Is the offer OK?

By Liz

Hi Guys, yet again another salary offer. I am being offered QR12,000. I have found an apartment for $3200, which leaves me with QR8,800 per month for other costs. Is this enough for me to save a bit of cash? Is it a good offer?

I am single with no children.

By busybird• 15 years 4 months ago.

It all depends on how much you would like to spend and save...

By Daniyahis5• 15 years 5 months ago.

I had a job interview in Doha in the oil industry with international company.

I am Engineer with western engineering degree and 20 years of western experience.

The interview was for a Contract Manager position in Doha.

Questions (urgent responses are appreciated):

1.What is the expected (base)salary range for such a position?

2.Can the company pay back the employee an equivalent check to replace the Taxes that I will end up paying in my home country?

3. What is the rent cost for (furnished) accomodations (4 bed rooms 2-floors villa, 3 bath rooms, AC, seperate maid room,in a closed complex)? Should I ask the company to pay rent directly? Should I accept an allowance then I pay for the rent? Does the rent increase every 3 months, or 6 months, or one year? Should the (utility)costs be included in the deal?

4. What kind of a percentage bonus should I ask for?

5. Should I accept an allowance for kids' school? or should I ask the company to pay the school directly? Is the bus transportation cost usually part of the deal?

6. Air line tickets: Should I ask for economy or buisness travel? Is that too much to ask? Do I get paid an allowance for the tickets or the company pay directly?

7. How many days of vacation am I expecting to get per year? If I do not go back home for vacation, would I loose the vacation?

8. What does (13th check) means?

9. Would the company provide a car?

10. What is the best hospital in Doha that has the best Doctors? What are typical details for the (private) health care and benefits?

11. How many sick leave am I allowed to get?

11. Am I missing something that I should be aware of?

I do appreciate your immediate responses very much.


By anonymous• 15 years 5 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

The housing allowances are too low,

aim for 10-14K min. Otherwise you will be sharing in a horrible place.

By Guardiola03• 15 years 7 months ago.

ooops!!!!!!!!!!!it seems u missed something!!!

By nnagaty• 15 years 8 months ago.

i get an offer salary is it good

By mark666• 15 years 8 months ago.


Jobs are aplenty. But depends on what job profile your sister is looking for.

Established local Banks like QNB, Doha Bank and CBQ are continuously expanding their sales force and call centre staff etc.

Specific banking functions will obviously depend on the requirement from the particular banks.


All the best


By xelull• 15 years 8 months ago.

I'm wondering since you are a manager of a bank, would know any opening in your bank? My sister is very keen to look for a job in Doha. I just started my work ere from Nov 1st, and i certainly encourage her to try her luck. We are from Malaysia.

By asangab• 15 years 8 months ago.

I'm still not in Qatar and therefore I'm unable to comment right now. Why don't you just check in or Gilf News.

They might be of some help

By RD• 15 years 8 months ago.

Hi All

I have read the thread and was hoping any of you can assist. I am looking for a contact in the banking/fin services sector-I am a CFA charterholder with 9 years experience in investments/asset management mainly quantitative/performance research.

Many thanks in advance


By asangab• 15 years 8 months ago.


Thanks for the info.

My family will be coming to Qatar under my contract. So I think that my wife can change the jobs as her employer is not going to sponser her. Am I right?

By mark666• 15 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 4/5


A job for your wife should be no problem at all. We have new banks also coming up- Rayyan Bank, Gulf Bank and few more.

The Qatar Financial Centre is opening up branches/offices for other international banks. So, with your wife's experience, a job for her at your salary levels is possible.

All the best.


By asangab• 15 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

My Current package is about USD 1,100 p.m and taxable (@15%). I save about USD 150-200 a month.

My offer in Qatar is about USD 3,850 p.m and I wish to save about USD 800-1000 a month during the first few years. And then I am planning to bring down my family (Wife and two kids). By the time they arrive I feel that my salary is not enough and I wish to find a reasonable job for my wife who is also a Banker.

Do you think That I can find a job for my wife who is having around 14 years experiance in Banking, in a financial institution for a reasonable Salary.

By mark666• 15 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 3/5


Don Corleone: Most of the Banks in Qatar will have the same Organizational Structure for HR Purposes. Managerial Cadre starting from Asst MAnager< Dep.MAnager< MAnager< Senior MAnager < Executive Manager < Heads of Banking Groups and Higher Ups maybe Asst GMs/GMs or Dep.CEOs/CEOs. The pay obviously differs from Bank to Bank and person to person.

Clubs: Good Club memberships range from QR 4000/Annum to 15000/Annum for the entire family. Going by my requirements (Only Swimming and Gymming and PingPong), I am a member at the Oasis Beach Club. All the Star Hotels have pretty good clubs.

ASANGAB: It really depends on how much you could save in your previous package. It is NOT WORTH jumping to Qatar if this amount is NOT substantial. But always negotiate to the BEST POSSIBLE offer as this offer may stay with very minimal increase for the next few years. But on an average, you have a pretty good offer.

