Work Visa Refused for Single Female

By lullabelle

A friend has just had her work visa refused because of new rules in the labour department apparently clamping down on single females wishing to work in Qatar but they do not possess professional qualifications i.e. they are not an engineer or QS or architect etc.  It seems the issue is with the sponsorship area and as she is not married and not under any family sponsorship then she cannot get the visa needed to start work.  She has been offered a job and signed the acceptance letter but now this has come to light.  Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?  Any advice is welcomed.  Thanks :)

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By anonymous• 8 years 7 months ago.

It maybe officially a rule now but the authorities per se discourage single women anyways & have been doing so for a long see my friend,these guys are of the impression that single woman=sinful woman & that they will come here & "pollute their tradition & culture" hence,single,unmarried,woman...go elsewhere,this is Doha,"family only"...& it's enforced across the board,from immigration to mall entry on weekends...except the malls allow single women in(the few that somehow managed to get a work visa.)...

By Apple• 8 years 7 months ago.

had been in the same situation, unfortunately all administrative jobs are given to locals.

By ADaboul• 8 years 7 months ago.
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By artman• 9 years 10 months ago.

Hey guys, so in my friends case who will happen to go and work here as an interior designer would have no problem in getting her visa from an employer to the agency?

By lovinni• 9 years 11 months ago.

lullabelle, there are some cases that the immigrations denies the company for a request for visa. it can be they are controlling the people arriving in Doha, regardless of nationality. i have experienced it when i first arrived here. too many times the company applied working visa for me but they rejected it...


and there are several reasons why immigration denies request for visa...


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By Wahine• 9 years 11 months ago.
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A friend of mine is going through a similiar issue.  The interesting thing is that the company that have offered her a job are very reputable and well established in the middle east.  

They must be clamping down.  I

I have heard that if there is the word 'administration or administrator', etc in the job title, then it could potentially cause problems, as administrative roles tend to go to the Qataris.

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