Is QAR 15,000 a good salary in Qatar?

Is QAR 15,000 a good salary in Qatar?

By mohdnoor

Hi QLers,

I have a question for all of you, maybe some of you can help me out. Is QR 15,000 (inclusive of all benefits) a good salary package in Qatar?

How good (or bad) is it for someone who is:

A. Single

B. Couple (no kids)

C. Family (one or two kids)

I am looking forward to some of your feedback. Please drop a comment and help me out. I am sure there are other people too who would like some insights on this topic.

By aligar21• 7 years 2 months ago.

I will be very happy ! and save some money for future of my family.

By amyassein• 7 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

I can say that it is not a good salary in 2015. My salary was 13000 QAR (all-inclusive except company accommodation was provided) in 2009 and i was single.

By coolme_22• 7 years 2 months ago.


By ed94387• 7 years 2 months ago.

depend on your pasport and profession. tell me pls than i can advise u.

By rotastack• 7 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

@abdullahimthizar I'm sorry that my comment caused aggravation. I was responding to an earlier post in which @Lemuel_09 states that all westerners earn a minimum of 40-50,000 QAR, which I know not to be true and I did not want the rumour to be believed.

To give an example I explained that myself and some of my friends, as westerners, earn around (meaning in the region of) 20,000 QAR. I know this is higher than the 15,000 QAR mentioned in the OP but I thought it would be interesting for some readers to know the sort of lifestyle this affords us in Qatar.

To answer the OP's question of whether 15,000 QAR is a good salary - I guess it depends on your job and what your options are in Qatar or elsewhere. Personally I think it's a good salary, despite the high costs of living in Doha, although would not have been enough to encourage me to move here away from my family.

Apologies again for the upset - I'm just being open in the discussion and not attempting to show off.

By Qatarliving89• 7 years 2 months ago.

hey buddy Maxusa, your Caps Lock key seems to be stuck !

By maxusa• 7 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 3/5


By imranchoowdhury• 7 years 2 months ago.

I am looking one job ? QR, 15000 Presently Not Good Single. You are know all of products costly Only Qatar. Dubai & Qatar product prices to to much deferent ! !

By abdullahimthizar• 7 years 2 months ago.

@rotastack what are you trying to say, your a showoff and yet you do not showoff? you didn't make sense in your posts, people are talking about a salary range and how life is in Qatar being a single, Single Couple or a family. And here you are talking about your fake salary of 20,000 QAR that's a precise amount an even number, secondly about you living in various places across Doha and how you do not go to lavish places and how you wouldn't.

Read the topic and what people are talking about here, its is about a salary of 15,000 QAR, are you Okay with it or not | YES OR NO, not how much you get paid or your fake salary.

You talk about savings and yet you are not able to save in your fake salary of 20,000 QAR a month or is it 20,000 QAR annually. The rent is expensive true, but yet there are places where you can live, let it be shared or single, you can get awesome places in Doha Jadeed and Mansura for 2500 - 3500 Studio apartment for 1 person.

people liek you just comment for the sake of commenting nonsense, next time read what the topic is about and what others are talking and then express your fake SALARY.

By acchabaccha• 7 years 2 months ago.

Ozahchucks: The shoddy language of your posting simply reflects your true qualities and speaks much for the person you are. The use of such language does not help much in covering up the ground realities that exist in the Middle East. When I made the statement that western passport holders are offered a higher salary compared to those with non-western passport holders for the same position, it was based on years of experience of being in the Middle East. During my decade of stay here I have come across many western nationals employed here who are simply not worth the money they draw. I have rubbed shoulders with them during my job and have seen their true worth. Many Asians and African nationals are far better performers but get paid lower wages just because they are not from right part of the world. Countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan,Philippines etc. have got rid of this view that people from the west are better performers at jobs. We have our own indigenous and industrious workforce who know how to get the job done to perfection. It is just here in the ME where unwritten law "The white man is the right man" that exists which allows people like you to come down and enjoy a pay + perks you hardly deserve. Let me also clarify to you and you should keep this in your mind forever, there are many people from Asia who do not pay for getting hold of a working visa to come here. I am one from among those many. I was offered a job by a US company based in Doha and they took care of my visa and all other formalities. I did not pay a single cent to anyone for coming here. I got selected because of my qualifications and experience, and because my US employer saw that I could give them the output they desired. There are many others from my side of the world like me here. You statement that we in the East people live 20 to a room also shows your myopic views and a blind spot in your eyes of living conditions in the east. If you ever take the pains of coming to our region you will realize that we are a people with a culture, people with traditions, people with morals and people with religion. The combination of these factors compel us to live our own private lives even in the poorest conditions. Even slum-dwellers maintain their own privacy let alone sharing a room with 20 people. As such, my advice to you is to open your eyes and understand the realities of the world you live in before embarking on journey to belittle someone else when you yourself are suffering from impaired vision.

