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Qatar's hunting games - Al Jazeera

By jane01

Al Jazeera's Matthew Cassel's took some amazing pictures of a desert hunting competition that dates back centuries in the Gulf.

He describes the games that took place in the Qatar desert : the barren openness of the Gulf desert, hunters learned to keep and train animals with the ability to pursue fast-moving prey.

Falcons and Salukis were two of these animals, and today they're kept as pets to take part in competitions, such as the third annual International Falcon and Hunting Festival in southeastern Qatar.

The festival's main competitions involve the keeping and training of falcons, or falconry, a practice originating thousands of years ago in Asia, which later spread to Europe and around the globe. Today, wild falcons can be found on every continent (save Antarctica), but only certain species are able to be kept and trained as pets.

Falconry is a delicate practice, and experts say the predatory birds - known for their dive speeds of up to 300kph (185mph) and acute vision that allows them to see prey as far as two or three kilometres away - must regularly be allowed to fly and hunt.

The festival's other main competition involves Salukis, a hound native to the Gulf and other desert areas in the region. Dogs are not a common site in a region where they are often considered unclean in Islam, and when they are kept, it is usually as guard dogs outside homes. However, in the Gulf it is common for people to keep Salukis as pets and companions on trips to the desert.

Centuries ago the Saluki would have accompanied camel-riding travellers and hunted wild gazelles. In today's competitions, a young gazelle is suspended from the back of a 4x4 vehicle and chased by heats of up to 15 dogs at a time.

If you ever wondered what a falcon hunt looked like, click here.

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By Eagley• 6 years 2 months ago.

Aahh, falconry... this was one interesting activity I missed while I was in Qatar.

By Isabella8688• 6 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

Thanks you for the post.


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By virtual_morpher• 6 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

The last day is 2nd Feb if you can make it.Just before you reach Sealine resort in Mesaaied,you will see signs on the road with directions to the place where this is taking palce.Follow the little Qatari flags staked in the ground.Its a couple of KM off-road.Nothing too crazy but u will need a 4X4.

BTW- this event was advertised a few times in Gulf-Times.So you did miss it :p

By VRDoha• 6 years 3 months ago.

Can anybody tell me where these events get advertised? It is sooo frustrating in Doha to find that something you might have been interested in is already passed? It would be Fantastic to know where to find all these interesting things advertised - or have I missed something?

By flanostu• 6 years 3 months ago.

ahhh this takes me back to the greyhound track on a monday night in in a plastic cup and old man beer farts.

By Bachus• 6 years 3 months ago.

"that dates back centuries in the Gulf"????

I think the Land Cruisers in the background suggest that the sport has changed slightly over the years . . .

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