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By kundukulam

Dear Friends,

I need an urgent reply regarding the customs duty.Those who working in customs pls reply as soon as possible.

My querry is very simple,our company importing clothes from Italy-Milan,Transaction curreny is Euro.

I received the Customs -Bayan copy.In that customs mentioned the Currency(Foreign Value),Rate of Exchange,CIF Local Value,Duty Rate as 5 and Duty in QR.

The Problem is that If we multiply foreign Value with the rate of exchange mentioned in the Bayan, can't get the exact amount that mentioned in the Bayan copy.There is a variation.Is there any additional charges?

Any one why this difference is coming,pls reply or call me on 6189221.



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By We_r_Indians• 8 years 5 months ago.
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for eg:

Invoice value EUR 408.00

Exchange rate: 4.5

invoice value in QAR = 408*4.5 = 1836


freight charges QAR = 150/-

subtotal : 1836+150 = 1986

1% insurance on subtotal: 1986*1% = 19.86

Add the subtotal with insurance then you get the CIF value. i.e. 1986+19.86 = 2005.86

Now on this CIF value(2005.86) take 5% customs duty.

You will get the actual duty value.

Hope so this clarifies ur doubt.

By We_r_Indians• 8 years 5 months ago.
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Dear Sarin,

The computation of the value is like mentioned below,

invoice value multiplied by the exchange rate mentioned in the bayan. Then on the value you have to add the freight value if the shipment has come in FOB. Then on the subtotal you have to take 1% insurance, as the shipment as come from other country. If it has come from DUbai then there is an exemption in the insurance.

Now if u add the sub total + insurance then you get the CIF value, on which the 5% customs Duty is charged,

Now u will get the correct amount as per the Bayan.

By anonymous• 8 years 5 months ago.
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Hello Sarin

apart from the customs duty , there will be legalization charges as well , which is a revenue for the country , in addition to custom duty & legalization if it is a containerised cargo , port handling charges will be applicable which is QAR120.00/20' std & QAR 150.00/40' container and bayan charges QAR 10.00

these charges are not usually splitted and are always on lumpsum basis

hope it helps.....

sanjeeda -

By anonymous• 8 years 5 months ago.
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Computation of duty is 5% of the total CIF value, plus customs legalization charges as per their tariff. Conversion from Eur to Qar will depend on the current foreign exchange rate. You should get a copy of the Customs Tariff rates from your local clearing agent.

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