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I received a cheque from Qatari national ,but cheque bounced how to deal need your help guys.

By ivacivo

plz  help I recieved a cheque from Qatari national but cheque bounced how to deal plz help me ,when i call him he is not recieving the phone???


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By billystelljes• 4 years 1 month ago.

We may be able to help you.

Please email me at: with the full details.

By malrayes• 4 years 1 month ago.
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Or you can use the cheque on the same day his salary is credited .. between 25th and 27th

By fun2in0007• 4 years 1 month ago.
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when u file a case in police station it will go first to niyaba then court after court give decision after that also the person not gives money it goes to tanvisalakham if u r getting issue in filing case or cant able to file contact me on 55166972 i will help

By ivacivo• 4 years 1 month ago.

hi fun2in0007

I need to know what is " tamsivalakham" ? thanks.

By ivacivo• 4 years 1 month ago.

thanks guys for valuable time and precious advice...thanks a lot.

By fun2in0007• 4 years 1 month ago.
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wht is the cost of cheque u have to go to bank and ask them police report the bank will give u a paper in that that person id number will be there then u have to go police station in the location where u deal about cheque in police station there is a department call chequat it is open till 7am to 12:30pm and u have to do a case there note if the cheque more than 50000qr u have to struggle a lot u have to go police station then niyaba then court then tamsivalakham and lot this will take place if the person will not give u the payment even u file a case for more details u can call me on 55166972

By acchabaccha• 4 years 1 month ago.
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First go to the bank from where the cheque was issued. They will give you a letter providing details of the cheque and confirming it has bounced. Take that letter to the police department. They will block the bank account of the person and also prevent him from leaving the country if he is a foreigner. You can then lodge a court case against the person to recover the money. However, the court case may take several months to get a decision and you will have to be present at the court on all dates given for the hearing. Possibly, once the account of the issuer of the cheque gets blocked, he may yield, and pay you, thus preventing a legal battle from taking place.

By shafqat-hayat• 4 years 1 month ago.

i would advice you to report it to concerned authorities. collect evidences as much as you could. keep it with you (incl.copies). and kindly contact the concerned authorities as soon as possible.

i hope you understand.. you have to make a case. its a necessary legal step.


By AkbarAli3003• 4 years 1 month ago.

Hmmm, keep trying and try to calling from another number too, if it keeps going on then if guess only option is court case!

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