QL Team Spotlight: Azeem Khan

QL Team Spotlight: Azeem Khan

Qatar Living
By Qatar Living

Qatar Living is excited to shine a spotlight on its team of dedicated employees working hard to support the website’s growth and betterment.

Every month, we will speak to a member of our staff and share their journey at QL with our community.

Today the spotlight is on Azeem Khan, an Indian expatriate who works in the administrative department at Qatar Living.

Khan was raised in Qatar and is an IT Engineer by profession.

"I have been working here for almost 2.5 years. Qatar Living is very welcoming. We have a lot of youngsters here."

Speaking about the work environment at QL, Khan said, "what I like about working here is we have a well-behaved atmosphere. I met the staff of the same age group, so we share the same thoughts. Also, it is very flexible. We have rooms for games and all kinds of fun activities; we have BBQs and staff birthdays. It feels like home."

"Every day is a little different and that makes my work more enjoyable," he added.

When it comes to career growth and development Khan said, "I started my job with responsibilities in the administrative dept. We have two people in our team handling all the administrative duties, but now I am kind of developing out of the key admin roles to eventually handle the items and services section on our website, which will bring new opportunities and expand my skillset in a broader way."

Explaining his relationship with his manager he said, "My manager has been supporting me from day one since I came to QL until now I have been reporting to him he is not just my boss but my best friend at work."

"I can be completely transparent with him on all the issues related to my department, and he has helped me and taken a lot of steps for me to grow. This is reflected in all the positive feedback from people who had the pleasure of working with him."

Khan also highlighted that in QL, everyone’s opinions matter.

"I don't just see my opinions being counted, but also those of others in Qatarliving who have a need or an opinion about anything on the website or in the office. It's always discussed or justified in a way that both parties are always on good terms," he mentioned.

On creating a balance between personal and professional life he said, "Our website is a 24/7 operating service that never shuts down whether its public holidays or on weekends. Sometimes, I am working from home to keep the website clean and spam-free."

Khan, who calls himself a gym-freak, said, "sometimes it’s really hard to run around with work in your pocket but I love working out so I think I workout and release the stress at the gym so that becomes my sort of spell on how I maintain a stress-free personal life."

When asked about how he would rate Qatar Living on a scale of 0 to 10, he said, "I would give it an 8 for someone like me who is looking to grow in a friendly environment, but it would vary from person to person."

When asked about where he sees himself in five years he said, "I’d like to see myself taking my section to different heights. I might do more of QL’s operational side but I know that QL is all about excelling. I really enjoy the creative freedom. You truly get to do what you want. This company really facilitates an environment for creativity to continually improve and develop skills."


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