QCON salary offer

By glycoshel

Hi everyone. Recently, QCON, Qatar Engineering Construction Comapny gave me a job offer as a Maintenance Engineer. They are offering a basic pay of QR 5280, free accomodation and transportation. Is the offer good enough for me to accept it?
Does anybody know about this company? Is this a good company for me to start a career in an oil and gas industry?
All your replies are welcome. Thanks

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By glycoshel• 9 years 8 months ago.

friends 123, thanks for your advice.

By friend123• 9 years 8 months ago.
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Q-con is service company in Qatar previously known as mecon as branch of mannai Group. They provide manpower supply as well as construction activity in Qatari oil and Gas Fields.

Regarding salary its ok if you are new to oil and gas field . its also depends on currency exchange rate in your country. second thing these companies pay a lot in overtime . check whether there is overtime provision. if it is there then you will get almost double. otherwise they will give you pick up and added responsibility.

Bottem line if you are newcomer to gulf accept it work hard for better future.Ignore inflation and rent ./


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