Tips for Those Not Fasting

By zenatahhan

Many people in Qatar will be fasting during the month of Ramadan, but for those of you who are not, here are some tips for you.

If there is anything else you think people who are new here need to know, please leave a comment below.

Ramzaan Kareem

1. Eating or drinking in public:

As Muslims will be fasting from dawn to dusk, those who are not fasting are advised to refrain from eating or drinking in public places during Ramadan.

Some restaurants will be open during the day, but most will be shut until a short period before iftar(breakfast), and will extend their hours. The timings vary for each restaurant, so it’s best to call in advance and check..

As for alcohol, Qatar bans the selling of alcohol during the holy month.

2. Public Display of Affection:

This is a no-no.

Muslims are also required to abstain from sexual intercourse from sunrise to sunset. Any form of PDA between the opposite genders is prohibited and deemed disrespectful.

3. Clothing:

Out of courtesy and respect, it is best to dress moderately. This means avoid revealing too much skin, anything that’s too flashy, attracts attention, or fuels sexual desire.

4. General Gestures:

Ramadan is a month of tolerance, devotion and tranquility. Those fasting are expected to refrain from profanity and exercising bad or impulsive manners. It is advised that even those that aren’t fasting do the same. This means avoid things such as blasting loud music or swearing in public.

5. Working Hours:

Working hours are reduced for most during the month. This includes banks, shops and commercial establishments. It’s best to check out the new operating hours before heading anywhere.

By Omais2657• 9 years 4 weeks ago.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm on the comments....

Well said Zeenath..

By SassanthElisha• 9 years 4 weeks ago.
Rating: 3/5

We understand, thank you though.

Good luck to all Muslims who are fasting, and also I request everyone to think about the number of people in Syria, fasting since the last two years, because food cannot reach them through the gunning parties, and pray for brothers and sisters of Egypt who are stuck in between the fight between confusion, and suffering people in your neighbourhood. so it's an opportunity to fast but the whole idea of fast was not to understand your capacity to stay hungry but to realise the hunger of those who suffer the disease of poverty, so I wish you will be blessed to see it, and do whatever you can, before the moonlight of hunger through tyranny reaches your backyard.

By SassanthElisha• 9 years 4 weeks ago.
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We are not a religious country, we are a secular state, we have welcomed all the worlds religions to stay, we gave place and a million people to all New religions, to share their experience with our people, even today, we learn all religions, we outnumber most Muslim nations in the quantity of Muslims, like we are the third highest population of Muslims, we are really high on Christian populations, and next time somebody creates a new ideology welcome to India, we are crazy for religions, and if you need people there are lots ready for conversion into anything.. Welcome to secular India. But all Indians are Indians, no religion could erase that yet.

By adey• 9 years 1 month ago.

The name suits.

Your comprehension of Berdj Camaro's post leaves a lot to be desired:

Firstly, he/she described 'rules',not 'beliefs ', as ridiculous.

Secondly, he/she was referring to to rules being imposed on muslims by non-muslims in non-muslim lands due to non-muslim traditions/celebrations/obligations etc as ridiculous.

This lesson in reading English is're welcome.

By Slim_n_dim• 9 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

I was offended by your post.

This is a muslim country and as a non muslim living in this country out of courtesy you can show some respect and not call our beliefs "ridiculous". Muslims respect other religions everywhere in the world, we don't walk around in India eating beef in the streets. If you have a problem with our religion no one is forcing you to live here.

By BMW730LI• 9 years 1 month ago.



By npers07• 9 years 1 month ago.

Thank you for the info

By Mr M.• 9 years 1 month ago.
Mr M.

Ramadan Kareem to all of you.May ALLAH swt accept all of your good deeds during this blessed month.

By hi_tech• 9 years 1 month ago.

Wish you all a very happy and proeperous Ramadan Kareem. Allah may shower his blessings upon all of you in this holy month. Eat less, Sleep less and pray more friends.

By z13l0.0921• 9 years 1 month ago.


By javvad_naveed• 9 years 1 month ago.

Nice post.....

By ghazalz• 9 years 1 month ago.
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