By Georgiz• 7 years 2 months ago.

Not enough. Too little. Im single and can barely survive on my salary which is almost 4x that amount.

By mohdnoor• 7 years 2 months ago.

Thank you for all your comments. You guys are awesome. :)

By rotastack• 7 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Europeans and westerners do not earn 40K-50K minimum! Maybe if they work in oil and gas...?

Myself and my friends are experienced professionals with graduate degrees earning around 20,000 QAR including all allowances. We are all single, in our 30s, have shared accommodation in various places around the city, go on holiday once or twice a year and avoid the garish 'luxurious' shops and VIP bars that we wouldn't visit back home anyway :-)

Generally similar wages to our home country but we don't pay tax out here - although rent is much more expensive so it's difficult to put aside for savings which is silly because we don't receive the company pension contribution that we do at home.

By Prize• 7 years 2 months ago.

sakaera-psyco , u r a mental, u say 15k is good 4 a single,read mm umer's comment.Don't mislead others here. Insect like u needs to remain in the gutter then ql will be much better.

By johnnylawyer• 7 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Its good even for family with kid.....

Always remember "money can't buy happiness and happiness is incomplete without family and family is incomplete without togetherness.......

cheers for what you are getting and be thankful to got...

My own experience,i'm with family here in doha with same salary and happy ....also saving...

Here on folks,mostly try to underestimate than help,don't mind them.Think and plan by your mind.

Rest up to you...

By ajroyale19• 7 years 2 months ago.

I think it is enough if you know how to manage your money...but if you are a happy go lucky person..its not....

By blackburn• 7 years 2 months ago.

If i can survive with 8k endorsed with a kid and a wife.. i think 15k is Descent enough.!!

By jonaethenqr• 7 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

Quick and Simple for a decent quality living

1- Single: Rent 4000 + Grocery 1000 + Dining out 500 + Car loan / Rent A Car / expenses 2000 + Phone & Internet 350 + Medical & Other Reserves 2000 - Total 9850/-

2- Couple without Kids: Rent 5000 + Grocery 2000 + Dining out 1000 + Car loan / Rent a Car / expenses 2500 + Phone & Internet 600 + Medical & Other reserves 3000 Total 14000

3- Family with 2 children: Rent 7500 + Grocery 3500 + Dining out 1500 + Car loan / Rent a Car / expenses 2500 + Phone & Internet 600 + Medical & Other reserves 3500 Schooling 2000 Total 21100.

Now you can adjust and compromise on quality in many ways to reduce the cost to 8000 to 12000 for families without and with kids. IF Compromise and save is your cup of Tea go for it!!!

Quality of living is below other developed GCC cities in terms of Housing. Value for money accommodation options almost zero. Half of your earnings goes to middlemen! A parasite friendly environment.

By Iqash• 7 years 2 months ago.

with the living expenses especially rent , not enough...

By hi_tech• 7 years 3 months ago.

You shouldn't ask this question unless you mention the job title. For this question i can say yes 15000 is good for office assist, secretary, doc controllers, draftsmans etc.

My question is why Americans, British, European etc get 4/5 times higher salaries than asians?

By Maria1970• 7 years 3 months ago.

@mohdnoor you can check cost of accomodatin, car, school etc on this websites ( classified ) and

By Maria1970• 7 years 3 months ago.

I did not want to be unfriendly or hurt anyone so sorry if i did. I beleive that all of us are human and would get the same right. I did not say at all that they are worse or deserve less than europeans or others. I shared my general experience here in Qatar during my job hunting. I live in a shared apartment ( at the first time since the university ) and spending a lot of money here for getting a job..... so as i said before everything is up to your need and lifestyle. I m happy here regarding i love Qatar and would like to stay here despite facing to a lot of difficulty during my job search. And facts are facts take it or live it....

By abdullahimthizar• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

I agree @Maria1970, @ozahchuks_ only on certain aspects and points you mentioned, rest didn't sound friendly and was totally uncalled for.

I earn a good salary msyelf but Im sharing a room with 2 others and my rent per month ranges from 3000 -3500, do you know why I opted this, cause I can still enjoy my life with the same standards that you think you are and yet save more money then you are.

