Role of teachers in personality grooming

By rashid01

What is the role of teachers on personality grooming? Do we really utilize the potential of the teachers?

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By anonymous• 9 years 1 month ago.

so true!

My thoughts are my own, but I doubt my Mum would agree with some of them.

By anonymous• 9 years 1 month ago.

The first "agents of socialization" are the parents. If they fail it is hard to correct it. In this society the parents fail. They delegate their responsibility to maids and teachers. An awful mistake.

By shoeaddict• 9 years 1 month ago.

a question-is teaching good grooming part of their curriculum here?

By anonymous• 9 years 1 month ago.

The problem I see is this.

There is very limited discipline at home.

Teachers driven by the PC lot are not allowed to discipline.

So who actually now shows these kids right from wrong?

We have lost the plot. Parents as well as teachers.

We try as parents to discipline then teachers interfere.

And as a teacher, we try to discipline and then parents interfere. There seems to be no common ground at all.

We need to go back to old fashioned values. Discipline, manners and respect.

My thoughts are my own, but I doubt my Mum would agree with some of them.

By ghazalz• 9 years 1 month ago.

No doubt a teacher is an important person behind a child's grooming, but the role of parents also should not be forgotten.

Teachers are responsible to educate them first, they also groom a child's personality on the side.

I must say the atmosphere at home counts a lot in shaping his personality. He learns what he sees at home, a child is a true reflection of his parent...

By britexpat• 9 years 1 month ago.

Teachers can be a great influence on how a child develops and the values he learns. However, IMHO, the teachers of today don't really make an effort to be role models. In addition, too many parents absolve themselves of the responsibilities of "grooming" their children properly, by putting the onus on teachers and schools.

By Formatted Soul• 9 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 2/5
Formatted Soul

There is a tendency for small children to get more influenced by teachers than parents. Some times if a teacher teaches them something wrong they are not ready to accept what we are saying is right.

I agree that a good teachers play an important role in moulding a child’s character...they become the role models for some children. Unfortunately like our times such teachers are not very common these days.

By ngourlay• 9 years 1 month ago.

"Grooming" has specific connotations in the UK at the moment that you certainly wouldn't want associated with teachers.

Schools and teachers are a compromise for parents who don't feel they have the knowledge, resources, or inclination to teach their kids themselves.

By anonymous• 9 years 1 month ago.

First of all Teachers have a lot of input in childrens lives.

We all remember the good and the bad.

However, as we all know, or should know, teaching begins at home, or should do.

Teachers are paid to educate. Parents are here to nurture chuldren.

Teachers can make a difference but responsibilty is with the parents.

By FranElizabeth• 9 years 1 month ago.

I really didn't think that you were being disrespectful.. really! (That's usually MY job to sound like I am being so:)

I just get a bit tired when these newfangled terms come into play when most of us worth our salt do it anyway, out of genuine love of what we do. I get so pissed with people who get bogged down with gov't initiatives and where money is being pushed.

The above comments are so right, as was yours. Teachers sometimes forget that a comment on a workbook or a lack of praise can affect a child their whole life. Don't get me wrong.. I have my own moments of being unreasonable and grumpy but I hope that the kids I teach know that it's my fault and not theirs. Unless ofcourse, it IS theirs:)

uk import, quality comment. I'm lucky here with the kids I teach. It hasn't always been the case. Being positive with a kid who has parents who don't give a toss and pass the buck onto the teachers whilst being openly negative and pig headed.. is like trying to use a chocolate ashtray. I KNOW that was a run on sentence but it's late:)

It doesn't matter that I can't write as an English teacher, anyway..Who cares about educating the kids anymore.. aren't we just there to 'groom' them? :O

By Eagley• 9 years 1 month ago.

I did. I am what I am today because of my teachers.

Not necessarily the ones in the teaching profession only but many others who were willing to spare whatever part of their precious time to talk, guide and share their knowledge and experiences with me. I don't blindly accept everything I hear but with my gathered information, I decide what's applicable to my own life. I was an average student but got just a little bit smarter with smarter friends.

Oh and re the friends who were willing to impart their knowledge, I still prefer teachers for their patience but even my banker friends help - they fire me for asking stupid questions but have pity on poor old blur me and eventually answer. They understand (eventually) that I did all I possibly could to find my way around FRICT and CAPM, etc and only asked them as a last resort.

/You wouldn't believe that huge nightmare for a non-quantitative thinker! I remember the experience of overcoming an impossibility .. but that's all I remember.


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

By mr_listener• 9 years 1 month ago.

FranElizabeth,,, i didnt mean to be disrespectful but the question 'What is the role of teachers on personality grooming?' guess a teacher can give the best answer as to how.. for me as i said i'm very thankful to my teachers for their guidance and wise words and yes the punishments too :) ..

By uk import• 9 years 1 month ago.
uk import

it is the job of the parents-the responsibility for raising good citizens begins and ends with them and their extended family.

Teachers teach and ideally support social behaviour started at home but unfortunately it is not an ideal world we live in today so acceptable behaviour and ettiquette has to be taught by external agencies!

How sad!

By FranElizabeth• 9 years 1 month ago.

Is this another newly coined phrase/ initiative? It sounds very American to me?

Isn't that why we become teachers? (Well, those of us not simply doing it for the long holidays..)

By mr_listener• 9 years 1 month ago.

Well Sir u being a teacher can shed better light on this subject.

for me i'm really thankful to all my teachers for helping me in being who and whatever i'm now.. i wasnt really a bright/outstanding student but i did respect them and still remember almost all of my teachers till date.

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