What is mean by on-off rotation job in offshore?

By Michael Vincent

Hi, I m Michael. I have signed off an offer with Qatargas for offshore as offshore production operator. My job profile is 28 days on-off.
Does on-off for offshore mean that after doing 28 days duty at Qatargas I will be going back to my home country for 28 days vacations and then come back again n repeat the same cycle? Or I will be staying in Qatar in city during off period?

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By jmsy• 11 months 1 day ago.

Do they pay for period of 28-day-off in 28/28 rotation?

I am new for this topic.

I would appreciate for your experience and story.

By rb73• 9 years 3 months ago.
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You will have to spend 28days offshore on a platform and will be granted leave for 28days to your home country. Remember, you will not be provided any accommodation in Doha City instead you will directly be going to airport from the heliport (all offshore facilities are accessed by helicopter). Rotation basis means you will be working on an 8hours shift cycle 7 days a week. Do not worry all major oil and gas producers in this country have the same policy. Good luck…

By sandune_DK• 9 years 3 months ago.
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Bro....28 / 28 means that 28 days you will be at QG offshore platform and other 28 days you will be at your home country but actualy you will be in your home country only for 26 days because other 2 days for traveling time. You have no chance to stay in Doha, when you arrive here in Doha airport , they will take you directly to platform by chopper.

By ayem_ambray• 9 years 3 months ago.

Sounds funny...how did you sign your contract without fully understanding the terms? If anyone can explain clearly what you're asking, it should be the company who offered you the job..why didn't you asked before accepting?

By Puppy78• 9 years 3 months ago.
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Well 28 days of work and 28 of holidays sound great... but il looks more to me that you'll be doing 28 days offshore and 28 onshore, on a rotation basis. Did u sign you contract without knowing what you signed up for?

good luck...

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