It is the way we want to live. And mind it, filipinos/ indians/ nepalese or srilankans are not low profile. There are some of these nationalities I have personally hired to work for some of my clients for a monthly salary of 35000 - 40000.

Some of the best talents in the world today are those nationalities.

You feel you are getting a good salary? You are happy living in a single accommodation and spending your money lavishly? Well I'm happy for you, but some words hurt people. you did say you spent 3 times that money to come to Qatar and find a job. I'm sure you must have walked into many companies and at a point you too did live in a room sharing with 3-6 guys - lets not forget where we come from, rather than be naive about things alright mate.

By Maria1970• 7 years 3 months ago.

@ozahchuks_ i agree with you from some aspect... 1. but be aware that for many ppl it is impossible staying alive from the salary in their home country.... so yes they have to accept the fact sharing a room or flat with 6 or 20 or whatever number of other ppl... do not blame that plz... most of them have no other choice.

2. even being a european I do not agree about the situation that your salary depends on your nationality... this is not fair at all but there is nothing to do agains this

3. about nationality once more: it is not fair that most of the companies are hiring filippinas.... regarding they are cheap labor and after this complaning about their bad quality work... so in many job area a western female has no any chance to get the job here.. and for me this is rasism too..

4. so do not blame plz most of us are discriminated from some aspect

5. we gave this answer to him already... we said that this money is enough for a single or couple for sure and might be enough for a family... it depends on your needs and lifestyle ( in case he wishes to live in the pearl that money is covering the monthly rent only )

Have a nice day :-)

By abdullahimthizar• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Most of you are greedy, that's all I have to say. I'm a recruiter here in Qatar and the average take home for a single couple in Qatar is 15,000 - 18,000 a month. And this varies from Job Title to Job title.

just because you feel you are taking 4,000/ 5,000/ 8,000 or even 10,000 a month you feel taking 15,000 is good enough for a single person.

There is a saying, it is never enough no matter how much you get, you still want more.

We tend to forget, how difficult it will be for the others to bring their family into Qatar whilst we want 15,000 or more as a salary for a single person, so just imagine, when the law change (if) for family sponsorship status, they will ask you to have a salary more than 18,000 + Accommodation Allowances ranging from 2500 - 3500 and transportation Allowances.

Meaning, the salary you take being single here is good enough for you, but your need to bring your family will fail cause of your greed.

I agree with mm Umar & Maria1970.

By Gasoline• 7 years 3 months ago.

No, 18.5k is right for Qatar.

By mm umar• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 2/5
mm umar

its depends on your lifestyle... my husband salary is below 10t... we have four kids (two of them studying) we rent a small flat with 1BHBK (worth 2800)... salary sometimes just enough and sometimes not but alhamdullillaah we manage to survive by the guidance from above... just be wise and dont spend on things which are not important... :)

By Maria1970• 7 years 3 months ago.

I would be more than happy with that salary :-D But really it is up to your life style...For a couple is enough i think

By valentine• 7 years 3 months ago.

Its very ok

By Ali Ahmed Ali• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5
Ali Ahmed Ali

It is only good if company will provide proper accommodation and staff transport as compulsory for singles.

By ayub_ali4u• 7 years 3 months ago.


By alpha 101• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 3/5
alpha 101

It is not a luxurious salary but probably acceptable if you cut corners. For a family of 2+2, it will be very tight. Housing 7/8000, kid schooling for 2 3000, grocery 2000, car 2000. All of this takes out the 15000 Qr that you mentioned. Honestly, some will be very happy with this salary and for some it is a no go. It all depends on your individual needs.

By dark_moonx1• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

A. Depending on how you'd be living in the country, it could either be one. Bad is you're the type who spends a lot on things and prefers luxury. Good if you'd prefer to live on a modest lifestyle, spending only on necessities and a small amount on the "wants".

B. A medium sized room for a couple would most likely take 1/3 of that - or probably more. Factor in daily expenses, I'd say barely enough to not even enough. Then again, it would be on how the couple agrees on their expenses and how they budget it.