NNAGATY: Its a good offer. But lots of background information is required to see if it's worth your time in Qatar.



By asangab• 15 years 8 months ago.

Me and my family is covered ubder the Bank's Insurancea and Medical. And I am provided return tickets once a year to my home country (Wife and two children included)

I have around 15 years experiance in Banking and would be assigned as a Vault Manager

Mind you, I got this offer about 7 month sback and now only the contract is being finalised

By Don Corleone• 15 years 8 months ago.
Don Corleone

you did not mention ur years of experience and what type of work that u do, but anyway the housing allowance is low, u should negotiate for a pickup, then how about school and insurance are thet covered or not

By asangab• 15 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

I have also got an offer in a Bank. My salary structure is as follows

Basic QR 9700

Travelling QR 800

Housing QR 3500

Do you think this is a reasonable offer or do you think I should ask for a rivision.

I have plans to shift alone and bring down my wife and two kids (5 and 1) later on.

By Don Corleone• 15 years 9 months ago.
Don Corleone

thanks for ur reply mate. concerning the grades in qatari banks, do they all have the same structure or it depends on each bank, and how much does it cost to subscribe in a good club for the family, cheers

By mark666• 15 years 9 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

Hey Godfather!

Sorry for the delay. I m on vacation. Anyways, the remuneration in Banks in Qatar also depend on the grade. Senior Managers and above do command the kind of monies you talked about. If you are not too much into saving and overseas remittance, this is a cool offer which will see you spending not more than 20-25K per month. So you are left with 10K for a rainy day.

Also see what you can get in terms of performance bonuses.

Ciao and good luck.


By milou• 15 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

I will be moving with my wife and kids(3 years, 18 months and 3 months) very soon and would like some advices regarding the following concerns:I appreciate feedback from those who have been in same situation

1-When does QP starts paying its new employees?

2- How much money can someone envisage before receiving his first wage?

3- Does QP assist with opening a bank account and which bank do you think is good for funds transfer ?

4- What does a new employee receive for his first pay check( ie: basic salary, transport allowance, inducement…), I know I will not receive housing allowance because I will be provided a temporary accommodation.

5- When is a new employee required to join his work place after his arrival.

6- I am thinking of bringing some tapes for kids, do you think I should bring my VCR too. FYI all our tapes are NTSC.

Based on your own experience what other items should a new comer with a family like mine bring with him.

Thank you very much for your time.


By dependable• 15 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

I have got a job offer in doha where the offer is ----

Basic 6000QR

Supplementary Allowance 1100 QR

Housing Allowance 5500QR

Transportation Allowance 1200QR

Plus the company is offering medical expense and ticket charges once ayear. Also yearly bonus and house furnishing allowance and insurance.

Please tell me if this offer is ok. Iam married but will be bringing my wife only after a year.



By qatar guest• 15 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 2/5
qatar guest

You can live well and save on 18k!

By doctvm• 15 years 10 months ago.

thats a great offer don u can enjoy the life.

By gramatiq• 15 years 10 months ago.

Can Liz ... or anyone else help me find an apartment in that cost region ... ahem ... please :-) G

By Don Corleone• 15 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 3/5
Don Corleone

Hi Mark666, finally someone who works at a bank. I would be gratfull if u give mr some advice, i am ofered a job with a leading bank in qatar with 18k basic plus 6000k accomodation plus all the other benefits to a total of QR 35000. is this enough for a family with 2 kids? i am planning on living in a villa for at least 10000k pm, do u think 25000k is enough pm and what is usually the salary ranges for bank employees with 10 years expereince.

i would really appreciate your help since i need to dedcide soon.

thank s

By Liz• 15 years 10 months ago.

Great, that puts my mind at ease. The company is offering transport to and from work which helps out a lot.

Cheers again, L.

By mark666• 15 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

I have been in Qatar 3 years. The Salary Range I have noticed, have been offered and have offered (as a manager at a leading bank)is wide.

There is no standard bracket whatsoever. For the same JD (Job Description) and requisites, the salary range is around QAR 12,000. Ie, it could be anything from 10,000- 22,000!!!

For example, a Marketing/Sales executive with aleast 2 years experience in Qatar is offered anything from QAR 2,500(+Incentives) to QAR 10,000 (with incentives). It all depends on the Nationality of applicant,the Company and the 'DEAL' in the Interview!

By han19• 15 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

what about car, new or second hand?

what about telephone bills, utilities.

what happens when u decide to marry and get your wife here, that if you continue o stay on till then.

the rate at which prices are going up in doha is a real sad situation, and even more sad is that salaries are remaining just the same.

try to get housing/transport allowance as a seperate will save a little bit.

By waseem1963• 15 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Good salary and u will deinately save some bucks after paying the rent and other things.good luck

By SK5000• 15 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

well you have not mentioned about the company because some companies are giving housing and transport allowances seperately. in this case also you might be saving around 4000 qr.

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