No Smoking Law??

Interesting letter to the editor in the Gulf Times recently:

Letters to the Editor
Published: Thursday, 24 January, 2008, 02:16 AM Doha Time
Smokers are flouting laws
Dear Sir,
I would like to know when the “No Smoking” laws recently instituted in Qatar for public buildings actually are going to be enforced. Every time I enter any of the shopping malls, the smell of smoke wafts from the restaurants.
People continue to smoke, blatantly, under the familiar blue “No Smoking” signs, which nevertheless are ubiquitously posted.
It would be beneficial to know whether the government is interested in enforcing this policy, a policy that along with the new traffic laws, is a welcome way to improve the lives of Qataris and expatriates.
One suggestion is to make the restaurant owners and building managers responsible for enforcing the policy, as opposed to relying on the government to impose individual fines on violators.

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By novita77• 10 years 11 months ago.

ohbee wan ... SPOT ON !!!

By ohbee wan• 10 years 11 months ago.
ohbee wan

the law is there , but whats missing is the enforcement of the law

By firdausmirza• 10 years 11 months ago.

hmmm... cant really say anything to this cause myself is a smoker....

but one thing i dont do is smoking in public places....when i want to smoke..i always go to the parking area and smoke...or in restaurants...most of the time goes to restaurant where they have smoking area and the same with coffee shops....

By Meta• 10 years 11 months ago.

Sorry all, but I'm guessing that what I'm about to say won't be a

particularly popular opinion. I just quit smoking, and even while I was a

smoker I never liked irritating other folks with my 2nd-hand smoke. But I have

done a little reviewing of the research on 2nd-hand smoke, and it's far from

decisive. I think that at the end of the day, people are really just fed up

with the unpleasant smell, etc., of other people's smoke. Fair enough. But

here's the thing. It seems to me that the only folks who have a right to make a

big deal of people smoking in designated non-smoking areas are those who

reliably follow all the other laws/policies--including the local laws on

dating, speeding, etc. I don't think it's consistent to make a big deal of the

fact that local gov prohibits something you don't like unless you think that

people should always be in complete accord with law/policy. Whatever it is you

have to say against people who smoke in non-smoking areas, I think that, for

most of us, it's hypocritical to make a big deal of the fact that it's



I can certainly understand why non-smokers don't

want to have smoke puffed in their faces (or close by), especially if they're

trying to eat. But I don't think it's ok to take advantage of the fact that in

this particular case the law happens to be on one's side--especially given that

(and correct me if I'm wrong) hardly anyone here is completely on board with

all of the rules that are on the books in Q.

By deedee• 10 years 11 months ago.

just watch out,  I might come tell you off then!  (HAHA)     Also   didn't you ever listen to your mother---"If everyone jumps off a cliff are you going to do that too?"   


One person can make a difference--why not let that person be you

By novita77• 10 years 11 months ago.

i am sure if the police fine these ignorant smoker on the spot they will make as much as revenue of traffic fines

By anonymous• 10 years 11 months ago.

Gawd, the smoking police! I'll hold my hand up and say I'm one of them that sits in starbucks smoking, everyone else is doing it so why not?

By anonymous• 10 years 11 months ago.

Here is your smoking Camel Darude!Here is my response FOR trying to block me from smoking in my OWN HOME!The Red Pope of Qatar Living 

By smoke• 10 years 11 months ago.

why isnt there a NO DRINKING LAW? alcohol should be banned completely from this country too...damn it i hate people attacking us peace loving smokers...grrrrrrrr 


Where there is Fire...There is Coke. Where there is Rum..There is Smoke - Sir Smoke-a-Lot

By anonymous• 10 years 11 months ago.

 From know on, You need to visit once a week My Confession Booth for those sucking habits of yours. Don't worry I wont tell people about your donkey and camel sucking trade mark. The Red Pope of Qatar Living

By deedee• 10 years 11 months ago.

Many times I have walked up to people (including Qatari men) pointed to the no smoking signs above their heads and told them in no uncertain terms to put their cigarettes out.    Usually they are very embarrassed and do so.  Several young men even apologized to me.   I praised them for their manners.  When some kids at Villagio blatantly ignored me,  I let them have it with both barrels.   People all over the food court turned to look.   They did not put their cigarettes out, but left the area and I hope will think twice before lighting up in public again.     If we keep turning a blind eye  nothing will change in my opinion.    I don't want to breathe their fumes.   In fact,  I refuse.  They are the ones in the wrong and I don't mind telling them so.

By anonymous• 10 years 11 months ago.

It is a Dream that will never be fulfilled :)

By mariam-mar• 10 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

Fine of 10000 is too harsh for the smoker, you will make them more smoke because they worry where to get the money for the fine. But there should be a better remedy for that. Stop importing the cigarettes. Jail anyone who sell it like the grass.  So that for the generation to come, they are not get used to it.  



"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches  you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

By bleu• 10 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

I personally think cigarettes should be classified as drugs, and banned completely.  A fine of QR10,000 and 1 month in jail for being caught with a cigarette...

By anonymous• 10 years 11 months ago.

I am a smoker. But I never smoke is an air conditioned place. not in the office. not even in my own car. if I want to smoke I go out and smoke. But I smoke in the Bar :)

By novita77• 10 years 11 months ago.

come to starbucks in villagio on the weekend ... male female / expat, non expat all smoke under the non smoking sign.

By anonymous• 10 years 11 months ago.

nothing can be done

By dragonfly212• 10 years 11 months ago.

Maybe the Governtment should hijack-up the price of Cigaretes in Qatar. And use the money to help more disadvantage labor problems.

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

By mariam-mar• 10 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

I observed some attendant and the manager itself smoke outside their restaurant but outside just beside the door of the restaurant. I parked just infront of the said restaurant and just before i order, three men smoking just beside the door of their restaurant and as i observe further, when one of the men finished his cigaret butts was just thown down and steeped on it. I keep on waiting what would this guys do after smoking. The first man to finish, just went straight on his designated post, as a sandwich maker and resume his work, and do the making of shawarma. When the other two finished, they went inside and one man seem the manager, pick up the phone for orders and then help the other to wrap up some orders, and the other hand over some kubos to the cook. I expect that they should go to the tap and wash their hands, but no one does. I did not order but i stayed steadily, the one man seems to be the waiter, wiped up the table, i saw the cloth he used to wipe the table, it totally turned me off. In dismay, i never gone back to this restaurant.

By tallg• 10 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

As the letter to the Gulf Times implies, I believe smoking IS banned in all public buildings. The problem is it isn't enforced.


By DaRuDe• 10 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Smoking should be banned in the following areas



Stairways in building


Residential buidling

Beauty parlors yes they do smoke :D


Parking lots


but hey forget it its never going to happen. because a sucker cant quit sucking.


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