C. Not enough.

By ozahchuks_• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

@acchabaccha, always try to read and understand a question before you start answering them.This guy asked a simple question "is fifteen thousand Qatar riyals (QR 15,000) a good salary for.....,he didn't ask if it's good for this or that nationals.This is the problem we face in this world (RACISM).you don't even care about the knowledge which an individual posses, all you care about is the passport which he or she is holding Well shame on you and people like you. that's how you go about bringing fake documents to the country especially the(Filipinos and Indians) feeling like you superior whereas you don't know shit. Lemme ask you a question how much did you spend to get your visa to Qatar? i bet you didn't spend more than a thousand riyal(QR 1,000).I spent times three of that money(QR 15,000) minus my air ticket,plus my qualifications and years experiences,you expect me to come here and be happy that am receiving that peanut like you called it when you know how much it cost to get a self-contain here in Qatar lets not even talk about a flat.or you expect me to leave with 6 people in a room just to be able to save money? well i can't and i won't because i live in a two bed room flat in my country.anyways i don't blame you i guess that's how you leave in your country (20 in a room). we go abroad so we can have a good life, earn more and be able to save.not taking your corpse back to your country or looking like a slave.So who so ever you are @acchabaccha when next you want to make an example of once continent here always know there are two kinds of people from Africa in Qatar those who paid for their visa themselves and those who didn't pay a dime.the main reason why i am still in this country is because am earning a very good salary and i live alone if not,i should have been back to my country.

By Fasih• 7 years 3 months ago.

Good with family with 2 Kids

By rakesh.roshan• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

Good for Single some times it's may be for family also.......

By habibqtr• 7 years 3 months ago.

It is depends upon ur life style, there are many labor's and house drive salary less than 1000 QAR they are getting but still they enjoying their life.

By Morane• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Noor Bhai..If you are single and are not planning to marry or bring your family here for next 3 years it is good.

Single shared accommodations cost upto 2k-3k per month

Food if you cook - 200 QR per month

Food if you dont cook - 1k to 1.5k per month

Travelling if you live in Doha and dont have a car - 1k QR/ month

Travelling if you live outside Doha and dont have a car - 2k to 3k QR/month assuming your office will be in Doha and you will have to travel everyday

Monthly expenses for a single man would be around 3k minimum and 6k Max assuming you will bring your clothes and wont spend on work clothes here and wont go out shopping with your saved money.

When you apply for license then you will spend around 4k to 5k QR and then you will need a car. so plan accordingly.

By romzky• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

I will be ashamed if I will not be grateful once I will receive that salary bracket, my mudir will be having fever everyday i guess if they will pay us that amount, but kidding aside, since an expat has always dependents here or overseas, 15000 qr is more than enough for at least 60 to 70% approximately of labor force in the country receiving 2500 or less only, cross finger that days will come but in hard and quality of work and services

By apoose• 7 years 3 months ago.

millions of people are jobless when someone offering you a job and good salary too much questions, if any other offered you more go for that. if you let me know what postion then I will tell you that salary is good for that profession or not!

By dyani• 7 years 3 months ago.

I definitely agree in the very first will all depends of your nationality.

Compensation is aligned depending on the color of your skin....sad but true.

By apoose• 7 years 3 months ago.

it is depends on what position? there are lot of families including me staying here with lesser than this salary depends on your life style.

By Rajesh Nair606• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5
Rajesh Nair606

it is good , even with family also....

By Zivan• 7 years 3 months ago.

if i have that kind of salary i'd be a king in my country. Lol.

By dominicsfs• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

You will end up paying 8500 per month for a good 2bhk family accommodation in Musheireb, Bin Mahmood or Al-Saad. For single you can share a flat with someone @ 2000 per month.

It really depends upon what are you getting presently in your current company and then add up the additional expenses for the high cost of living here.

By Q Living• 7 years 3 months ago.
Q Living

It depends on your nationality, qualification, experience & your offered position/status in a company.

By saju5883• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

It is depends upon your profession and experience.

If you will not get such kind of salary anywhere presently it is good for you.

Rest is your choice

By Lemuel_09• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

If you are Single it's Okay but if you have a family this is small, unlike Expats From Europe or America, they are receiving atleast 40-50k minimum a month.

By Doha-Indian• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Mohd. Are these options focusing on a single bread winner? or...

In fact you have not considered two major sections of the society.

D. Family who falls under the (3-5 ++ kids) bracket

E. DINK couples (Double Income No Kids)

By saddyboy• 7 years 3 months ago.

Good for Single only.

By sakaera• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

It is good for a single. Grab it.

By acchabaccha• 7 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

It all depends on your nationality. If you are western passport holder, the salary is peanuts and you will not be able to survive. However, if you are a national of an Asian or an African country, it is a good salary and in all the above A B C situations that you have mentioned, you should be able to save some money.

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