Shahry balance checking from iphone

By s_isale

Does anybody know how to check the Shahry balance from iphone other than calling 111. Qtel does have an app in java for doing the same. has anyone successfully installed the same app on iphone?

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By Premshanal• 3 years 10 months ago.

type BAL SPE and send to 114 u will get the shary pack balance details

By LOL.XD• 5 years 4 months ago.
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There is App Call Qtel or Qtel self service.

was using few months ago and its great for all Self services

By SameerBadruddin• 5 years 4 months ago.

Thanx for the help.

By Victory_278692• 7 years 7 months ago.

use eQtel website options to check the latest statement and updates!

By anonymous• 7 years 7 months ago.

Hi Friend88.

is there any similar app for iphone?

By Friendd88• 7 years 11 months ago.
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to check ur shahry balance by sms is to write in text message E*SY*VPB and send to the number 92558...else u can also download fantastic application by qtel which helps u to pay ur bills n view ur bill, view nojoom, view puk code, change services and many get that application u have to send an sms only...

app and send it to the number 92558 u will recive a link go to tht link n download the application it is free of charge to use anytime...if u dont have java u cant use this app.


By s_isale• 7 years 12 months ago.

that is for hala.

There is one for Shahry E*vp*b

This gives unknown error.

Qtel also sends a link to download some file. even that doesnt get downloaded onto iphone

By Victory_278692• 7 years 12 months ago.

Not sure but could try

*129# and wait for the reply message.

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