Ramadan Working hours

By dato

How many of you are going to work normal hours during ramadan month ?

my company just issued a memo stating that non-muslim shall work normal hours...

7am to 5pm

6 days a week...

I wonder can I report to Labour department ?

and Do i need to make a report or I just need to forward the MEMO ?

I scare I might get fired or the company might do something to me, if they found out i report themme

By shaiksohan0007• 19 Jun 2015 11:15
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Mine is 9am to 1pm

By happygolucky• 9 Jul 2013 13:17


even remotely anyone as you would appreciate not everyone would be as cool as you with others eating during this period. As for preparation of meal as I said I dont want to torture myself doing that and buying meal night before, I can only say I eat fresh food...things cooked in the morn I dont eat the same evening too and vice versa.

By happygolucky• 9 Jul 2013 13:17

SC while talking of averages I hope you understand that it is inclusive of samples on both extremes too. And yes I do take that break outside of Ramadan when I eat with my back at the doors or walk over to my collegues place for a discussion or instruction...I sure am not glued to the chair all 8 Hrs. at work and so can definitely sneak a break to eat something but then point is where do I get the food and with doors open how do I eat it. I am not comfortable in pantry with everything around when the law provides for me to have food properly before and after which I can manage quite easily due to curtailed timings like any other day and can at the same time avoid offending

By expatbjl2013• 9 Jul 2013 13:10

All change at mt company now 5am to 11am then 12 till 2pm.

By Super Cool• 9 Jul 2013 12:43
Super Cool


Basing it on my work environment...all our non-Muslim drivers are REQUIRED by company policy to take water breaks per a set schedule and depending on the weather in Ramadan….to avoid dehydration and even death!!!!..I personally see to it at times.

Personally I have gotten sick during Ramadan which meant I wasn't fasting...u better believe I ate and drank as normal...I was courteous, but I still did it…I think it all boils down to how courteous u r about it.

By Super Cool• 9 Jul 2013 12:33
Super Cool

@ gypsy gal

I AM a local...i don't think u eating in front of me has anything to do with my fasting...and I know that early muslims were a minority and lived among non-muslims....was not an issue for the founders of Islam, so it ain't an issue to me

Under the desk!!!It's one thing to eat in PUBLIC and another to eat at work...Public...ie streets, parks, malls, cars, buses etc

I urge u to ask ur employer if ur allowed to eat or not and I am POSITIVE that the answer will be yes

By gypsy gal• 9 Jul 2013 12:25
gypsy gal

Supercool...There are many locals who feel offended if non- muslims eat/drink in front of them during Ramadan. So hiding under the desk and eating is not an option where more than 50% staff are locals.

By Super Cool• 9 Jul 2013 12:10
Super Cool


Hmmmm I distinctly remember reading that the highest recorded average productivity of any nation on earth is rated at 6:15 hrs per an 8hr working day..so pardon me if I do not believe that ur working every second of every minute of 8 hrs so much so that u cannot afford a snack break away from ur desk!!! Especially since u had no problem doing it outside of Ramadan and so did Dato

Once again I repeat, u choose to not wake up early and prepare a meal to bring along...tho I personally fail to see why that meal cannot be prepared "or purchased" the night before!!! and u choose to not walk away from ur desk to have a meal...these r simple and easy choices and do not warrant the reduced hrs

By Super Cool• 9 Jul 2013 12:09
Super Cool

Besides......Having worked close to 20 yrs in my field I think I learned a thing or two about "working smart" and what ppl can or cannot do at work without jeopardizing their deadlines/milestones...I guess I earned the right to at least say a couple of words about that, but like u so eloquently said...that's not the point now

By Sulieman• 9 Jul 2013 08:35

HGL ,, Khalas

You deserve a Gold Card, this card allows you to eat and drink in the Elevator :O)

But really i agree with you

By happygolucky• 9 Jul 2013 08:23

SC...after putting in so many years and the best at my job in the market I guess none tells me how to work smart but instead learns from me how to work smart, but that isnt the point..:)

As for not eating by choice, not true..if I cannot get food I have no other choice but not to eat. The boys cannot go and pick food. I am not sure how you advice to leave my work and go to pick food. Being a professional I don't or wouldn't do that. And neither do I intend to torture myself early in the morn to prepare and bring food to office when the law allows me to have shortened hours. As for dato, even if he can arrange food how does he eat in the open at work as he doesnt have a room to himself.

By Super Cool• 9 Jul 2013 08:05
Super Cool


then ur not eating by choice, u were not forced nor obligated to miss ur meals...I've had colleagues who had ur issue and they usually have their meals at the pantry/kitchenette...point is, u may eat if u really want to...but I sense u want to sacrifice ur meal as a trade off for shortened hours...I don’t think it works that way...fasting is a religious custom...not a sport...one more thing, not questioning ur method but they always say, work smart not hard.

In any case aside from bringing food from home u may also head to any nearby hotel in doha....hotel restaurants continue to serve during the day....same advice goes to Dato as well.

By kkforever young• 8 Jul 2013 15:44
kkforever young

It is stupid to make comments about suicide.

By dato• 8 Jul 2013 15:29

not everyone has a room to sit...

i sit in an open space... can i eat ?

