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By samer_hashem2000

Dear ladies,
i want to share what happened with me which maybe most of you have experienced.
As a man, i could never understand how does it feel to be a female member in a dating site. actually i have never tried dating sites. coz i dont believe in it.
i just guess that people are not real in it.

i was invited by someone to make a membership in this dating site (BADOO.COM) , and i did, i realized that there is something like 2000 female members in it. first, i was so excited. tried to communicate with some of the ladies and noticed that non of them replies to my messages. then i wanted to to see how many competitors (other male members) were there, and WOW, i was really shocked when i saw that its something 10500 guys fighting on 2000 females.
i decided to delete my membership. and i did after 4 days being a BADOO member. :)
but the question was still there, why those couple of ladies didnt respond altough i was so polite and decent with them... ??
then i got an idea. i registered my self as a female member and uploaded a nice (not super nice) photo. and went again to the site and here comes the second shock.
in the 1st 3 hours, i recieved 70 messgaes from different guys, and before the end of the day, i recieved something like 3000 messgaes,it was more than i can read in a whole day.... (without even replying)... even i recieved a message from a guy how worked with me in the same .... and he is married and has 2 beautiful kids. i was really shocked. :-)

so yes i know know how does it feel now.

so poor ladies, is this what you face in dating sites ?

some times it makes me feel sorry to be one of those 10500 people who are competing on a 2000 females.

Shame on us men.

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By anonymous• 6 years 7 months ago.

Samer, in response to this:

"why those couple of ladies didnt respond altough i was so polite and decent with them... ??"

They were probably looking for a kinky bear. LOL!

By bullfroggg• 6 years 7 months ago.

i like badoo

By Chairboy• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Its a supply and demand world - there's a lot of h+rny d+cks out there ...............

By elie.absi• 7 years 3 months ago.

man are u trying to hook up :D?

By Deal_4_wHeel• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

most of them are the part of badoo management!!

By nomerci• 7 years 3 months ago.

oh dear.

By Soso Q• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5
Soso Q u feel wht we girls face it.....

we try to socialise in a good way, but it turns out we work as a service center, where we only read and reply the message.............feel like working in post office sometimes.....

By one_shot• 7 years 3 months ago.

that is why we recommend the "red hair " doll


By anonymous• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

I dont think that Badoo sucks... what alternatives do you have?

By SamyaUK• 8 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

LoL is all i can say... what do u expect?

By zhyiellha• 8 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

you people shouldn't believe on this kind of thing... HOw will you know the reliability/licit those people( ladies) who join on that dating sites?!! C'mon guys, wake up? this sounds pathetic really....and you sound funny too!!!


" Failure is Not an OPTION "


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