WATCH: Qatar National Library opens its doors

By QLNews

Qatar National Library is up, running and to the public at last! The beautiful structure, designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, is the first new national library to open anywhere in the world in this millennium. 

Book lovers in Qatar should get ready for a treat as the Qatar National Library’s (QNL) new state-of-the-art building is getting ready to throw open its doors on November 7.

While existing QNL members can pick up their membership cards now that the new building is open, those who have not yet registered can do so by presenting their Qatar ID.



Although the library is now open, a formal inauguration will be held only next year.

The Heritage Collection, located in the centre of the QNL building, includes rare and valuable texts and manuscripts related to Arabic and Islamic civilisation. In addition to Arabic manuscripts, historical maps and globes, scientific instruments and early photography, the collection also contains writings by travellers who explored the Arabian Gulf region over the centuries.

QNL also features a dedicated Children’s Library containing more than 150,000 books. Meanwhile, the Teen Collection includes more than 30,000 books.



Image credit: Marhaba Qatar 

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By SS166• 8 months 1 day ago.

Arabian Gulf?!!!!

Oh, you mean Persian Gulf.

Go to the library and read the history book, the old and the real ones!

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