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Job offer

By skywork


I got a offer from a well reputed company in Qatar and they are offering me as below -

Basic - 9000 QR
Allowances (Accommodation and Car allowances)- 2310 QR.

Is this a good offer? I am IT consultant in super niche technology and have around 6 yrs of experience.
How much I would be able to save if my lifestyle is moderate and not very luxurious.. Pls suggest.


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By tigabaguio• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

u can save for sure..

By GodFather.• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

Will you be able to save more than what you will in India then its ok!

By skywork• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

f5.. pls sugest..

By skywork• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

Thanks Saku81 for your inputs.. if I dont have any bad habbits and if i will hardly go outside for resto's, how much can I save? Please let me know so that I can compare it here in India and then decide.. I am expecting at least 1 lacs INR saving..


By Saku81• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

Take their accomodation and let one of the worry off from your shoulders, I still think you should accept this offer as this is not bad offer for single person with 6 six years of experience. I know people who are working in lower than this salary and are happy. As long as you no bad habbits this is good offer.

Company accomodation is big beneifits as current housing pricing rising every single day in Qatar. Good luck

By skywork• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

Hi Tech2010,

They are saying that this is the max that they can offer otherwise they will withdrew the offer. I am very confused to make my decision..

I would also like to know about the job security in Qatar.. Cany you please comment on this?


By skywork• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

Hi Shellyjean,

They are providing me sharing a.c. accomodation (but seperate room)and if I dont want their accomodation then then this component will be paid directly to me and i have to arrange my accomodation.

What do you think, which one should i go far?


By tech2010• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

Do more negotiation and see what they say, you wont lose anything, tell them your expectations.

By skywork• 6 years 2 weeks ago.

I negotiated them on the offer and what they are offering me now is --

BAsic - 10000 QR

Allowances (2400)

Is is making any sense now?


By oooooya• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

I think the basic is ok for a man with 6 years experience. You must ask for furnished accomodation,a Car with at least 1000 as allowance. You may ask for consolidate package of 16 K a minimum.

By denttin• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

do bargain for accomodation,otherwise in this you can not save.yes you will live good life.but u dont save money then no need to come qatar and leave homeland

By qduck• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

Basic is OK

allowances can be better.

By shellyjean• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

Forgive me! I think that the housing and car allowance is way too low, even if you are single. That would get you a bedspace, not a flat! And a ticket on the bus. Ask for more. You can survive on that and live modestly, but they really should be offering more for allowances.

By shellyjean• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

I mean seriously, you are so full of it:)

20K QR for housing is great, don't gripe. Some of the nicer flats would have a lot of amenities, but if you think you are getting hardwood floors, you got another think coming:) And the hot tub. If you get into a nice flat-One of the nice towers in Dafna (west bay/City Center area), you should find one that you are sharing with your neighbors. Maybe even a BB court, but I doubt it.

By sujitsaha57• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

It depends on your qualifications and experience. If you are a B.Tech from a good college and had good experience in a good company in India, you should ask for more. Qatar is a costly place compared to other gulf countries, inflation is catching up too. If you are married and have children, and want to stay with your family here - you can save almost nothing. example - House Rent - 4500 QR, Grocery & stationery - 3000 QR, Petrol - 300 QR, Schooling - 2000 QR (2 chidren), Car loan - 1500 QR (min), elctricity & water - 300 QR, and many other expenditure..

You hardly find any savings..Take stock from a friend and decide before you join. Best of luck.

By tech2010• 6 years 3 weeks ago.

I think this is not bad offer with 6 years experience.

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