1 good answer plssssss!!!!!!

By yel_tiu

How can i love somebody if i know in the end we Can't be together,,,,,,,,,

By anonymous• 13 years 5 months ago.
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By ag1817• 13 years 5 months ago.

There are many type of relations, one of it is called FRIENDSHIP, whether u live together or not, This relation always exist. In this relation u wouldnt suffer more.

By handyinfo• 13 years 5 months ago.

Your reason for cant be together is important here. However there is difference between attraction and LOVE. Check it if you REALLY feel for him.

By yel_tiu• 13 years 5 months ago.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU--------"---------

By Default Nick• 13 years 5 months ago.
Default Nick

If you know that you can not be together at all there is no benefit of spending your time for someone for a serious relation. On the other hand if you want to live something casual, this will be your choice. In any case if you are talking about a serious relation and you are 100% sure you can not be together it is wasting of your time.

Good luck

By corcaoich• 13 years 5 months ago.

you have a choice either to be involved or not in a relationship. Please remember that things change, you did not feel that way about this in the past so you can feel that way in the future also. How many times has infatuation been confused with love. Ask a lot of married couples, especially noting the high divorce rate.

I would love to have a few million dollars, but I can resist the temptation to rob a bank! So can you.

By dwatcher3112• 13 years 5 months ago.

""When you LOVE someone, you don't belong to yourself anymore; LOVE will just tire you down until NOTHING is left to YOU"" so be careful ok.. don't love too much, don't give your 100%, even 50% is too much..

By pinoyaccountant• 13 years 5 months ago.

I think your love cannot be fulfilled if you can't be together- ever.

Do not give yourself 100% if there is a fear that you cannot be together. Yes love can be a selfless act but do not give your all self.

By andre_smarti12345• 13 years 5 months ago.

go 2 any bar drink until u forget him at all

By anonymous• 13 years 5 months ago.

I assume this person is either married or he / she is a local, that is why you are asking this question. But this is my assumption only.

If you think there is no future, then why begin the relationship in the first place? It is just common praticality and common sense.

No matter what, I wish you all the best.

By Rey Aurelio• 13 years 5 months ago.
Rey Aurelio

since you knew that you cannot be together, please STOP giving so much love to him/her.

Save the love you have for the right person that will come for you...cheers..let's drink to that.....

By dwatcher3112• 13 years 5 months ago.

believe me.. its hard! I've been there.. I have this philosophy in life: "The greatest regrets in our lives are the risks we did not take. If you think that something will make you happy, go for it. Remember that you pass this way only once!" i know this is true, so i grab the opportunity to be with her.. in that very moment i am happy. but when the time past by.. i beginning to realize that im falling deep with her, so deep.. so many times i fight for my feelings to her, prove to her how much she means to me. but in the end,.. its nothing. im left alone..until now im trying to move on.. i still love her, longing to see her, to be with her.. but we reach the end of our story, so short story but a ONE HELL OF A RIDE story.. intense! i just wish she's fine. all of her troubles are fixed.. even though we all know its impossible to heal or to fix. i create this username bcoz she hates it. i know she's a member here. I MISS HER. good luck buddy. take your chance. but dont fall too much ok..

By coelacanth• 13 years 5 months ago.

Since you did not give any details as to why you can't be together, the rest of the posts here will be based on assumption. Just remember, what is the cost of your happiness if you will ruin someone else's life/lives? If the other person is married, how would you call that love when in fact the person you're loving is already cheating? If the other person is of the same sex, then it's up to you to decide. If the other person is a local, then you know what they are after...since they can't commit to you...The best answer will be, Think more than twice before you act. You might regret it in the end. If you can't be together, then you might as well be just friends. Better like that than be hurt in the end, claiming something that can't be yours and denying yourself of the happiness which you could've gotten from someone else.

Life is all about choices...if you don't make the right one now, you're getting wiser.

By wissamj• 13 years 5 months ago.

if he is a perfect match of you and you think he is worth being loved ...then this is WORTH A TRY!!!

Live your life, translate ur dreams into real, be wer and with who you ever felt u wanna be !!!

Gd luck!

By sahilm79• 13 years 5 months ago.

Love...I had love for someone, 3yrs i was behind her to LOVE ME.., Oneday i have asked one serious question, do you love me?? She said "NO". I was going to India next day forever, I reacieved a mail from My previous love, She want to meet me and she is IN LOVE. But it was late for me...

(She was another cast and the reason was when she love me, their community will remove her from the community.)

First Love will Hurt but there is Good Feeling when you think about.

In my heart there is Love for her but i can't show that now.

Am living with that love Until I find another one....

By Fergie143• 13 years 5 months ago.

Why u cant be together? maybe she / he has committed already. Sometimes in life you don't have to use your heart. ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING..

By q_uick• 13 years 5 months ago.

This life is only one chance and you make only one choice for life partnership.if there is too many choices, you loose ur chance .becoz life cant be repeated.


By malfoufeh• 13 years 5 months ago.


i do not call a love based on suffering a true love ... cuz you will reach a point that makes you sick of thinking only in what hurts you in this relationship and you will forget those joyfull moments that you spend with your loved one... i lived a fake love over one year and a half but wake up and realise that i was guilty toward myself for being involved in a relation im not sure of it ... think more and be strong enough to stop smthng that if you didnt stop it right now you will regret wasting your time in it in the future...

human being have a great power "FORGETING" just use it and start a new "ME"

By mayed• 13 years 5 months ago.

LOVE????...real love knows how to let go.

By Olay1969• 13 years 5 months ago.

Do you know your destiny, if you knew your insane, but if it is a forbidden love your fooling yourself because at the end you are the loser. Yel to correct the mistake is to take the right road, human has wisdom to think what is right and what is wrong now its up to you where you heading.

By gregbais• 13 years 5 months ago.

May I know the reason why you can't be together in the end? Is he a family man? or Are you married back home?

By anonymous• 13 years 5 months ago.

Love is blind I know that and u know also. So don’t think so far, if u are in love just do it god will help u.

best of luck for ur loveing life

By SolidSnake9• 13 years 5 months ago.

And how can you call it love when you know that you can't be together?

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