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Royal Falcon Travel and Tours - fraudulent travel agency?

By Frechdax

I'm sharing this story in the hopes of reaching others who might fall victim to this Royal Falcon Travel and Tours.

Here's our story:

We first met these guys at the Qatar National Convention Center during the Qatar International Book Fair. They had a small desk inside the convention hall, with no signs to identify themselves as a travel agency. A sales guy from this Royal Falcon approached me and my family and said they've just opened their branch here in Qatar (apparently they also have one in Dubai) and that they are offering promotions. Sales guy said we are entitled to 3D2N hotel voucher but can only get it by attending an 'orientation' at their office. A day before the 'orientation,' someone from the travel agency called me to confirm our attendance. Then they called again on the day of orientation itself, again to confirm that we will surely attend.

Their office looked decent, with a professionally-made signage at the door. At the 'orientation' we saw several other families who are being attended to by the sales guys of Royal Falcon. The sales guy assigned to us was very friendly & accommodating, making small talk at first by asking where we are from, salary bracket, etc. We actually only wanted to get the voucher but sales guy said it will be given at the end of orientation. Then he got a file folder containing countries and cities from which we can choose to travel to. After a lot of sales talk of how much we'll save if we book with them, they wanted to have QR60k which will be paid in installment for 3 years, with a down payment of QR20k on the spot. When he saw the look on my face regarding the figures they want to have, he asked me about how much I would estimately spend on a yearly vacation. He then reduced the total price to QR40k paid in installment, saying it is a 'one-time offer.' All this with nothing to back up his estimations of the travel itineraries. Obviously, I said no and told him I would need to sleep on something which requires me to shell out so much money (but actually at this moment I already felt skeptical and unconvinced of how they are marketing their so-called 'promotion'). All the while we were talking, the sales guykept looking over my shoulder at a man who was sitting on the other end of the room (whom we believe might be his boss). In the end, I said we cannot plan so far ahead for vacations which may or may not happen. Sales guy then resigned to the fact that they will not get anything from us because I made it clear that we won't spend that much money in one go for future vacations that we're not even sure we can do, so he gave us the hotel voucher which entitles us to a 4 or 5 star hotel in Dubai, with three weeks pre-booking.

A few months after, we wanted to arrange our Dubai trip with the hotel voucher they gave us. So we went to their office and sales guy (different one from the orientation) asked to hand over the voucher to him, then he asked for my email and phone number, saying that he will email me the next day with the hotel options in Marina Bay. However, he said that we need to pay QR760 for the 3D2N dinners we will have at the hotel. I said no, because we want to eat outside the hotel & that QR760 is too much for dinners on a 3D2N stay. In the end, he said he'll get back to us via email about the hotel options. A week has passed, but I haven't heard from the sales guy so I called their office. The sales guy then said he'll send me the email the next day, but three days later still nothing. By the look of things, I don't think we will get this 'free' 3D2N stay. But then again, we are glad to have been smart enough to see through their fraudulent scheme. 


Anyone else encountered this Royal Falcon Travel and Tours?

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By mahmedshahzad• 3 months 1 week ago.

I faced similar issue. I have contacted Consumer Affair department but initially they closed my two tickets without resolution. I visited Consumer Protection department to reopen the ticket. I would suggest you to contact Consumer Protection as well if you matter is not resolved yet.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

By RobWood59• 1 year 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for sharing. I know one family who used them and lost some money.

By ani_chy• 1 year 3 months ago.

On a very positive note, good job!!! you have used your own wits and decision making and got rid of a fraudulent offer. At the way of your description, I wouldn't even trust the 3D2N vouchers also given to you. Who knew, perhaps you could have ended up doing all the hotel payments yourself...thanks for the alert!

By Molten Metal• 1 year 3 months ago.
Molten Metal

You should have asked us before dealing with them, next time take care always share your plans to avoid tensions ............................

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