Salary & Allowances

Job Offer

By ExpatUK1982 • 1 month 2 days ago.

Hi,I received a job offer with a salary of 22000 QAR per month as a senior staff. The grade was 15.

4 comments goodlittleboy • 1 month 2 days ago.

Salary, Allowance & Package Details

By Ceylonium • 1 month 1 week ago.

Hi,Good day to you all..!!I'm from Sri Lanka and have shortlisted for Retail Manager / Category Manager position in Qata


How hard is it to find a part time job as a 15years old student in qatar?

By BountyslayerXD • 4 months 1 day ago.

Is it possible and legal to find a part time job in qatar as a 15 years old school student?


average salary for qatar employee

By madhu333 • 4 months 3 weeks ago.

what is the average salary in qatar airways grade 7?

2 comments shakawat • 4 months 1 week ago.

Got an offer 3500QAR, decided to accept and moving to Qatar in May'2022.

By Rawsdhmzj@1 • 5 months 2 weeks ago.

Hello,I am a Civil Engineer from India with Nebosh IGC.Got an offer from AIM Trading and Contracting with a salary of 35

1 comments goodlittleboy • 5 months 2 weeks ago.

Qafco Sr. Engineer offer

By awesome20 • 6 months 1 week ago.

Hi all,Need your opinion.I got an offer from Qafco with a basic of QAR28,000 monthly for a Sr Engineer position with 13

5 comments awesome20 • 6 months 1 week ago.

QR Salary Structure

By QatariExplorer • 6 months 3 weeks ago.

Would like some help on the salary structure for QR is there a difference between grades other than the values?



By ROSENMOGRA • 6 months 3 weeks ago.


1 comments Angelo • 6 months 3 weeks ago.

Software Engineer Salary Expectations

By onfaqhru • 8 months 1 day ago.

Hi All,I'm currently looking to change jobs in the near future - currently in Canada.

2 comments goodlittleboy • 8 months 4 hours ago.

Grade 8 Salary and allowance guidance at QA

By A_T • 8 months 5 days ago.

Dear Members,I have applied for grade 8 position with Qatar Airways and need your guidance on the salary to be quoted.Fa

3 comments goodlittleboy • 8 months 5 days ago.

Family visa salary range ??

By iswariya • 8 months 1 week ago.

I m having all required documents for FAMILY VISA including 10K salary range with engineer visa and engineer degree 


QP Employee Development

By Edmore87 • 10 months 2 weeks ago.

I hope someone working for qatar petroleum can help answer this question.


33K QAR + HOUSE + 1.5 K Transportation allowance + 300 QAR A GOOD SALARY PACKAGE?

By Matthe • 10 months 3 weeks ago.

Hi all,I have been offer 33 K QAR as basic salary (after an initial offer of 25 K QAR) + house + transportation and util

3 comments goodlittleboy • 10 months 3 weeks ago.

Benefits of Semi government company

By Muhammad Minhazur Raihan • 11 months 1 week ago.

What are the benefits of doing job in a semi government company.. please help me

5 comments goodlittleboy • 11 months 1 week ago.

Best community(public) school

By Next level • 12 months 2 days ago.

Hello everyone,Please can anyone suggest best community (public) school in Doha that teaches British curriculum and Isla


Qatar Petroleum Mesaieed living

By Edmore87 • 12 months 4 days ago.

Hi Everyone,I have a potential offer from QP but they are insisting that I have to stay in their compounds at Mesaieed.

1 comments goodlittleboy • 12 months 4 days ago.

QP current recruitment process

By Next level • 1 year 1 week ago.

I just got a preliminary offer from QP, please who knows the recent recruitment process after initial offer.

7 comments slo0079 • 1 year 3 days ago.

company force me to stay in there accommodation don't want to give HRA

By Abdulmateen9583 • 1 year 2 weeks ago.

hi, im working in Qatar from last 23 months as an QS engineer staying in company accommodation and using company transpo

1 comments goodlittleboy • 1 year 2 weeks ago.

Qatar Petroleum Grade 16

By Edmore87 • 1 year 2 weeks ago.

Hi Everyone,I have recently received an offer from QP for a Sr Engineer. The offer states that it is a grade 16.

3 comments goodlittleboy • 1 year 2 weeks ago.

Registered Nurse Salary scale

By Dprince84 • 1 year 1 month ago.

Hello, can some one please tell me about pako clinic registered nurse salary. is the hospital good to work please??



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