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By precariouslife

Hi All-

Another question about job offers and salaries! Two weeks ago I had an interview for a specialist's position with one of the government agencies in Doha and today they rang me to ask when I could fly out to Doha for a formal interview. I am, however, a bit concerned about the possibility of negotiating the very low salary package they have offered me . The information I have so far received from the HR person is confusing and conflicting. The first time we discussed the salary package , he told that the package is not final and that it is open to negotiations and that I should wait until I have had the formal interview. Last week, however, when he called to ask about the possibility of flying out to Doha for a formal interview, he told me that the salary package is final and that is non-negotiable.

I have done some research on salary scales and grades for governement employees and found that what I am being offered is the minumum salary for my current grade. What surprises me most is the fact that the HR person never told me about this system-I told him on several occassions that all the jobs I have applied to have standard salary ranges. Their lack of transparency is making quite suspicious of their intentions.

what do you think would be the best course of action in this situation? Should I insist on getting the salary issue sorted and finalised before flying out to Doha for the formal interview? or should I just wait until I get there and then try to negotiate the package with the director?

Any advice you could provide would be very much appreciated!

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By jjj75• 6 years 1 month ago.

Salary scales etc are usually highly confidential here

By anonymous• 6 years 1 month ago.

if its a company expense then go for it..

By flor1212• 6 years 1 month ago.

did you understand the query of the OP?

By Molten Metal• 6 years 1 month ago.
Molten Metal

Please don't mind flor1212.

You are welcome to Qatar !

Hope all your wishes are fulfilled !!

By flor1212• 6 years 1 month ago.

it is a simple final interview and in interview,there is always a negotiation. Unless they asked you to sign a contract before coming here, then that's a different story.

The invitation for you to come is also to gauge you personally and vice versa, you can also gauge the company hiring you. It's a two-way street, but since you have so many concerns, raise it up during your visit. My two cents!

By anonymous• 6 years 1 month ago.

Go for the interview and let them formally lay down the offer...

By flor1212• 6 years 1 month ago.


By anonymous• 6 years 1 month ago.

if the offer is acceptable but can be negotiable to higher offer and has the assurance of hiring you then fly here but if not.. better stay.. flying or coming here in qatar is a bit expensive

By Mandilulur• 6 years 1 month ago.

In my experience, final negotiations are done after the job offer. Come for the interview - what have you go to lose - and when they offer you the job, state your minimum salary expectation. If they are flying you out for the interview you are at a level where they will be willing to meet your requirements. If not, that tells you a lot. And you will be interviewing with someone other than an HR person. That may make a difference in what story you get. HR is not authorized to make salary offers at your level.


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