By happygolucky• 8 Jul 2013 14:17
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SC..I dont know what others do but for me I get my food from outside and that is not possible during Ramadan and their are a few others who are just like me. So we end up fasting. And myself being involved in so many things at any given point of time at work closing the doors is next to impossible...so basically I am without food, water, tea/ coffe during all those days. On working days too I eat my snacks or whatever with doors open just that I turn my back towards the door. No qualms though for staying without food, water and tea/coffee as I can manage with curtailed working hours. BTW I am told that the company I work for is also THE largest company in Qatar....:)

By dato• 8 Jul 2013 14:12

there wont be restaurant open for lunch... where to eat ?

By GodFather.• 8 Jul 2013 13:53

HGL I agree SC is right on that one! You just close your door and eat and drink inside!

By Super Cool• 8 Jul 2013 13:51
Super Cool

All my non Muslim colleagues bring their lunches as usual and all of them have their snacks in between...nothing out of the ordinary

By Super Cool• 8 Jul 2013 13:50
Super Cool


Who told u that ppl who r not fasting are not allowed to eat, drink, etc!!??

I work for THE largest company in Qatar and all non-fasting employees maintain their normal habits eating, drinking, have coffee or whatever else they normally do in fact teaboys continue to do their normal route while just skipping the offices of those fasting this has been goin on under my nose for more than 17 yrs!!!

I think ur mistaking! either that or u somebody misinformed u, doin these things "in public" is not allowed ie public service locations, roads, parks, etc All hotels continue to serve food throughout the day as usual we made it mandatory for laborers to take water and food breaks

By happygolucky• 8 Jul 2013 13:38
Rating: 2/5

SC...the people who arent fasting are in fact also fasting cos they cant have food while at work. And then the Labor Law needs to be amended and say so for the non fasting people. Why say something and then practise something else? And if the non fasting guys need to be handled differently i.e. they must work, then they be allowed to do what they normally do...eat, drink and do whatever and wherever they have been doing on other days...sounds logical, isnt it?

By Super Cool• 8 Jul 2013 13:04
Super Cool


If ur not Muslim...ur not fasting....ur not hungry....ur not thirsty...and Ramadan is just another lunar month to u....WHAT DO U NEED THE SHORTENED HOURS FOR!!???

I've read this slogan before about ppl who park in handicapped spots "take my disability and I'll give u my spot"...likewise I say....u endure what I have to endure....and u can GLADY work similar hours!!!

By Sulieman• 8 Jul 2013 12:52

ehumann,, If somebody listened to what i said, he might need really to commit suicide

By alex brod• 8 Jul 2013 10:28
Rating: 4/5
alex brod

At gebacy , ive read that one , but still its prerogative of the companies, in our we arrange muslim and non muslims , separate time schedules, usually muslim take the six hours , for non take the normal working hours , in a cooler time frame.

By friend_shaiju• 8 Jul 2013 10:12

i was wondering, during Ramadan why our company has 30 minute break policy...

By dato• 8 Jul 2013 10:01

its stated in qatar law...

By javvad_naveed• 8 Jul 2013 10:00

Unfortunately most of the companies are not complying with the labor law's...

Even some of the companies still dont know about the Ramadan Timings...

By ehumann• 8 Jul 2013 09:32

@sulieman, don't tell people to do bad things when someone needed your advice..

@dato, try to call labour dept. to confirm...

By gebasy• 8 Jul 2013 09:18
Rating: 5/5

you company and all other company should stick to the country loww rols and it say " in ramadan the work our should be 6 hours/day only

alex brod you have to read about Labor Law in Qatar

there you are

((• Article 35

1 - may not exceed the normal working hours to eight hours a day and forty-eight hours per week for adult workers. With the exception of the month of Ramadan, where shall not exceed the normal working hours for six hours a day and thirty-six hours per week. For shift workers may not exceed the normal working hours to eight hours a day with the exception of the month of Ramadan where they may not increase working hours to six hours a day.))

Read more Know more

By galloper48• 8 Jul 2013 09:17
Rating: 2/5

8am - 4pm


By Omais2657• 8 Jul 2013 09:06

8.30 - 1.30 :)

By Khanan• 8 Jul 2013 09:04

just got the official memo...

as usual few hours before Ramadan start

By Sulieman• 8 Jul 2013 08:54

Poor you, I think you have to Commit Suicide :/

By ms.oliveoyl• 8 Jul 2013 08:52
Rating: 2/5

@Alex Brod- It might not be in his contract but it is in Qatar Labour Law. (Chapter 6 Section 35)!

By javvad_naveed• 8 Jul 2013 08:50

If you are fasting, try to speak with them to about timings......

By Molten Metal• 8 Jul 2013 08:38
Rating: 2/5
Molten Metal

your best friend at work / good colleague to report it , you just watch him / her from behind ...

By susuknott• 8 Jul 2013 08:16
Rating: 5/5

Our working hours >> 6:30 to 11:30 a.m.

By alex brod• 8 Jul 2013 08:06
alex brod

I.e. Your company make the rules you should follow it , where you would complain to whom?... Is in your contract said during holy month of ramadan will reduce your timing or had fixed timing ? None...

By expatbjl2013• 8 Jul 2013 07:50
Rating: 4/5

Our timings 6-12 then 1-3pm ie 8 hours which complies with the labor law 6 hours plus 2 OT

By knor• 8 Jul 2013 07:48
Rating: 5/5

to bad for you that you ended up on that company....just enjoy your daily normal hours of work there. anyway you've been here to work....not for their ramadan's shortened time.

in our company...it's 8-2:30 timings.

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