Is 50000 QAR good enough salary for a couple to move to Qatar?


I received an offer to the total of QAR 50000 p.m. (basic salary + accomodation+ transportation)  (medical cover is and additional benefit) and I would appreciate your input in whether this will be sufficient to maintain a family of three ( two toddlers ages 2 ). So I know there are various factors that come to play here i.e. living standards, spending patterns etc. however one can gather only so much information from desktop research (e.g. housing and school fees) and hence my post. The position is in Doha and my children will be attending nursery.

I did search the forum to check earlier posts however the only post in the same salary range was posted in 2011 and surely things has changed.

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By michaeel• 3 weeks 1 day ago.

50k is very good, you could easily get a good 3 bed villa/apartment for around 10-12,000 mark these days, where as you would be paying at least 14-15,000 minimum a few years back. a good nursery will cost in the region of 2-3,000 per child per month depending on how many days they attend. Add another 2-3,000 per month for a car. Utilities + internet/phone etc add another 2,000 per month total. That puts you at around 25,000. Then its just a case of your life style in terms of groceries and general entertainment and spending. if you are careful you should be able to save a decent portion of 50,000. Id always try to negotiate more but if 50 is the final offer and i assume much better than what you currently earn.

By arkb• 2 months 1 week ago.

50k is good. Depends what country you're coming from and the role. 50 is more than enough to get by on and enjoy a decent lifestyle.

Check the Properties section on Qatar Living to get an idea of prices. The Pearl and West Bay are at the top end if you're looking for apartments. Lots of different areas for villas.

Once the kids go to school, your education allowance should cover most of the cost there.

By Morane• 2 months 1 week ago.

Major expenses in Qatar are Accommodation and Education. Apart from those 2 every other expense can be regulated. So, depending upon your nationality, you will chose Accommodation and Education. For Asians, these components are not that expensive and asians can live in ordinary homes without paying much. If you are from west, then these expenses will go up since accommodation will be above standard and education will be in western school.

For asians, 50k per month is very good salary. For westerners, depends upon their lifestyle.

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