spearhead the challenge of Qatar's Al Anabi Racing Team in the quarter mile racing event.
"The main aim of organising the event for the first time is due to the initiative of HH Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani to promote the sport not only among the Qatari community but also in the Middle East," event coordinator Nick Cheliotis told Gulf Times yesterday.
"The QRC would also shortly commence a Drag Racing School to impart training to newcomers to the sport," he added.
Cheliotis also revealed that the stands could accommodate a crowd of around 5000. "There have been lots of enquiries about the event and I expect a big turnout," he said.
While the cars category will see Corvette, Camaro SS, Chevrolet 57 and Mustang vehicles in action, the bikes section will see Hayabusa skeletons set the pace on the track.
Today, two rounds of qualifying action are scheduled to be held at 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm and this will be followed by the third round qualifying and elimination races from 3.00pm tomorrow.


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By newkidontheblock• 9 years 3 months ago.

its free pass according to the Security Guard there.

By hash_f430• 9 years 3 months ago.

were are the tickets sold..and how much??

By newkidontheblock• 9 years 3 months ago.

I went to QRC this morning at 10am knowing its a whole day event. According to the Security Guard in the VIP & Family Entrance, it will start at 5pm today. Fyi

By The Bandi• 9 years 3 months ago.
The Bandi

To all, click on the link for the location of QRC.

By britexpat• 9 years 3 months ago.

I take extreme umbrage at your comment, but will let it pass :)

Actually, I was thinking of taking the pink KIA to the track. I don't have the roll bars, but I have taped a couple of duvets and pillows in strategic areas around the car. The only problem is that at present teh car is not fitted with trailing rails to stop it from flipping over once the full power is applied..

By whaiQL• 9 years 3 months ago.

25°10'31"N 51°28'41"E

By r7• 9 years 3 months ago.

Thanks for the info..

By VTCenglish• 9 years 3 months ago.

Today it is an official Gulf drag racing event, however other weekends its possible to take any car there and pay so much and go on the drag strip iv heard

By SAMAEL• 9 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

In before Pink Kia Comments lol

Yeah you need to have a proper vehicle specs for stuff like this... Roll bars, one of those high tech anti-explosive mess you up fuel tanks, go faster stripes etc.

It's serious stuff


By QaQc• 9 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

R7 the drag strip is at Industrial Area - St.52

at the last street near mowasalat accommodation.


Quality dude! Quality!

By newkidontheblock• 9 years 3 months ago.

Im already in Industrial Area, maybe i can come. :D where is this venue will be held?

By anonymous• 9 years 3 months ago.

They dont even have a web they?

By r7• 9 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

From what i read i think its a Professional event not just for the souped up landcrusier's who cut u off in traffic :)

By Hu Wan• 9 years 3 months ago.
Hu Wan

speed maniacs out there! This is your chance to show your stuff, instead of endagering other drivers with your daredevil driving on the narrow streets of Doha!!

By r7• 9 years 3 months ago.

If any 1 knows the location of this place / track.. Let me know..

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