Places to buy marinated meat in Qatar - Eid al Adha 2022

Places to buy marinated meat in Qatar - Eid al Adha 2022

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When the meaty Eid arrives, there's only one thing to plan: the ideal Eid BBQ. With the right type of marination and the perfect company, your Eid al Adha is a celebration of its own! Whether it is having all the right meat cuts at a restaurant, cooking at home, or even buying meat for a BBQ, we always want the best. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of prepping your meat for cooking, then there are several options on the market for those who want freshly marinated meat that’s ready to cook.

We’ve compiled a list of nine places where you can buy marinated meats in Qatar:


Carrefour offers several options that include chicken and beef. All of these are prepared fresh and stock availability might differ from place to place. You can also order these online through the Carrefour app and see what options are available for your location.

Meat options: chicken BBQ legs, barbecue skewers, drumstick BBQ, barbecue wings, chicken shawarma barbecue, Australian beef shawarma meat, Australian beef kofta, chicken curry skewers, chicken lemon & pepper skewers

Price range: QAR 30–80/kg

Availability: In-store and Carrefour mobile app


Spar Qatar

There are several meat items available at SPAR and the list certainly is pretty impressive when it comes to uncooked, pre-marinated meats. There are different kinds of meat cuts and gourmet meat options available for purchase.

Meat options: Chicken tandoori, chicken peri-peri wings, chicken shish tawouk, chicken breast garlic and butter, chicken shawarma, Australian lamb chops rosemary garlic, lamb chops Mexican chili, meat lover barbecue box, chicken barbecue box, among others

Price range: QAR 30-99/kg

Availability: In-store and online



Monoprix offers an array of gourmet meats that are freshly cut, marinated, and packed for sale on the same day. The meat cuts are very diverse and there are several options on display.

Meat options: Marinated beef steak cuts, French garden marinated lamb chops, chicken tikka skewers, breaded Cordon Bleu chicken, stir-fry French garden marination, chicken fillet African marination, mix chicken peri-peri, yellow farmed chicken, and more.

Price range: QAR 45–99/kg

Availability: In-store and Talabat


Safari Hypermarket

This supermarket is definitely a popular go-to place for many people in Qatar, especially from the Asian community. Safari Hypermarket caters to several palates and the prices for pre-marinated meats are really economical.

Meat options: Italian glazed chicken drumsticks, Italian glazed chicken wings, hot & spicy whole chicken, chicken kebabs hot & spicy, chicken kebabs garlic & butter, beef and lamb kebab sticks, whole chicken–garlic & butter, lamb koftas, chicken and beef tocino, and many more.

Price range: QAR 20–60/kg

Availability: In-store and Safari mobile app


Al Meera

The options at Al Meera might be comparatively lesser than those offered at other supermarkets. However, their focus is to support buying and sourcing locally. Being a Qatar-based brand, it is a good idea to source your freshly marinated meats from them as it is more sustainable for the supply chain.

Meat options: Australian marinated lamb chops, Australian lamb kofta, local beef kofta Charolais, lamb and beef stew, beef kibbeh, etc.

Price range:  QAR 40–60/kg

Availability: In-store and Al Meera mobile app



The restaurant not only offers a range of Lebanese foods but also has uncooked meat that is marinated and ready to go. You can request for the meat to be cooked right then or take the uncooked package for your BBQ party plans.

Meat options: Packages of one and two kilos—Fresh marinated grills—includes fresh meat marinated, one whole fresh chicken marinated, muttabal, garden salad, hummus, and baba ghanoush

Price range: QAR 170 and QAR 340 for one kilo and two kilos respectively

Availability: Talabat and restaurant pick-up (Call beforehand to confirm)

Sultan Chef

Sultan Chef is a premium Turkish steakhouse that is famous for its meat offerings and they also offer different cuts of uncooked, marinated meats on request.

Meat options: Beef chops with mustard dressing and specially curated boxes that allow you to create your own steak meals, such as Sultan Chef butcher meatballs, raw Sultan Chef burger, and Sultan Chef special boxes that come with meat cuts, dressing, and sides to serve

Price range: QAR 60–220 for the meatballs and burger boxes

QAR 450–990 for the Sultan Chef special boxes

Availability: Restaurant pickup and Talabat


Khosh Kabab

The restaurant is known for its Persian cuisine and their kababs come either cooked or uncooked and marinated, based on your preference.

Meat options: Chicken kebab, mutton kebab, chicken grill, mutton chops, chicken kofta and mutton kofta

Price range: QAR 90–120/kg

Availability: Store pickup only


Lamazani Grill

Lamazani Grill restaurant outlets are famous for their really affordable meat options that focus on Persian flavors. They offer kebabs on the go and even pack ready-to-go, uncooked meat on request.

Meat options: Chicken kebab, mutton kebab, mutton chops, chicken kofta, liver skewers, heart/kidney skewers, mutton kofta, and mutton ribs

Price range: QAR 80-100/kg

Availability: Store-pickup only



  1. There might be limited availability of these marinated meats so if you plan to go to the location, it is better to call and confirm beforehand.
  2. Confirm with the restaurant about their kitchen hygiene protocols and order the meat at your discretion.



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